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Psychology Exam 3

by: Brianna Stebbins

Psychology Exam 3 Psych 2618: 33

Brianna Stebbins

GPA 4.0
Tom Kerr

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About this Document

Covers chapters 6, 7, and 8
Tom Kerr
Study Guide
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This page Study Guide was uploaded by Brianna Stebbins on Sunday March 20, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Psych 2618: 33 at Rochester Community and Technical College taught by Tom Kerr in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Psychology in Psychlogy at Rochester Community and Technical College.


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Date Created: 03/20/16
Exam 3 Study Guide Chapter 6 7 and 8 Chapter 6 0 Learning 0 Process of gaining thru experience new and relatively enduring info or behaviors 0 Conditioning 0 Process of learning associations 0 Stimulus 0 Some aspect of the environment 0 Classical conditioning 0 Learning from events we don t control 0 Receiving emotional and physiological reactions to previously insignificant stimuli 0 CS conditioned stimulus I Ex A tone to make a dog salivate 0 Generalization O Tendency to respond similarly to a stimuli that resembles the conditioned stimulus 0 Operant conditioning 0 Learning that affects probability of engaging in a particular action in the future 0 In uenced by its consequences 0 BF Skinner is best known for operant conditioning 0 Reinforcer 0 Any event that strengthens the behavior it follows 0 Ex A reward 0 Positive reinforcement 0 Increases behavior by presenting desirable stimuli 0 Adding something good in someone s life 0 Ex Get food money 0 Negative reinforcement 0 Increases behaviors by eliminating undesirable stimuli 0 Taking something away 0 Ex Take away pain with pills 0 Extinction O A weakened response 0 Continuous reinforcement 0 Reinforcing a desired response every time 0 Leads to rapid learning 0 If it stops extinction happens quickly 0 Partial reinforcement 0 Reinforcing a desired response part of the time Chapter 7 0 Learning occurs slowly 0 If it stops extinction occurs slowly Memory 0 The persistence of learning over time Recovered memories of abuse 0 Repressed O or Constructed Techniques of incestrecovery therapy 0 Hypnosis 0 Guided imagery 0 Dream analysis 0 Barbiturate drugs truth serum Short term memory is known as working memory We process information unconsciously and consciously Encoding long term memory 0 O O O 0 Sometimes gets altered More we rehearse the more likely we will encode Vivid imagery Personal meaning Physiology of encoding I Strong emotions lead to stronger more reliable memories Spacing effect 0 Tendency for a distributed study to yield better long term retention than massed study Deva Vu O The illusion of the already seen Forgetting O O O Encoding failure Storage decay Retrieval failure I Source amnesia I Interference I Repression Forgetting curve Chapter 8 0 Rapid then slows down Overconfidence O Tendency to overestimate accuracy of our judgements We are more confident than we are correct Intelligence 0 Individual differences in cognitive ability Intelligence quotient 0 mental agechronological age X 100 Emotional intelligence 0 The ability to perceive understand manage and use emotions 0 Includes ability to control impulses Principles of test construction 0 Validity I The extent to Which a test predicts What it is supposed to 0 Reliability I The extent to Which a test yields consistent results Standardization 0 Defining meaningful score With comparison to others


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