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Regional and Ethnic Literature

by: Kailey Schumm

Regional and Ethnic Literature ENGL 307

Marketplace > Bluefield State College > Foreign Language > ENGL 307 > Regional and Ethnic Literature
Kailey Schumm

GPA 3.76


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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kailey Schumm on Saturday October 3, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ENGL 307 at Bluefield State College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/217973/engl-307-bluefield-state-college in Foreign Language at Bluefield State College.


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Date Created: 10/03/15
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine Summary Ch1 June sees Hale coming toward the cove by the pine Ch2 Hale stops by the pine to rest and sees that he has been observed by June Ch3 Hale meets June as he fly fishes and also meets Judd Tolliver Ch4 Hale and Judd talk business He meets Bub and Dave Ch5 Hale goes to Judd s home June asks if Hale will return Ch6 Hale tries to decide how to handle the negotiation with Judd over the landcoal deal Hale meets the Red Fox who has been watching his meeting with Judd by telescope from high on the mountain Ch7 Hale s education is documented His analysis of geography and geology is explored he options the Gap He meets the Falins as they chase Dave Tolliver Ch8 Dave Tolliver decides he hate all quotfurrinersquot especially this new one Hale especially in relation to June whom he has picked as his own Ch9 Hale learns the feud began over two kids playing marbles one making fun of the other s patched britches Falins and Tollivers begin to fight Bad Rufe and Red Fox talk while Hale sits on the porch Ch1O Hale revisits Lonesome Cove June is angry at Hale because Dave has come by to tell them that Hale has placed Loretta her cousin on his mule and ridden her home Hale thinks about saving June from her surroundings amp is amazed that June child and woman will go with him anywhere Ch11 Hale and Sam Budd form the volunteer police force The mountain culture is described anthropologically Dave s jealousy of Hale is described Old Buck Falin and Old Dave Tolliver shoot each other and the Red Fox tends equally to both Once the feud increases intensity Judd give permission for June to go to the Gap to school a request that Hale has made of him for almost a year Ch12 Hale brings June to the Gap and introduces her to Miss Anne the schoolteacher and Widow Crane with whom June will room amp board June pays close attention to the dress and speech of Miss Anne and her ambition and fear of being made fun of by the others leads her to excel June and Mrs Crane purchase June a new wardrobe Ch13 Hale buys land in town June is in a school fight Dave comes into town drunk and is arrested but agrees to go home He feels June has betrayed him when she has called out for Hale to watch for Dave s pistol Ch14 Law and order comes to the Gap Laws prevent moonshining so that only one legal saloon is left in town which can be supervised by the law Dave is caught buying illegal moonshine amp is jailed The Falin come to arrest Dave for murder but Hale s lawmen won t give him up so Dave s life is saved Ch15 June learns the proper names of flowers from Hale as spring brings the plants to bloom Hale amp Ms Anne Saunders find that June loves Hale and that Anne is somewhat chagrined at the fact Hale amp June kiss for the first time Hale thinks that whatever happens he will see to her education Hale purchases June the fairystone necklace Ch16 June goes home for the summer and finds the flower garden which Hale has had planted for her Ch17 June comes home and the old conflicts are apparent Judd declares his friendship for Hale much to the chagrin of Dave amp the Red Fox The step mother is again unfriendly to June but Judd tells her that he is glad that she is home Ch18 Describes June s summer at home her garden visits from Hale and jealousy of Dave Tolliver to Hale Hale has saved Dave from the Falins and now Dave warns Hale that the Falins will ambush him on his way to court also they will never be friends Ch 19 Hale takes June to the city and to the tutelage of his sister Helen Hale June s first train ride her first city visit is overwhelming Ch20 The boom is described Hale proposes to June finally kind of the bust is described the feud begins again Judd amp Hale agree that Hale amp June should marry and live at the Gap Ch21 June becomes much more educated Hale becomes more uncouth She returns to the Gap beautiful and resplendent while he is dirty unshaven amp coarse Ch22 Hale comes to realize that he has sent her away to become suitable to marry him now he is not suitable to marry her He is far in debt due to the llbust but he thinks the Lonesome Cove mine may at least leave him in fair financial shape with no money to continue however this is really not the case Ch23 Hale tells June that he understands that she cannot live in Lonesome Cove or the Gap that she must live her life while he stays in the Gap June gets to the Cove to find that Hale has had her garden tended and that he has built her a beautiful room on the cabin with piano bedroom amp pictures Ch24 Bad Rufe comes home to take part in the feud and kills a policeman at the Gap Hale confronts Judd over Bad Rufe s killing the policeman With a Falin supporting Hale Judd declares that June will not marry Hale Ch25 The Red Fox tells Hale where Rufe is hiding Rufe is captured Judd tells Hale that no Tolliver has ever been found guilty of murder and hanged and it won t happen now Ch26 June is called to testify to Rufe s statement that he is going to the Gap to kill a policeman Ch27 Hale catches the Red Fox as old Dave Tolliver s murderer Ch28 Rufe is brought back to hang the Red Fox is convicted Ch29 Rufe hangs he has been shot but not killed by one of Judd s men from 300 yards away Hale hangs him wounded though he is Ch3O June waits on the men to come home and give word on what has happened The Tollivers are ambushed by Falins and Judd is shot Ch31 Hale buys the Lonesome Cove houseacreage from the coal company Dave and Hale fight a Falin is shot by a Tolliver and the Tollivers come for Judd He June Bud amp Dave depart for the West with their families Ch32 Describes the miserable conditions of the Gap after the llbust Also Hale is leaving and June is still out west Ch33 Hale spends the night at Lonesome Cove sitting out a storm Ch34 June and Hale meet at the pine and swear their love for each other Judd has died Dave has been killed Ch35 June and Hale are married at Lonesome Cove


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