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IE 383: Engineering Economics - Study Guide

by: India Bergeland

IE 383: Engineering Economics - Study Guide IE 383

Marketplace > Purdue University > Industrial Engineering > IE 383 > IE 383 Engineering Economics Study Guide
India Bergeland
Engineering Economics

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About this Document

Engineering Economics
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by India Bergeland on Thursday October 16, 2014. The Study Guide belongs to IE 383 at Purdue University taught by Kim in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 634 views. For similar materials see Engineering Economics in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 10/16/14
04232013 76 Intro to taxes taxable income Gross income all expensesexcept for capital cost depreciation deduc ons 77 Federal Tax Find taxable income Find range that taxable income is in and calculate 78 GainLoss on the disposal of an asset Gain loss on disposal MV BV resulting tax liability multiply tax rate by gainloss on disposal 79 After tax analysis Year BTCF Depreciation Taxable Cash flow for ATCF income income taxes K Cash Sum of all BTCF income tax 1 itr inflows depreciation Depreciation ratetaxabe BTCF outflows in year k income itrd A B CAB DtC EAD After tax MARR Before tax MARR1 Effective income tax rate 710 Illustration of computations of ATCFs Calculate present worth of all ATCF s 81 Intro to inflationdeflation General price inflation An increase in the average price paid Leads to reduction in the value of the dollar which means a higher amount of money is needed for the same product General price deflation results in an increase in the value of the dollar InflationDeflation measured by Consumer Price Index CPI measures change in prices paid for selected goods CPI rate CPlb CPlaCPla1OO Producer Price Index PPI measures change in selling prices of items 82 Terminology and basic concepts Actual Dollars A number of dollars in a current time frame Real Dollars R dollars in terms of purchasing power relative to a time period Base time period b Reference point in time to define the purchasing power of real dollars General price inflationdeflation f measure of change in purchasing power Market interest rate lm Interest rate paidearned on A and adjusted for anticipated f Use for actual dollars Real interest rate Ir measures real earning power of money not adjusted for f Use for real dollars Relationship R A1 fquotyear base 83 Fixed and Responsive Annuities Fixed Constant periodic cash flow in actual dollars Unresponsive to inflation Responsive constant cash flow in real dollars Responsive to inflation 86 Foreign exchange rates fe is the annual devaluation rate between foreign country and dollar To calculate exchange rate per period ER ER1fequotN1US 93 Factors to be considered in replacement studies Sunk costs Existing asset value Present market value NOT BV OR SV Economic lives of new assets Remaining life of existing asset Income tax effects Defender the old asset that is being considered for replacement Challenger new asset that is being considered to replace defender J ifm i tIS 1fe Life terminologies Useful life how long we will use it Owenership life how long we will own it Physical life how long its been living Tax life length of time it can be depreciated Economic life length of time possession is economically justifiable Minimum annual cost 94 Typical Replacement Problems 95 Determining economic life of challenger Economic life can be estimated if we know Capital investment Annual expenses Year by year Market values are known can be calculated Ex Determine the economic life of an 800 laptop computer Your personal interest rate is 10 per year Annual expenses and year end resale V x H 9 V V Software upgrade and maintenance 150 200 300 p P I min T glltesale value at Ellld of year 600 450 200 PW 9 999 1 999 199 99 199 439 39991 39991 43999 P 499 199 99 299 419 33994 72979 42949 3 199 199 49 399 595 44793 117979 49329 1 H L999 MVH MFR Loss in lurlarlzet Value dnuriing year b Guest 9f Capital iMl C TEE MV L939 Cost of Capital Ekmnnuall Expenses P PW TciPlF 4 2 me E41 TCPl9 9 0 9949 P39l7l39fk AP 9 96 Determining Economic life for Defender Same as challenger Defender should be kept as long as it s marginal cost is less than minimum EUAC for best challenger 97 Useful lives of defender and challenger differ Repeatability assumption Period is indefinitely long or length of time equal to common multiples of useful lives of alternatives What happens in one useful life span will happen in all the rest For replacement analyses first repeatability assumption ok but second is not for defender because it is an old piece of equiptment Coterminated assumption Finite study period for all alternatives RECOMMENDED for inflationdeflation and taxes 98 Retirement without replacement Abandonment when to retire an asset Abandonment time is year of max PW 99 Aftertax Replacement studies Things to know Income taxes generally mean major cash outflow Taxes have significant effects on cash flows After Tax Cash Flows Capital investment not affected by tax Market Value is taxable Annual expenses are taxable Depreciation deduction generates a tax shield effect If you decide to keep the defender the loss on the disposal turns into opportunity cost O4232013 O4232013


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