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Children's Literature Final Exam Review

by: Kaitlyn Kirkhart

Children's Literature Final Exam Review 3385

Marketplace > Texas State University > Foreign Language > 3385 > Children s Literature Final Exam Review
Kaitlyn Kirkhart
Texas State
GPA 3.3
Children's Literature
Dr. Rosenberg

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About this Document

This is my final exam review. My friends say I take really good notes, so I hope you benefit from them too!
Children's Literature
Dr. Rosenberg
Study Guide
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This 35 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kaitlyn Kirkhart on Sunday October 4, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 3385 at Texas State University taught by Dr. Rosenberg in Spring 2014. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see Children's Literature in Foreign Language at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 10/04/15
Children s Literature Final Exam Review 05192014 Section A Quotationspictures 20 Know author and title 10 quotes total 0 quotThe Story of the Grandmotherquot By Delarue 0 Little girl has a hot load and a bottle of milk to take to her grandmother 0 Bzou is the wolf 0 She should take Pins Road and not The Needles Road 0 quotA slut is she who eat the esh and drink the blood of her grandmotherquot 0 This oneis yery sxual quotI f r n39 13 u I 39 7 rgtJ 7 u l 0 quotLittle Red Riding Hoodquot B Perrault 0 Mother baked some cakes and a little pot of butter for her to take to her grandmother 0 As she walked through the wood she met a wolf who wanted to eat her but id not dare to because there were woodcutters working nearbyquot 0 Her and the wolf took two different paths to her grandmothers so he could get there rst 0 The wolf ate the grandmother and Little Red 0 There s a moral at the end quotLittle Red Capquot by Grimm O O O 0 Little Red Cap took her grandmother a piece of cake and a bottle of wine Little Red Cap describes her grandmother s house to the wolf as In the wood fteen or twenty minutes walk form there under the three big oak trees That s where the house is It has hazel hedges around it You must know the placequot She picked up owers on the way to her grandmother s She does the classic Oh grandmother what big ears you havequot Four times The wolf ate her too A hunter took scissors and cut out the grandmother and Little Red Cap Then he sewed up the wolf with stones in his belly He died after There s an alternative ending as well Little Red Cap kept her guard and kept going once the wolf talked to her The wolf was going to wait until it was night time to gobble her up The grandmother knew what he was up to She said to Little Red Cap Here s a bucket Little Red Cap I cooked some sausages yesterday Take the water I cooked them in and empty it into the troughquot The wolf need up getting stuck and drowning and she went home happy and safe w little Redv Cup Storyquot by the Emthcrs Grimm Translated by Werner Lint With wnnidcu fs by Susan lair Starts the story with quotBeware of the wolf in sheep s clothingquot 0 3 children and her mother goes away to visit her mother for her birthday 0 quotFelice Mayling and Jeanne my treasures it is your Grammie answered the wolf sweetly as possiblequot 0 The wolf is dressed like their grandmother 0 Grammie have you ever tasted our luscious gingko nutquot o The children make the wolf climb the tree to get the gingko nut o The children put the wolf in a basket they pulled him up until he w L n u 57 l a n A I SkiIll r iquot 39 u El 2 39 39 l I E i a i I O 1 l r 39 739 FQLKampEMRf TALEg Equatlajiffdnu J eri39ri ataiulaillai 39ai i l l39aiulr39ul f 39 45f illllnllhlquot39i o o quotHansel and Gretelquot By Grimm o Read it O 7 o quotThe Ugly Ducklingquot By Anderson 0 Read it rquot o quotThe Pied Piper of Franchevillequot By Jacobs 0 Read it O o 0 When Sophie Get Angry Really Really Angry By Bang O W i i 7 Chato and the Party Animals By Soto o Frog and Toad Together by Lobel ti 2 7 o o The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents By Pratchett o httpdiscworldwikiacomwikiTheAmazingMauriceandhis EducatedRodents 31u Tirn Hiquot sf 5 iii L1 t h D 1quot TERR 39 ATCETT o 7 quot v Becoming Naomi Leo n By Ryan 0 httpwwwscholasticcomteacherslessonplanbecoming naomiIeonstoriateachingguide rim in FEIIJEIEIE rl39i IJILFII IIJ39AI o Jabberwoclq by Carroll avg o Bam a m Ba m By Merriam 0 Section B Analysis 10 Tests familiarity with picture book conventions and literary elements You ll need one or two 0 Style way characters and setting depicted in artwork 0 Ex Realisticcartoonlike stylized with exaggeratedeliminated details based on stylized patternsnature o 0 Medium media materials used watercolor acrylicsoils collage etc lmt M o H in B B l it o 0 Border bigsmall space around pic Big bordertrapped Small borderfreeisolated and abandoned White pacedecorated Border color white or color change O Character Direction Placement andor Size o Facingmoving right adventure or unknown 0 Facingmoving left safety or known OR block of journey o Topdominant powerful happy 0 Bottom dominated powerless sad 0 Middlecenter of attention aloneisolated surroundedhappy 0 Larger power and dominance o Smallweakness and submissiveness mam clam Maia1W5 O L Shapes 0 Circle harmony security contentment o Rectanglesquare problems encounters with discipline unforgiving circumstances O iv N4 L39 3 E5 written by Roseanne Thong illustrated by Grace Lin 0 Texture o Crosshatching or busy lines energycontainment of energy 0 Smooth and clear calmness or freedom Cool colors bluegrey calm Warm colors redyellow activity and action Light happy Dark somber LEE Liamiii A Color of His o o Page Layout 0 Single to doublepagespread important change in story 0 Multiple pictures series of connected actionsevent OR transformation nmLmmmu 139 mumm mimemurmm mum ce llrfullc 3 Home nomllrecmnm 139 no ne Hjleu llfllh o Ftalc39BiL1 nanm unmm u Hopi 5330 Tax xMijnm 11w ii aim nmmyltnmr we aauxumusm u 1qu 71v 11wnmn JIIME i Adlai i ltfm m erir39 fryfro f 11in mm 5m in Kampala 3rmuunu u TU 21 IIH IIINI ISUA EI aa39rixmm a Hopy ii mmnxu ammo He up39rmimmt M1 o pm mt ncpc lmmncu u cyxc minim 11in minimum m mlrnu Sim szua LL39L u ygmuiy 53ch J ElMipliu mustn pu ia 1 nmm n animus emmnm mnii MLii39IIHK x39mck E39EMDEHIE Ilneplma 1T Tynan no XilZUl X Elm39isl mum rrn nnrm moms BEERQAELWH Hemp ll noel mnmanu t 13 ImTi mungquot EJHCI 39J39ilbl imsycu ii M t ltb nimlmlnm MELMlJ39MIELEINEL LuIaImlco muiiiLuiM LMIZIIEIIJTIIIHF39 ll nim I1 ni Tums unrnmumamm cm ml rompuanl w icnmzup i mneh 06mm mmrxw mm cmc reDim m nial niwilquot my mp2 in vi Mlu39i39h u ityis ni He Flynn 39yJImEJtemz uni39hmwst gum munmuaurxm o Facial expressions 0 Body language 0 Body positions 0 Spatial relationships bet characters and setting or insetting And if a fluttery math or crawling bug drops by l ririie doesn39t squeal That tickles 39 o 0 Cover of book 0 From body or additional picture 0 Back of book 0 Signal end o o Endpapers rst and last leaves of book 0 Design 0 Contributereinforce story o o Halftitle Page page that has only the tile 0 Have design or picture that connects to the story The Chlldreifs Own Books w 39 PETER RABBIT VQL39 1 ll DiLCK W ii39rl39TH EQTON val H I LI39FFLE FILA K SAME1 l UNCLE iwoiws CAEIN TOPSV VOL I r THE NIE HT BEF RE cmnlus rmash 1 MOTHER cops RHYMESn 39 Bum BEAUTY VOL IIquot 39l r HE LJlTTLE LAME rRmrE I MB AND Ills FRIENDS Wm H L cmquot Van N THE ADUEMTURFE OF A B39tDWNIE 39 15wa35 FAMILY RDBIN LE RED RIDING HOU DV quotPING BEAUTY H rC39Ih39DETIFLLA mm Wquot 39THE TH mm mm THE BFJLENFTALK 1quot m RDBIHSUH CR39USOE FOL x KLiEE IN WQHDERLAND l TIIRDUCH LQDN ING CLASS m m THE LIch mama Elilmdemeru39l quot REP VAN WIWKLE Wf IITE RN13 ROSE R VOL 3 I IAINSEL AND CRETE GEEEST 1 AND WONDERFUL LABFIF ROE39IIN39 I39EOU D VOL Kw A CHRISTMAS CARQL a 39 1 FIRST PRAYER wL xm fquot Title Pa e page with title author and publishing info 0 Picture might connect to the story 0 Remember H P l ARM H illi TR39llS E HUI 5511 1 59 n m Fu ifquot Like 5 Ir a avarIngm1 high lilj L39uiir39aW a wlillmaiuquot iauui 39 nz an ts enfegwf Men39sth H il39i 39rih agas a au J v wiIa l39 Nth E l 39lh 39 F H ilgiEIHEH i laEi m Mn Mm mu mug sq m 15 39in3939 a I a o Conventions in pictures books work with other information words visual information based on day to day experience to create understanding of story 7 2 7 1 c 1 l 4 Inn 1u 511 1 Li39li 39 Eli L in is 9 L 3 eh FELL 151 a 447 J a M whizlife 39ialj Elm1 I1 quot quot quot mg TIEZZiLlil39ab LiliEitllf iiianii39lililt iilil a i 7 Fungi um h39Tr r n ll l a Children s Literature written H ml aw i r quot I D u l I H Ll F n l II M u E l I and drawn text th at whether they are intended for published for or read by children are considered for children s texts Mrwnsontutor 39 afg Cuw 51mm THE TALE or MRSTITTLEMOUSE ANDOTHER MOUSE atoms W THE STORY 173039UT imme quot4L VV 39 hquot39xquot39M 1Mrmmoimmuqmnmahvw Picture Books usually short books with words and pictures that work together to create a story gt3 5 To CI L U 3 U C CI U C O U E L O 4 CI L 3 4 L 390 Cl 390 gt C U I U U 4 390 LI O O O 7 513Creates a distance Why Animals in children s books 1 Brings story to everyone 2 Present ideas and ideas in a very focused ay 3 Present a sort of wish ful llment childlike characters doing adult things 4 Can deal with ideas and issues that might not be acceptable if acted out by humans ass and place V i V o 1 Didactic instructive tradition o 2 The Nonsense tradition if 3 The Romantic tradition o Didactic Tradition instructive with clear lesson or moral could be religious or more generally social L I Lu 1 r quotEl Enamet 35 HEI D E IGE ERIE mtr sf EMEEH AEHPJ39IJiill39 39 EliH gig PHI 5mr hwi aIEIHEFHJ HM EngEh z Izi Ezl il iJ39Fr mixgurus l Tum him 639 L mmw hna i mr mi n quot mienEn En yh i m Ernains c I L we r WEWWHMWWJ i mquot 39 t t mww 39 n quot1 i i o The Nonsense Tradition poems that through language or content are absurd and usually funny Purple PolkaDotted Birds I went to the beach and saw three thousand maybe more purple polka dotted birds They were loud very noisy it made my eyeballs sore chirping all the day long It started to annoy me I wished they d sing a song Then I listened hard and heard it was a pretty song They were singing it for me only wanting me to sing along y VIM11quot lK quotI fly 7ng ek if 5 Wr i ch a a 0 1 a 0 g f ll I 1 j 2 Ii i iiiV 5 I I K 7quot IV M ii a gag z 0 t i U o t u 0 39 u a a a a 3 0 U h l s U I c I I y a II U 0 0 l K3 WW U u a 1 quot39 a 0g 39 w v u 3 t 0 m I no a U A 6 quot0 3 391 O 0 U world by using a child s voice or perspective andor by focusing on nature and its beauty I Tin 1 TEFL MORE 1111 st 131R trI It mm 1111 iiiYIEIi its113 Mimi Jitter A SEQUIR39I Ttilt IN l39lilli l tt fli IITISKKT mummx 11w 1 Iiiil lfli ll mom new 114111 1 IItIltI fUI39 i39l IE lupin11 wrru It lquot tflllil lii1139Iinrs I IiWIi T113515 Mimi milm l1 t f1 t tititrumsifs Milf Kliililfi fi wrru 11311 mature 1 Lot t mt MORE 3911 Elm ltlt39l39ii39lill l tl an mgr its 3939iIIE tquotIHiIiiZlfJ MENUI TILw I IIlZquot I iITtE 3911 Hi riptgxrr our U17 anquot 39l UTi Im39rlrm I Lilli Ii mu Mtnua 1391 1m NIT 1mm Mir xlltl x rigmm n nun I II n31 quotit in shiftill 351 MLtiII as I in nu Mili u 0 Picture in Books 3 ways 0 1 Decoration o 2 Illustration 0 3 Narration o ustration the pictures pick particular moments in the verbal text to show them They may add some information o Narration the pictures work to tell the story either with verbal text or on their own Decoration The pictures decorate they may not have any direct connection to the verbal text they may contribute to mood or town f the story Narrative Poem tells a story 0 Ex Jim who Ran Away from His Nurse and was eaten by a Lionquot Lyric Poem describes something an object scene or feeling will have songlike quality 0 Ex Silver liltlcome lo the Night To all of you who crawl and creep who buzz and chirp and hoot anal peep who wake at dusk and throw off sleep Welcome to the night To you who make the Forest sing who dip and dodge on Silent wing who flutter hover clasp and cling Welcome to the night Come feel the cool and shadowed breeze come smell your way among the trees come touch rough bark and leathered leaves Welcome to the night The night s a sea of dappled dark the night s a feast of sound and sparki the night39s ii wild enchanted park Welcome to the night Nonsense Verse humorous or comical verse that plays with absurd images and ideas Often are very logical stories language presents absurdity 0 Ex Jabberwoclq E42 1mm Lillk39 mlsJ F mltum mm 11 MM Thigh with Ima39ila39li Wlm it It i just SH I Emmi15 5 Two les and 1 NHL full mks inn 1 i u39renm FF E 31 Mill their IMF1Equot in my Emmi o Limerick form of nonsense poetry composed of 5 lines 1 2 and 5 rhyme while 3 and 4 have own rhyme 0 Ex quotOh I Wish I d Look After Me Teethquot Little H155 Milt an at t t Emitting of animals and Witt HamE a great mi 1 Who gm admin11 Beside rm Andfnt39lh tened F153 Huh 12 away Free Verse no formal rules or set rhythm or rhyme 0 Ex Bam Bam Bamquot or I Too Am Americaquot Today people in many parts of the world burn oil in lamps for lighting They also burn oil in furnaces for heating V You can make your own oilburning lamp Ask your mother to help you Pour some cooking oil into a small empty orangejuice can Stand this can in a larger can in the sink You use the sink because it is safe to work there Stand a piece of stiff cord ve inches long in the oil Watch how the cord soaks up the oil Now light the dry top end of the cord Be careful not to touch the hot can See how brightly your oil lamp burns Put out your oil lamp by covering it with a metal cover Do not touch the lamp until it has cooled 25 Concrete Poetry shaped verse or pattern poetry arrangement of words on page is in a shape or pattern that re ects content In some way 0 Ex Whispers 39339 E V 7 I 2 if z z 4 1 J 339 2 1 3 m 3 a f e a 3 a g a es s eee lfe W a g silage quot 3 a get it a 23 g a W 7 33quot a 3quot er so a reg s3 WHO TlEr FEquot at t a 3 age quot Lat 10 E e equot 3 quot quotEEEE Cl lb g 533 gig5 753 1quotquot 54 46 LE gammy ff Q 4 3quot 3 l 3 a 3 5 hrquot Cquot I H39u i39 44 i 39 39 farm 34 395 tgaa ggo wig 39 39 MESH lsa Ml Rhyme words that sound the same OR the last stressed vowel and all sounds that follow it are the same o Alliteration repletion of a consonant v V 7 t 13 tan 9 I m m e a 111 39ul at H it I it quotIi quotIquot tiquot IQ H i g1 an 15153 13 mmquot HELPski Assonance repetition of a vowel W7 i r 7 r 177 1 7 7 j omatopoeia words that sound like their meanings A DiGti 39f tif Suzimic B k News Sfm belie m t mem and inhaling The Thesaurus Elf Champiune o Regetition used for emphasis or structure I can t blab such blibber blubber My tongue isn t made of rubber Denotation explicit or dictionary meaning of a word Cennataitian feeling snakequot evii danger Connotation implied or associated meaning of a word Little one Positive Child Neutral Brat Negative 0 Imagery descriptions or sensory experiences images that appeal to sight touch taste smell andor sound m 39 em J Law My Jab Ilmmyjnlbilwz lhepa I lute my boss lie is the I Itst bassamcllallthz I my office ml its location I hate ta have to go on vacation I law my drab md grey ml lpilzs at paper that gnaw each I thirii my job is really mu there s else I love so well I luv ta will my pears I love their lth and jam and I luv my computer and its saf hmre I hug it often tlmgh it want em I larva each mum file I39d lame netn mane if itle Mod a while I39m happy to be Elma I am I I m the happiest slave of the Firm 39I am I ll me this limit I lute I love fht with I In my b Ill Say it again I lair i v y l 39 ll These friendly man who39ve today in dean lite coats tn take mg awmylll 7 u Figurative language using language in a nonliteral way Comparing seemingly unlike objects or experiences to heighten meaning metaphor simile and personi cation are types of gurative language The sea is a gigantic wolf Big and brown He leaps all day VVith his clashing teeth and sharp claws Second upon second he roars and waves And saves saves saves The gigan 39 L 39 u I groans Fin 39 5 food for more quot mm i l quotl Allthel39o quot mi in erashesto l ii les V W fi 39lliswetbodyallo 1 1w y quotl Andhowls andp ll 39 439 11011 7 i r u the sum J hot I I I as u j 7 39 li om a h iij am So loud so loud he quietly mars o Metaphor implied comparison gkquot old SEW Oje o Simile explicit comparison using like or as was SOCKS Personification giving human traits to nonhuman beings or objects 0 Ex Silver Ideology A set of beliefs underlying the customs habits and practices common to a given social group To members of that group the beliefs seems obviously true natural and even universally acceptable They may seem just as obviously arbitrary idiosyncratic and even false to those who adhere to another ideology Within a society several ideologies my coexists one or more of these may be dominate 0 Understanding this is important because it is the literature that can have potentially a strong in uence on forming personalities and minds Can socialize its readers and the conscious and unconscious levels of ideology can in uence that process Section D Essay 50 0 Self discovery searching for identity 0 Alice 0 Naomi o Ugly Duckling o Frog and Toad Discovering Community 0 Chato 0 Sophie Naomi Ugly Duckling Frog and Toad Chato for culture classclass race Maurice religion OOOOO Movement from reality into the unconscious or another realm 0 Alice 0 Hansel and Gretel o Frog and Toad o Maurice death Death 0 Ugly Duckling o Chato o Hansel and Gretel 0 Little Red Ridding Hood


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