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by: Ms. Camden Grady


Ms. Camden Grady
GPA 3.58

Martin Huss

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About this Document

Martin Huss
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ms. Camden Grady on Friday October 2, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BIO 1503 at Arkansas State University taught by Martin Huss in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/217724/bio-1503-arkansas-state-university in Biology at Arkansas State University.




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Date Created: 10/02/15
Biology of Plants STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM I This study guide was written by students ie Kyle Fulton Sonali Gera Jessica Battisto amp Joseph Curtis previously enrolled in BOT 1103 These students were just like you and had no more insight into the upcoming test than any other student This study guide was prepared based on lecture notes the notes available online the power point presentations given in class and from reading assignments from the textbook Information and answers to questions posed below can be found utilizing these resources D Plants are very diverse in shape size habitat amp ways of reproducing and dispersing themselves There are about 250000 species ofplants that have been described by biologists Photosynthetic autotrophs are polyphyletic having multiple genealogies and include plants certain bacteria bluegreen algae or cyanobacteria and certain protists the eukaryotic algae Know characteristics and attributes of plants autotroph sedentary modular construction 7 repeating units due to localized areas of growth Meristem 7 localized regions of cell division in the plant body Know the function of each module of the plant Roots Leaves Reproductive Structures Stem What are examples of structures that hold seeds or spores as they mature Plants are highly branched to maximize surface area for absorption Know Energy and Resource Flow Chart Three reasons plants are bene cial to Earth Food resupply Oxygen maintain climate Know some common uses of plants Know the origins of some common economically and agriculturallyimportant plants One way that hunter gathers used botany to distinguish poisonous plants from edible ones Agriculture changed human society so that they didn t have to travel to nd the food that was needed Know the two hypothesis about the origins of agriculture Who was the founder of Chinese agriculture Who was the Father of Botany and what were some of his works Why is Dioscorides s book Materia Medica considered a first Who coined the word cell Who was the first to study living organisms under a lens Know a few examples of the areas of botany ie plant physiology ethnobotany etc Know steps in scientific method Know a few characteristics that separate living organisms from nonliving matter Describe Robert Hooke s findings What are magnification resolution and contrast referring to microscope Know three ways to make Visual observation In the cell wall cellulose forms micro amp macro brils which are held together by What are the three primary components of the primary cell wall Where does the secondary cell wall exist and what is it composed of What is the function of the plasmodesma What is the name of the region between cells that is made of pectin D DE DE DDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDD The plasma membrane is semipermeable What is semipermeable mean What is cytoskeleton What is the uid matrix that organelles are embedded in and what is it composed of What is the nucleus and what is its function What is ER and what is the difference between the two types What is the function of the Golgi Apparatus or Dictysomes What breaks down organic compounds in a cell What organelle performs aerobic respiration in the cell Give examples of plastids and what they do Large vacuoles are bound by a membrane called the tonoplast What does a large vacuole contain Do plant cells have centrioles What happens in cytokinesis What nuclear division Primary growth cell division occurs in what part of the plant What is secondary growth Know the cell cycle and its steps Interphase Gl S G2 Prophase When 39 quot is J A it forms 39 Chromosome size and number depends on species Know the 3 types of plant tissue and be able to distinguish examples of each What is the Apical Meristem What type of meristematic tissue is responsible for secondary growth What allows grass to grow back after being cut Where is parenchyma found and what is is its use What is difference between 1 39 39 J and 39 39 39 J Where is collenchyma found in a plant and what is its major function Lignin is found in the thick cell walls in what type of tissue What is the epidermis and what is its function What are complex tissues Give examples of types and functions What is the main function of the xylem How does the structure of the xylem contribute to its function Secondary xylem is produced by what What does the phloem do for the plant What is the periderm Give examples of some of the secretory structures of a plant Look at gures of cell and cell structure Cell wall components Typical Plant cell guard cellstoma xylem and phloem Who disproved the theory of spontaneous generation in the 1860 s What are the digestive organelles of the cell Secondary growth predominates in the plant species In sclerenchyma tissue are cells alive at maturity Why or why not What type of parenchyma tissue is found in water lilies What medicinal use does the Foxglove have What are the components of xylem and phloem What cells regulate the activities of sieve cells What is turgor pressure and how does it occur EDD EDD What substance makes up spindle bers and what purpose do these bers serve What is a genet A ramet Name a few plants that are economically important because of their sclerenchyma bers and name some common uses of these plants What ve items make up xylem tissue What is a tracheid and in what type of tree would it commonly be found What is the name for the area of growth that allows grasses to continue growth after res herbivory or mowing


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