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US Hist, 1-7 Official Study guide

by: Jamesia Arnold

US Hist, 1-7 Official Study guide hist 2010-004

Marketplace > U of M > History > hist 2010-004 > US Hist 1 7 Official Study guide
Jamesia Arnold
U of M
GPA 3.066

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About this Document

Some key terms will show up on the test as well as the 13 colonies
Us to 1877
Dr. Jim Johnson
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jamesia Arnold on Saturday March 19, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to hist 2010-004 at U of M taught by Dr. Jim Johnson in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Us to 1877 in History at U of M.


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Date Created: 03/19/16
Study Guide (Midterm Examination) Key Terms: (1-8) Columbian exchange Stono rebellion conquistadors Enlightment Pueblo Revolt Great Awakening Portugal’s exploration Seven Years War Spanish armada Salutary Neglect Mayflower Compact Proclamation of 1763 English Civil War Stamp Act Congress Navigation Acts 1651 Common Sense Headright system 1 Continental Congress Treaty of Paris Hartford Convention Bill for Establishing Treaty of Ghent Religious Freedom Kentucky & Virginia Revolution Freedom petitions Jay Treaty Republican Motherhood Whiskey Rebellion Public virtue Alien & Sedition Acts Checks and balances Election of 1800 Bill of Rights Manifest Destiny Northwest Land Ordinance 1787 Cult of Domesticity Virginia Plan Erie Canal Annapolis Convention, 1786 Foreign Slave Trade, 1808 Nativism 2 Great Awakening Questions from older quizzes: 1. Know and locate the thirteen colonies True/ False: 2. African American society did practice slavery before the Europeans came to Africa. 3. Bacon’s rebellion was caused by a conflict between blacks and whites in colonial Virginia. 4. King Philip’s War of 1765 was led by Philip II of Spain. During the war, over 3,000 settlers on the New England frontier were killed 5. Throughout the colonial period in British North America, the colonists considered themselves to be Englishmen who should have the same rights of the Englishmen in Britain. 6. What happened under the Articles of Confederation? 7. What laws were imposed under the Articles of Confederation? 8. What did the Treaty of Greeneville do? 9. The qualifications of the US Constitution?


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