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History 1302 Exam #2

by: Carolina Rodriguez

History 1302 Exam #2 History 1302

Carolina Rodriguez
GPA 4.0

Professor Gloria Paxson

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About this Document

These are notes taken from the day after our first exam to Friday 10/1/15/ Thank yo!
Professor Gloria Paxson
Study Guide
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This 22 page Study Guide was uploaded by Carolina Rodriguez on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to History 1302 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Professor Gloria Paxson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 188 views.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
History 1302 Study Guide 9171510115 Craftsmen will run out of jobs because people want their merchandise quicker There is a develop in mass protest movements after the Spanish war which shows American power Growth in government at all levels federal and municipal Basic changes Government takes more responsibility for the people such as 1 Fire departments 2 Police departments Vital services 1 Water supply 2 Sewer 3 Public schools 4 Parks 5 Library etc As a result there is an increase in taxes Strikes and Labor Solidarity 1 Mines North Idaho 1 Salary is cut union miners refused cut as a result owners lock out workers a Workers also known as strike breakers are immigrants Union tries to negotiate with owners using peaceful methods Lasted 3 months without coming to an agreement Workers end up blowing up the mines Owners are angered and basically state that the Union is bad Steel Workers Pennsylvania 1892 Owner Andrew Carnegie Amalgamated Iron Steel and Tin Workers is one of the largest and powerful Unions Henry Frick and Andrew are determined for control of production In this company he 1 Lower wages 2 Tried to break up Union 3 Company orders a wooden stalk aid around the whole factory for protection Strike happens and causes more problems everyone gets involved and government sends guards to strike order In the end Carnegie reopens factory with strike breakers and Union is forced to conceit defeat However Carnegie reduces workforce by 14 which lengthens work day cut wages by 25 Government and large corporations work together to crush the labor Union Railroad Strike 1894 Poland Illinois Company manufactures luxury cars Was built around a selfcontained community Meaning it was surrounded by stores homes Workers were paid fairly Polmus Car Company Reduces wages by 12 workers lived in the company however everything they used such as rent entertainment water electricity groceries and stores where taken out of their pay check As a result workers go on a strike and are led by Eugene Debs Pollman fires workers During the strike President Cleveland sends out federal troops 13 men killed and 50 wounded Thousands of workers strike and resist troops dozen killed Eugene is arrested Eugene Debs Courts Formed the American Railway Union 1 Brings all workers together 2 Used peaceful methods Issue injunction to prohibit Union to do a strike Progressive Reforms Hope to keep control over immigration Sexual codes are eroding at this time 1 Youth are not following sexual codes 2 Rates of pregnancy in marriages is 10 and has been an increase to 23 Increase of lesbian and gay men Changes in women s rights workers join Unions and AfricanAmerican people are still fighting for citizenship rights Muckrakers Term made by Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 Use to compare journalist to a man in book called Pilgrims Progress 1 Character in the book cleans up filth from the oor To expose the underside of American life Ida Tardel Journalist Writes history of the standard oil company Exposes J DR mistreating workers for his own satisfaction Journalist expose the bad of society Journalist led push to Reforms saying business are mean and much change to become nicer Triangle Shirtwaist Fire 1911 Young women died in a fire on the 8th oor Women were paid very little Fire spreads quickly in half and hour 800 women are trapped Couldn t escape because doors were locked because owners thought they would leave to not work steal and were lazy There is public outcry Causes outrage Industry capitalism big business and society is not just Social Gospel 1890s Prodistent religious movement Also a progressive movement Walter Rauschenbusch R 1 Baptist minister in NYC 2 Wrote Hell s Kitchen 3 Saw ill of migrant cities such as poverty drunkenness diseases and crime 1800s Prodistent religion advocated Save your soul Salvation of society was that it was a Christian duty to do got others Settlement Houses England Jane Addams Hull House in Chicago Father was a wealthy business man Went to college at 22 yrs old had nothing to do with her career most jobs were for men Thinks forwards Parents gave her 2 options 1 Marry stepbrother 2 Live with sister and become an aunt Has nervous breakdown and was sent to England Finds out about settlement houses and brings the idea to America How She buys apartments and renovates them and brought in women 1 Women are taught high class tea rituals and etiquette 2 Finds teachings unuseful and teaches them English writing reading nutrition childcare and new skills for jobs Settlement houses become social centers Women who are begin settlement houses will start to collect data to get government economic help EX members in household number of children etc First social workers are made in the US Achieve a socially just society However there is resistance from women and people being helped think they shouldn t know personal information Social just and social control are achieved Child Labor Laws Immigrant children are forced to work jobs at low wages to help with family income Work in factories Do not go to school Get crippled and injured during their jobs as a result Parents do not make an effort to free children from labor industries Are paid little and easy to intimidate Families oppose child labor laws Parents go hide children from government officials Law says 14 years and younger must attend school Prohibition Prodistent movement for just society Alcohol Think it is evil Leads to poverty violence Large numbers of limits on alcohol are made 18th amendment is introduced which prohibits and illegalizes to buy and sell liquor in the United States Remember the 3 waves of Immigration 181560 5 million England Irish and German 186590 10 mil North and West Europe 189014 15 mil AustroHungarian Turkey Lithuania Russia Greece Italy Jews Romania Women s Suffrage Opposition Separate Sphere 1800s Women had different roles than in the 1900s Women s Sphere is in the home and marriage certi cate must be made to validate existence Women s role Wife mother and tends to household chores Men s role Everything else Financial military etc 1900s Women campaign in trying to get involved in politics Opposition because of 1 Sexist 2 Racist 3 Thought household might fall apart who would cook Clean Tend to children Women in politics willmight undermine basic institution in family Southern Race Relations African American got right to vote Abolitionist against slavery Southern men and women 1 Agree to no right to vote for women because it is dangerous 2 Upsets Southern Race Relations No black women to vote Support 1840s Women s right to vote 1948 Elizabeth Lady Stanton pioneered right to vote Susan B Anthony agrees 1 Religion is involved 2 Favored divorce Quote the constitution declaration of independence those who oppose mistake all men are created equal to thinking it as sexist when it really talks about all mankind form organizations some women refuse to sign petition because of fear for example husbands Natural Right Rights you are born with Life liberty and pursuit of happiness Anna Howard Shaw Minister and Teacher Advocates to educate women Thinks if educated you can vote Intelligent decision Believes that if women vote the world might become a better place 1915 National American Women s Suffrage Wants to run women candidates Start from local levels and make their way to the top 1 For example starting with school boards in which they have some successes 1890 19 states give some rights at local levels mostly western states Carry Chatman was also involved who was also labeled as racist Suffrage parades 1 Dangerous 2 Men would use violence towards women in parades 3 National guard does nothing to stop the men Alice Paul Involved in the women s party Initiates to get in politicians face 1 Such as throwing rocks at them 2 March in front of white house 1918 Women start to get arrested WW1 helped the women s suffrage movement because of their participation 1 President Wilson changed his views on women 191920 19th amendment women s right to vote Margaret Sanger NYC International Women s Workers Socialist Women Rebel Magazine 1 Celebrate women autonomy 2 Sexual expression 3 Right to control owns body Pamphlet on family limitation 1 Instructs on how to avoid pregnancy Post Office confiscates and try arrest Margaret for 45 years she ed to Europe on October 1914 Comes back from Europe and starts a birth control clinic in Brooklynn 1916 Democracy Pushing against machine candidates Give power to the people Was senate a Democracy institution No it was more to limit democracy Economics Little control of industry Ensure public safety such as food and sanitary protection Election of 1912 Roosevelt Wilson progressives in different ways New Nationalism and New Freedom In the end Wilson wins 1 Main point a War b Advocate democracy c Argued for place by not advocating Germany The Jungle Book Focused more on how immigration life sucks however it was more seen as unsanitary businesses factories etc by society Progressive Politics Trying to improve society 1 Using politics 2 Being more responsive to the people Regulations and laws aimed to give more power to the government at federal and state levels Secret Ballot To keep voters vote confidential and give them a sense of security from voting for who they want to Vote less prone to corruption Before the Secret Ballot some votes were bought using bribes Primaries Concentrate on major parties Republicans vs Democrats 1 Each side has a primary amongst themselves 2 Democrats vs democrats and Republicans vs Republicans The chosen ones will then go to general election where Democrats vs Republicans Usually the primary election starts in March and the general election around November Initiative People allowed to propose legislatives They don t have to wait for politicians Referendum Allows people to vote on the proposed laW Recall To remove public official before election similar to impeachment Selection of Senators Before 1913 senates Where chosen by the state legislatures 17th amendment provides people to vote for their own senator 1 2 senators in each state Pure food and Drug Act EX has to have nutrition facts ingredients on food products An Emerging World Power US getting stronger With big business and industry Tried to have more safety precautions Philippine Intervention 18991902 Insurgency 1890s Emilio Aguinaldo Upper class Spanish run everything in the Philippines Why Race for Empire The country was colonized by Spain He gets captured and sent to exile in Hong Kong Dewey takes Emilio back to the Philippines and Emilio thinks the US is on their side and want their help US hesitates and does not grant them independence US stays in the Philippines because of navy resources and use of strategic military bases Insurgency in the US With the Philippines US tortures gorillas Lose 3X of military men however still managed to stay in the Philippines 1946 Philippines get independence Military Position Idea of having a base close to China 1 China at the moment was in declined 2 Become victims of British French German Russians and Japanese 3 China is sliced up into different part by these countries that run different parts of China Secretary of State John Hay Brown University Distinguish Pedigree Comes up With Open Door Policy in China Open Door Policy US thinks China should be respected as a sovereign and independent nation By the following year this Policy will be tested Boxer Rebellion Westerners called Chinese for trying to throw foreigners out of China Lasts up to 6 months All countries that sliced up China will participate End of Rebellion All allies of US and Japan will occupy Beijing US does not side with China Chinese Revolution 1911 Topple Manchun Dynasty that occupies China Taft US president supports Chinese Naturalist US enters to a long time rivalry with Japan 30 years later an explosion with Pearl Harbor Latin America 1820s US said in Monroe Doctrine that Europe and Monarchies should stay away from America Monroe Doctrine Friendship towards Latin America 1904 US worries about Latin America s enormous debt might cause economic problems US believes in order for Latin America to pay back European countries European people may come back for Latin American debt T Roosevelt Corollary 1914 Subprinciple to Monroe Doctrine Says Roosevelt is concerned about Latin American debt and US will intervene if Europe comes into Latin American countries Panama Canal Started by the French but stop because it cost them millions of money caused injuries illnesses and deaths of workers US makes a deal with Columbia Columbia ups the price Panamanians rise up with the help of US and rebel against Columbia US recognizes Panamanians independence Bloodless Revolution involves the US army and 25 mil The panama canal is a heroic engineer project that involves 1 Cleaning swamps 2 Great locks 3 Excavate over 240 million yards of earth 4 US army builds it 5 Takes 8 years to complete 6 Canal opens in 1914 7 US never truly owned the Panama canal but had control 8 US later gives control to Panamanians Mexican Revolution Veracruz landing in 1914 At this time a governor by the name of Profilio Diaz had ruled for more than 30 years Francisco Madero 1 Tries to throw over Diaz 2 Gets murdered on Feb 1910 After Madero s death men lose control over who has power Vitronrio Werta cannot get recognized by US president Wilson Incident in Veracruz US soldiers get captured by Mexican authorities 1 Later to get released and Mexico apologizes 2 US won t accept apology unless the salute the American ag 3 Mexico agrees only if US does the same to the Mexican ag 4 Scandal last 7 months and escalate for example Mexico uses US ag as a broom 5 However everything comes to an agreement and become friends again Francisco Pancho Villa After Veracruz landing Carranza is in power Villa thinks US will help but they don t Pancho gets upset and strikes out US 17 Americans killed US army dispatched North Mexico and thousands of men go after Villa however they are left in embarrassment because they never find him Nicaragua US had millions of dollars invested Government is not friendly to US interest Causes of the WW1 Fought for 1 US better for democracy more safer 2 Cause for freedom Franz Ferdinand AustroHungarian Empire Austria seizes the providence of Bosnia and enrages Russia and in 1908 its client Servia Client is When larger powerful countries aligned themselves With smaller countries 1914 Franz and his Wife visit Sarah J evo Which is claimed by AustriaHungarian Empire Bosnia is claimed by Servia Franz and his Wife get assassinated by a 19 year old When they get out of their car As a result AustriaHungary goes to war With Servia Austria is aligned with Germany Servia is aligned with Russia and France Germans attack France and invade through neutral Belgium Belgium is guaranteed protection from England US President Wilson was elected as a progressive Tried to do and focus more on domestic reforms such as the Bank Act of 1913 which was made to stabilize banking and financial systems Intended to break up the power of big business Declares US neutral from the mess in Europe neutral in thought as well as in deed President Wilson Germans invade France and settle in trenches because of machine guns France and Great Britain had half a million casualties and Germans had another half a million American public would be informed through the media or entertainment such as the theaters Ethnic Ties US has immigrants who have ethnic ties to were the war is going on Since 1816 3 waves of immigration Woodrow Wilson Was a history professor Favored Great Britain because he believed it was more civilized German UBoats Wilson wants US to remain neutral But does not want to cut off trade with Europe and the rest of the nation Great Britain has a huge navy G Britain wants to search US cargo to make sure they are not helping other allies However US is able to pass their cargo with no problems Germans have perfected the use of the UBoat technology However they can go into trouble if they rise up the surface so they have to hit and go underwater Wilson is not familiar with the UBoats Lusitania 1915 1916 British passenger ship was attacked by Germans and 12 hundred die off the Irish coast 198 passengers are Americans Germans are afraid US might enter the war and agree not to use the UBoats Spring of 1917 Declaration of US War Germany cannot go with the offensive on land and use UBoats to cut off commerce US decides to enter the war Germany as a result reaches out to Mexico Zimmerman send out telegraph to Mexico but is instead sent out to America by mistake 1 The message states that if Mexico helps them out and Win the war they Will get back the territories won by the US Arizona Texas and New Mexico April 19 1917 Congress declares war on central powers War lasts from 191418


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