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UA - HDFS 101 - NHM 101 Notes- Week 6 - Class Notes

Created by: Alexia Acebo Elite Notetaker

> > > > UA - HDFS 101 - NHM 101 Notes- Week 6 - Class Notes

UA - HDFS 101 - NHM 101 Notes- Week 6 - Class Notes

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background image Nutrition  Notes-­‐  Week  6   Protein  (Cont.)     What  type  should  we  eat?   •  Seafood  20%  
•  Meat,  poultry,  eggs  70%  
•  Nuts,  seeds,  legumes  10%  
*milk  products=  good  source  (8g/  serving)  
*animal  proteins=  good  but  high  in  saturated  fat  
*enough  protein  but  not  too  much  
Lipids     Trans:  bad   Saturated:  bad  
DHA:  good    
EPA:  good  
Cholesterol:  bad  
•  Lipids  contain  Carbon,  Hydrogen  and  oxygen  
•  Widely  different  structures  
•  Defined  by  physical  property-­‐solubility  
o  Insoluble  in  water     Types   1.  Fatty  acids  
2.  Triglycerides  (fats  and  oils)!most  common  
3.  Phospholipids  
4.  Steroids  (cholesterol)!  most  important  
  Fatty  Acids   •  Building  blocks  of  phospholipids  and  triglycerides  
•  All  have  same  basic  structure  
•  Chain  of  C  and  H  with  acid  group  (COOH)  at  end  
  Differences   •  Length  of  chain  
•  Saturation  
•  #  and  location  of  bonds  
  *saturated  fatty  acid:  no  double  bond  
*unsaturated  fatty  acid:  1+  double  bonds  
MUFA-­‐  monounsaturated!  1double  bond  (oleic  acid  in  olive  oil)  
PUFA-­‐polyunaturated!  2+  double  bond  (linoleic  acid  in  veg.  oils)  
background image Location  of  double  bond   •  identifies  
•  omega  #-­‐position  of  double  bond  closest  to  methyl  group  (CH3)  
•  omega-­‐3  fatty  acids-­‐  
o  closest  double  bonds=  3  C  from  methyl  group   •  omega-­‐6  fatty  acids-­‐   o  6  C  from  methyl  group    
Essential  Fatty  Acids  
**2  cannot  be  made  in  body  but  are  required:   1.  Linoleic  Acid,  an  omega-­‐6  fatty  acid   a.  Supplied  by  vegetable  oils,  meat   2.  Linolenic  Acid,  omega-­‐3   a.  Dark  green  vegetables,  flaxseed  (PLANT)  
b.  Makes  2  other  fatty  acids-­‐  EPA  and  DHA  (MARINE)  
i.  Only  small  amounts   ii.  Fatty,  cold  water  fish,  shellfish   Triglycerides   •  Most  abundant  in  diet/  body  
•  Composed  of  3  fatty  acids  attached  to  glycerol  
•  Condensation  builds,  hydrolysis  breaks  down  
•  Solid  or  liquid  at  room  temp.  
o  Oils:  liquid!plant,  fish  
o  Fats:  solid!animal  
•  Saturated-­‐  higher  melting  points  (fats)  
•  Unsaturated-­‐  lower  melting  points  (oils)  
o  All  fats  spoil  when  exposed  to  oxygen  (poly.’s  spoil  easier  because  of   unstable  double  bonds)    
•  Double  bonds  saturated  to  single  bonds  by  adding  hydrogen  molecules   o  Hydrogenation  makes  oils  more  solid  
o  Longer  shelf  life  
o  Trans  fat  results  from  the  leftover  fat  after  partial  hydrogenation  
o  Transfat=increase  in  bad  cholesterol  in  the  body  
  *most  triglycerides  stored  in  adipocytes  (fat  cells)  as  body  fats  
! main  storage  form  of  energy       ! triglycerides  are  hydrolyzed  to  glycerol  and  free  fatty  acids    
  -­‐Lipids  with  phosphate  group     -­‐structural  composition  of  cell  membrane     Steroids  
-­‐multiple  ring  structure  

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School: University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Department: Human Development
Course: Intro Human Nutrition
Professor: Libo Tan
Term: Summer 2015
Name: NHM 101 Notes- Week 6
Description: A collection of the sixth week of notes from NHM 101 covering the last sections of material on the exam!
Uploaded: 10/02/2015
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