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CLCS: Comparative Mythology - Study Guide

by: sadia qasim

CLCS: Comparative Mythology - Study Guide CLCS

Marketplace > Purdue University > Classical Studies > CLCS > CLCS Comparative Mythology Study Guide
sadia qasim

Comparative Mythology

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About this Document

Review of concepts covered in exam 2 Spring 2014
Comparative Mythology
Study Guide
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This 14 page Study Guide was uploaded by sadia qasim on Monday October 20, 2014. The Study Guide belongs to CLCS at Purdue University taught by Dickson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 661 views. For similar materials see Comparative Mythology in Classical Studies at Purdue University.

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Date Created: 10/20/14
CLCS Comparative Mythology Exam 2 Review Aife woman warrior taught Cuchulainn had son with Cuchulainn Connla defeated by Cuchulainn Ana goddess part of triad of war goddesses Celtic personification of death goddess of cattle fertility Angus mac Og god of youth beauty love parents Dagda and Boann animism belief that non human entities and the universe itself possess souls Annwfn Welsh mythology world of delights and eternal youth Arawn king of Annwfn God of the Dead member of Tauatha de Dannan Balor Fomhorian god defeated by his grandson Lug via sling shot evil eye killed Nuada bachlach laborer rustic servant Badb goddess of war form of crow sisters Macha and Morrigan banshee woman of the sidh begins to wail if someone is about to die be find young beautiful woman grants kingship to the man who has sex with her Beltaine beginning of planting season fires on mountain tops beltaine cakes bannocks return of lost individuals weddings May Day Bnccnu trickster poisonous tongue invites Ulaid heroes for feast and threatens them if they do not attend urges Buadach Conall Cernach and Cuchulainn to claim champions portion of roast meat Cuchulainn wins Brigit strongly associated with hearth fire fertility childbirth healing poetry daughter of the Dagda cameach ugly old hag riding on top of a red horse or on a cart pulled by horse with one leg Approaches a male invites him to have sex with her If he does she turns into quotbe findquot a beautiful young women Cailleach typically appears around Samhain Cath Mag Tuired 2nd Battle of Mag Tuired Lug defeats Balor fir Bholg defeated cauldron king priest Giobniu red ale warrior Dian Cecht regeneration producer Dagda food pork Cerne Abbas located in Dorset England prehistoric Romano British age medieval age depicts naked giant wielding a club on hills represents fertility champion39s portion Briccriu39s Feast choicest portion of meat given to hero of the hour awarded to CuChulainn Conchobar King of Ulster in The Tain raised CuChuainn in Ulaid Connla son of CuChulainn and Aife killed because he could not reveal identity or yield a fight killed by CuChulainn cromlech circle of monoliths megalithic tomb CuChuainn son of Lugh and Deichtine killed Culann39s guard dog known for riastrad quothound of ulsterquot principal function in Ulaid is to guard border violates geis when tricked into eating forbidden fruit killed by Lugaid Cu Roi Ulster cycle king of Munster rival of CuChulainn rivalry over woman killed by CuChulainn Dagda fatherfigure god carries club for killing and resurrecting associated with cauldron undry quotgood godquot chief of Tuatha De Danann mates with the Morrigan one of his weapons is the magic harp delchhss CuChuainn39s spear Dian Cecht healing god heals thru magical technology makes silver hand to replace Nuadu39s lost hand kills own son Miach because of dispute over healing Nuadu druid member of priestly class among Celtics of Gaul Iron Age Emain Macha Where Conchobar ruled in Ulster cycle capital of Ulaid founded by goddess Macha Navan Fort Epona female god represented on a horse as a horse quotgreat marequot goddess of fertility gave horseback rides to souls entering the Other World carries a baby Eriu daughter of Emmas of the Tuatha De Danann matron goddess of Ireland sisters Banba and Fodla triple goddesses goddesses of sovereignty son Bres Esus Gaulish god on Pillar of the Boatmen cutting trees with axe Etain Sun goddess heroine of The Wooing of Etain Midir falls in love with her first wife Fuamnach gets jealous Etain turned into pool of water then worm then butterfly by jealous wife Ferdiad Ulster cycle best friend and foster brother of CuChuainn fights CuChulainn because both are subjected to public shame killed by CuChulainn encased in bone armor special warrior death caused directly by gae bulg Cuchulainn39s barbed spear fili member of elite class of poets in Ireland offspring family member Fintan lives for 5500 years takes many shapes throughout life salmon provides continuity quotthe Wisequot seer who accompanied Noah39s daughter Cessair to Ireland gave advice to Fir Bholg king when Tuatha De Danann invaded fought in First Battle of Magh Turied Fir Bholg 4th wave quotmen of the Bholgquot race that inhabited Ireland before being invaded by Tuatha De Danann Battle of Magh Turied fought and Fir Bholg are defeated by Tuatha De Danaan Nuadu39s hand cut off during this battle flyting insult competition in traditional warrior societies Fomhoire One leg one arm one eye have powers of curse can bring plague upon people some control over crop human fertility Gae Assail Spear that always kills when it touches victim always returns to hand of thrower made out of Yew if quotbarquot uttered when thrown then powers are even more special one of four treasures of Tuatha De Danann came into possession of Lug geis taboo obligatory or prohibition similar to being under spell or vow Giobniu smith of the Tuatha De Danann not impotent in smelting died along with Dian Cecht of painful plague brothers Creidhne and Luchtaine One of the seven triplets also has healing abilities cures any wound his weapons cause Does this by reciting a spell incantation Associated with cauldrons full of red ale Irish word for it laith In charge of the quotother worldly feastquot glam dicenn cursing someone by standing on one leg closing one eye one hand behind back Gwawl Welsh mytholgy son of Clud tricks Pvwll into promising him Rhiannon First Branch of the Mabinogi Imbolc February 1 ewes come into milk lambing season honors Brigit fire healing and fertility goddess lndo European tripartition belief that all elements in universe can be placed in three categories mental activity thought speech action physical force and productivity fertility regeneration wealth classes king priest producer warrior interpretatio Romana Roman interpretation claim that Celts worshiped the same gods as Romans Lebhor Gabala Erenn Book of the Taking of Ireland collection of poems that is supposedly a history of Ireland and Irish creation of the world to the Middle ages preserved by Irish monks Lia Fail talisman used to legitimize kingship large phallic structure that screams out your name if you39re meant to be king Lugaid mac Con Roi son of Cu Roi quotson of three houndsquot killed CuChulainn after conspiring with Medb his spear spilled out CuChulainn39s innards and he tied himself to a standing stone while beheading CuChulainn CuChuainn39s sword fell and cut off Lugaid39s hand killed by Conall Cernach Lugh Lamfhada Irish deity represented as hero and High King quotlong armquot skilled with spear or sling possessed spear Gae Assail Areadbhar Finest Yew of the Wood Sling Stone Tathlum Nature Myth Items Fragarach horses and magic boat hound Failinis Samildanach has all the skills identical to Mercury Lughnasadh summer harvest August 1 markets horse racing Lugh Lugos Celtic god continental god as opposed to local gods possible triune god Esus Toutatis and Taranis Mabinogion collection of Welsh stories woman is treated like a horse as punishment for murdering a child Macha Goddess of war horses sovereignty three Machas wife of Nemed daughter of Emmas sisters Badb and Morrigu wife of Cruinniuc compared with Rhiannon Maponos god of youth equated with Apollo quotGreat Sonquot Matronae often holding fruit one is old one is young one is pregnant tricephalic mothers deity Medb queen of Connacht needs multiple husbands wants to see who is most powerful quotfriendly thighsquot steals bull Donn Cuailnge Mider wants Etain because she is beautiful ends up with Etain turns into swan son of the Dagda Tochmarc Etain The Wooing of Etain husband of Fuamnach turned fifty women into similar Etain offered king to choose only one king accidentally chose his own daughter Mil Lebhor Gabala Erenn wife Scota defeats De Nana Morrigan quotgreat queenquot goddess of battle strife and sovereignty appears in form of crow triple goddess Badb Macha and Nemain Anand beautiful woman who brings the cup of red ale for king to drink washes corpse of men who will die has sex with Dorgma becomes beautiful after sex Nemedians descendants of Noah quotsacred or priveleged personquot Neolithic farmers who initiated changes in landscape new horses and cattle began practice of soil enrichment and fertilization agricultural advances Newgrange prehistoric monument in County Meath Ireland large circular mound with a stone passageway ringed by kerbstones engraved with artwork chambered passage noinden farmer boasts to King of Ulster that wife Macha is quicker than swiftest horses of the king Macha is pregnant with twins Macha forced to race against horses and wins Macha gives birth to twins prophesies to Ulster inhabitants that as punishment the men will be overcome by a state of weakness similar to labor pains whenever they are in peril Nuadu Airgetlam first king of Tuatha De Danann lost his arm got silver hand quotNuadu of the Silver Armquot Bres takes his place after wounded cannot lead battle anymore ogham quotCeltic Tree Alphabetquot standing stones with a series of lines cut into them Partholonians landed in Ireland at Beltaine battled with Fomhoire wiped out by plague sculpt plains of Ireland bring agriculture law how to bake a pot brew beer how to be hospitable Pryderi Pwyll and Rhiannon39s son coincides with disappearance of a colt found in barn associated with god of youth Pwyll king of Dyfed husband of Rhiannon father of Pyderi separated from companions and stumbles across pack of hounds feeding upon stag drives hounds away and sets own hounds to feed which angers Arawn god of Other World trades places with Arawn for a year and a day reverse Euhemerism takes gods supernatural divinities and turns them into human beings Rhiannon wife of Pwyll outspoken queen goddess associated with magical pale horse also known as Epona blamed and punished for death of her son moves through space faster than others riastrad quotwar spasmquot transformation into animal battle frenzy happens to CuChulainn becomes unrecognizable monster who cannot distinguish friend or foe Rosmerta provider goddess carried caduceus and cornucopia in Roman myth married Mercury has authority across a whole region Sam hain November 1 lighting of winter fires gates of sidh open disappearances and deaths sex between Dagda and goddess Scathach battle strategist goddess who trained the Irish hero CuChulainn lover of her daughter Uatach comparable to Minerva Ulster cycle quotWarrior Maidquot sister of Aife Sheilanagig associated with fertility and sexuality appears as hag rejected by most men the man that does have sex with her she turns into beautiful maiden and grants him kingship sidh multiple sites below ground entrance way to the undenNorld in Newgrange portal to land of the Gods sovereignty goddess three aspects appears to hero when he is alone dual nature or appearance pours out drink to the hero Sucellus a hammerwielding sky god comparable to Zeus Jupiter sometimes accompanied by threeheaded dog god of agriculture forests and alcohol Tain Bo Cuailnge Cattle Raid of Cooley war against Ulster by Queen Medb of Connacht attempt to steal stud bull Donn Cuailnge opposition from CuChulainn everyone else is suffering from noinden Taranis thunder god carried spoke quotsolarquot wheel associated with oak and the eagle sacrifice by burning your victims associated with Jupiter Zeus Tarvostrigaranus Gaul bull god similar to Roman god Mithras bull with three cranes perched on his back Pillar of the Boatmen adjacent to Esus copping down tree Temuir bull feast occurs Conare heads to Temuir Teyrnon Twrf Liant Lord of Gwent first branch of Mabinogi becomes foster parent of Pryderi Teutates god of war and wealth compared to Mars one of three Celtic gods Esus Taranis dunks people in cauldron human sacrifice by drowning theriomorphism ascribing animal characteristics to humans TunanOg Land of Youth timeless OthenNorld realm always vat of red ale one of pork red ale associated with kingship and rejuvination torc circular gold neckband worn by Celtic gods goddesses transmigration life force passes into a different body no actual death triplism triple deity tripartite king priest class warrior class producer class Tuatha De Danann children of Danu Ana Great Mother overthrew Fomhorians 5th generation defeated by sons of Mil Ulaid Ulster cycle of hero myths Washer at the Ford bean nighe Scottish fairy death omen messenger from OthenNorld ban sidh washes blood from graves of those who are about to die Roman Perception of Celts fearsome opponents barbarians Characteristics of Celtic Myth and Religion polytheism animism triplism theriomorphism transmigration localized male deities pan tribal female deities lack of clearly differentiated functions absent cosmogonic myth Basic Themes and Patterns in Old Irish and Welsh Myths regeneration sovereignty othenNorld feast triangles CuChuainn Pattern Birth Childhood Departure Return Death Memorialization Where do earliest written reports about Celts in Europe come from Greek and Latin authors What does archaeological evidence suggest that the Celts were a warrior aristocracy Continental Celtic culture believed the natural world was full of spirits had close relations with natural world regularly practiced head hunting How are Celtic myths preserved Almost entirely in Old Irish versions What is transmigration the survival of the soul in different bodies How is Celtic god Taranis represented carrying a quotsolarquot wheel What is a clear example of Roman Celtic religious fusion pairing of Mercury and Rosmerta What does the interpretatio Romana refer to claim that the Celts worshipped same gods as Romans True or False No Celtic account of the origin of the universe has been preserved True Which Celtic god is honored by human sacrifice by drowning Teutates In Old Irish lore what does the term side refer to Dwellings of the gods By how many years do places such as Newgrange in eastern Ireland predate the arrival of the Celts At least 2000 years When does Beltaine occur spring time May 1 In Irish myth disappearances took place during which time of year Samhain What does the construction of neolithic shrines in Ireland seem to be influenced by The movement of the sun What is Reverse Euhemerism process by which gods are demoted to human status What are Fomhoire associated with fertility of the land How did the reign of Bres come to an end When he provides insufficient hospitality What does the Lia Fail do It Iegitimizes kingship What does the Tuatha De Danann god Dian Cecht do Heals a maimed king Nuada How are Mesopotamian Enki and Old Irish Miach similar Both produce medicinal herbs True or False After emerging from the cauldron of resurrection former corpses are able to speak False they are unable to speak By whom is Balor defeated His own grandson Lug via slingshot Lugh belongs to which of the ndo European social classes Warrior In Old Irish myths what does the be find do Grants kingship to the man who has sex with her In which myth does a woman die after a horse race The myth of Emain Macha What does Sheea na gig represent Female sexual potency Which deity is often represented as a theriomorph Bedb What does the Old Irish goddess Brigit have strong associations with hearth fire What is Briccriu39s function in Old Irish tales To cause conflict among heroes In Old Irish legends which Tuatha god is the figure of the bachlach a quotdemotedquot form of Dagda In Briccriu39s Feast who is awarded the quotchampion39s portionquot CuChuainn What does flyting refer to in traditional warrior societies insult competitions What does the term riastrad refer to A hero39s transformaion into an animal What happens in the triangular relationships that fill The Wooing of Etain a young man tricks an old one into giving up his bride What does the rivalry between CuChulainn and Cu Roi focus on possession of a woman Which character searches for Etain for centuries and takes her away with him into the sidh Mider The various transformations of Etain in the course of her tale suggest a strong resemblance between Etain and whom the Matrones True or False The Mabinogion preserves tales in the Roman mythological tradition False Welsh mythological tradition Which Old Irish figure is Mabon most closely associated with Oengus In the Mabinogion why is a woman treated like a horse As punishment for murdering a child What is an idication of Rhiannon39s othenivorldy origin The fact that she moves through space faster than others In the story of Pwyll what does the disappearance of a child coincide with Disappearance of a colt What do myths of CuChuainn39s birth imply that he is an incarnation of The god Lugh What was CuChulainn39s principal function within the society of Ulaid To guard the border What does CuChuainn39s appearance during battle suggest a link between Between him and the Fomhoire Why is the riastrad significant It establishes a link between the hero and wild beasts What is the first part of CuChuainn39s name derived from the story that he killed a ferocious dog What is the death of Ferdiad directly caused by Gae Bulga Why are CuChulainn and Ferdiad motivated to fight each other When they are subjected to public shame How does CuChulainn violate his geis By eating forbidden food Why does Lugaid kill CuChulainn to avenge death of Cu Roi How are Connla and Ferdiad similar They are both doubles of CuChulainn What is Ferdiad39s claim to special warrior status The fact that he is encased in bone armor What happens to Lugaid mac Con Roi after he beheads CuChulainn He is beheaded by Conall Cernach


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