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The Christian Heritage HONORS

by: Verda Kemmer V

The Christian Heritage HONORS REL 1350

Marketplace > Baylor University > Religion > REL 1350 > The Christian Heritage HONORS
Verda Kemmer V
Baylor University
GPA 3.74

C. Weaver

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About this Document

C. Weaver
Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Verda Kemmer V on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to REL 1350 at Baylor University taught by C. Weaver in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 84 views. For similar materials see /class/217915/rel-1350-baylor-university in Religion at Baylor University.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
REL 1350 Study Guide Materials Apostolic Fathers De nition Connection to apostles Ignatius of Antioch Use of the word catholic Monarchical episcopate View of Eucharist View of martyrdom Apostolic Father Theology of Martyrdom Pliny to Trajan Edict of Milan 313 Martyrdom of Polycarp Perpetua Summarize story Martyrdom Role of father role of the infant brothers the pitcher From where Didache Some characteristics of the way of life and way of death Instructions on baptism fasting and Lord s Prayer Means of testing a false prophet The author s words on following the whole yoke of the Lord Its other title Gnosticism Heresy and orthodoxy Basic definitions leaders boundaries defined Syncretism Docetism Dualism of Gnosis Salvation by Role and Concept of Jesus Pleroma Demiurge Creator Scriptures Irenaeus of Lyons Battled the Gnostics docetismAgainst H eresz39es 3 safeguards to the faith canon creed clergy how did these function Apostolic Succession and how did Irenaeus personally fit into this scheme Recapitulation 7 definition connection to the incarnation second Adam Apostles Creed Montanism Leaders New Prophecy ecstatic Prophet V Bishop Continuing Revelation Apologists Definition of Apologist Celsus criticisms of Christianity and the Church s basic responses Apologies were addressed to whom BiblicalCultural Separatism Tertullian 7 view toward Greek philosophy What has Athens to do with Jerusalem What Does the Academy have to do with the Church Why do heresies arise Justin Martyr First and Second Apology attitude toward Greek philosophy his use of Logos manner of his death why worship on Sunday inclusivism 1 39 0f the Christian Canon Marcion his dualism his closed canon his Christology and his use of Paul Diatessaron Criteria for inclusion in the Canon Montanists and Gnostics their role in canon Date for the New Testament in the form we have itAthanasius Didache 3fold method of biblical interpretation anthropomorphisms Progressive Revelation Apocrypha Latin Vulgate Trinitarian and In 39 39 Controversies Adoptionism ModalismSabellianism Tertullian Dates and major decisions for all the major councils Nicea Constantinople Ephesus Chalcedon Homoousios homoz39oousz39os heteroousz39os Arius Athanasius Apollinarius Pneumatomachians Christology Constantine s role in the con icts Nestorius Theotokos Christotokos Eutyches Augustine 0f Hippo Confessions Conversion experience Tolle lege tolle lege Monica Role of the pears in his understanding of sin Sin he had most trouble with Bishop of Debate with Pelagius and all of its particulars Roman Catholic Church in Medieval Era See Handout Anthony Benedict of Nursia Benedictine Rule Divine Office Meaning of word Pope Boniface VIII Unam Sanctum Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy Great Schism Eastern Orthodoxy Characteristics of Eastern Orthodoxy and how they differ from the RCC What is authoritative how many councils Bible and tradition for these two groups Emperor Justinian 6th century Eastern Orthodoxy has its primary patriarch where Crusades 1054 John of Damascus In Defense of Icons 7 main points Second Council ofNicea date Scholasticism Anselm 0f Canterbu Ontological Argument 7 de nition summarize Gaunilo Satisfaction Theory of the Atonement explain and pros and cons Relation of Faith and Reason Cur Deus Homo Boso His criticism of Ransom Theory Abelard Moral In uence Theory of the Atonement explain and pros and cons Thomas Ag uinas Greatest theologian of medieval era Dumb Ox Cosmological Proofs 5 Teleological Argument 5 Relation of Reason and Revelation Summa Theologica View of Aristotle Natural theology general revelation in relation to special revelation Protestors before Luther John Wyclif John Hus Martin Luther 95 Theses view of Purgatory view of Indulgences Johann Tetzel October 31 1517 All Hallows Eve Wittenburg Germany Justi cation by faith 7 Romans 117 Story of the sick man and physician Saint still a sinner Leipsic Debate Eck Hus Diet of Worms 1521 Appeal to the German Nobility Babylonian Captivity 3 Roman walls and their signi cance identify and de ne sola scriptura sola gracia solafides Papacy and Antichrist View of baptism View of transubstantiation consubstantiation translation of Bible Book of James Alliance of churchstate 7 the Christian magistrate Harsh toward peasants Jews Anabaptists Relation to Ulrich Zwingli Swiss Brethren Zurich 125 1525 Reason for the word Anabaptist Ecclesiology Michael Sattler Schleitheim Confession content View of baptism View of Lord s Supper View of religious liberty church and state View on paci sm vs Just War criteria Doctrine of church meaning of Believer s or regenerate church Radical discipleship Their refusal to baptize children was called Munster Rebellion Menno Simons Mennonite Menno s View of the salvation baptism of infants age of accountability predestination and free will Separation from the world Use of ban and shunning Amish John Calvin Reformed tradition Institutes of the Christian Religion GenevaHoly Commonwealth Presbyterian church government Michael Servetus his fate and his books TULIP de ne include View of predestination View of the Lord s Supper and baptism View of God s sovereignty and providence Hyper and evangelical Calvinism English Reformation to Puritans to American Revivals Anglicans Church of England Henry VIII Bloody Mary Elizabeth I 7 Via media Episcopal Book of Common Prayer 7 Thomas Cranmer Puritans types Presbyterian government Robert Browne American Episcopalians Mary Dyer Anne Hutchinson Halfway Covenant of 1662 De nition of denomination chapter 31 Jonathan Edwards Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Calvinist What are religious affections Role in First Great Awakening Hellfire and Brimstone Revivalism convert saved 10st Billy Graham 7 sinner s prayer Council of Trent View on transubstantiation Which version of Bible View of authority View of justi cation by faith View of salvation relation of faith and works View of priesthood of believers Date Ignatius of Loyola 7 Jesuits Baptists Date Founders General Baptists Particular Baptists New Testament restorationism Split from Puritan Separatists over Soul competencyPriesthood of BelieversBaptismReligious LibertyLord s Supperlocal church independencecongregational church governmentvoluntarism Mistery ofIm39quz39ty date Roger Williams Massachusetts Bay Colony 7 his view of Ten Commandments View of religious liberty church and state speci cs from document Tolerationliberty The Bloody Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience First Baptist Church America Rhode Island John Wesley Important family members Holy ClubOxford Missionary to Georgia Aldersgate Experience May 24 1738 Character of a Methodist Characteristics of Arminianism contrast with TULIP free will apostasy etc Christian Perfection 7 de nitions Ecumenism Evangelical Revival in Anglicanism Women and lay preachers religious societies open eld preaching world is my parish Reason for the word Methodist Christian movement that comes from Wesley s idea of sancti cation Slavegy and American Religion Pro Slavery Argument Richard Furman several points here e g Genesis and Exodus Role of cotton slave rebellions Formation of Southern Baptist Convention May 8 1845 William B Johnson 7Appeal to the Public Modernity Liberal Tradition Key Intellectual Developments eg evolution Content of Liberalism Freidrich Schleiermacher Father of modern liberal theology Role of experience in theology The feeling of utter dependence De ne the nature of Jesus in terms of Godconsciousness Karl Barth Church Dogmatics View of Bible and revelation Inclusivism Reinhold Neibuhr Nature and Destiny of Man View of sinpride Adam Sin is inevitable but Feminism Types of attitudes complementarian egalitarian radical feminism Patriarchy Hermeneutic of suspicion God and gender Elizabeth Cady Stanton Woman s Bible View of creation story and Adam and Eve God as Mother Social GospelVV alter 39 L 39 Andrew Carnegie 7 The Gospel of Wealth Charles Sheldon In His Steps Walter Rauschenbusch A Theology of the Social Gospel Christianity anal the Social Crisis Leading exponent of social gospel American Baptist Social view of Kingdom salvation Sin as sel shness pro t motive View of capitalism Martin Luther King1 Jr Letter From Birmingham Jail nonviolence civil disobedience justunjust laws white moderate extremist Theological pilgrimage Dexter Avenue Baptist Church Ebenezer Baptist Church Birmingham 1963 Pentecostalism See handout Fundamentalism Fundamentalism 7 common features Princeton theologians View of Scripture role of doctrine inerrancy plenary verbal inspiration original autographs etc Relationship of ConservativesFundamentalists William Jennings Bryan Scopes Trial J Frank Norris Jerry Falwell and Moral Majority Harry Emerson Fosdick Document Shall the Fundamentalists Win Vatican I and II Infallibility of Pope John XXIII Dates Name of Pope today


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