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UA / Philosophy / PHL 223 / How many unsafe abortions happen a year?

How many unsafe abortions happen a year?

How many unsafe abortions happen a year?


School: University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Department: Philosophy
Course: Medical Ethics
Professor: Stuart rachels
Term: Summer 2015
Tags: medical ethics
Cost: 25
Name: Week 7 Notes
Description: these notes cover the lecture from Dr. Rachels only for week 7
Uploaded: 03/20/2016
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How many unsafe abortions happen a year?

❖ Some might say: Abortion is bad but shouldn't be illegal

❖ Do 1­3 apply?

➢ Abortion isn't bad enough... some people might think so.

➢ It's nobody else's business...doubtful, since qualms about abortion come from concern for the fetus.

➢ bad consequences of outlawing abortion... Unsafe abortions, social unrest, and hard on the poor.

❖ During the 1960's over 1,000 American women died from illegal abortions (infections, unsterile conditions, etc.)

❖ American Law 

➢ Congress makes the laws

➢ The Supreme Court interprets the laws and the history of how other courts have interpreted them

How does the supreme court interpret the law?

➢ The police and forces them

➢ Civil law vs. criminal law

■ Slander→ saying something that is unjustified towards someone else's reputation. ex.Johnny rapes children...is prohibited by civil laws We also discuss several other topics like Is there a significant difference in your and your parents’ way of living, values, or tastes?

■ Murder by criminal laws.

■ Criminal things are more offensive “big stuff”

■ Civil and criminal law differ in terms of:

● how things get started (1)

● the accuser (2)

● possible punishments (3)

● how much evidence is needed to convict (4)

❖ Criminal……………………………………….. Civil

➢ Arrest……………………………….....files a lawsuit

➢ Government (only) ex. US. v Doe…..Citizen typically

Is abortion a state or federal issue?

➢ Jail, pay govt…………………………..pay citizen

➢ Beyond reasonable doubt…………...preponderance of evidence (51%) ❖ Read up on OJ Simpson Case

❖ Federal Law→counterfeiting is a federal crime

❖ State Law→assault is a state crime

❖ State Court System:

➢ State Trial Courts (a right to appeal to)→intermediate appellate courts ➢ discretionary appeals to→state supreme courts, which then goes to the U.S. Supreme Court

❖ Federal Court System:

➢ Federal District Courts (trial courts)→right to appeal to→circuit courts of appeals ➢ Discretionary appeals to→U.S. Supreme Court We also discuss several other topics like What plants have special bacteria in their roots to change nitrogen?

❖ U.S. Supreme Court:

➢ Highest interpreter of U.S. Law

➢ 9 justices

➢ Appointed for their whole life

➢ Nominated by the president, confirmed by the senate

➢ Vice president breaks ties

❖ The Justices If you want to learn more check out How is rhetoric understood, theorized, and practiced?

➢ Conservatives:

■ John G. Roberts (W. Bush) (1955­) calm

■ Samuel Alito (W. Bush) (1950­70)

■ Clarence Thomas (Bush Sr.) (1948­) doesn’t say much

■ Antonin Scalia (Reagan) (1936­) controversial, clever

■ Anthony Kennedy (Reagan) (1936­) most likely to go either way

➢ Liberals

■ Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Clinton) (1933­) oldest, had cancer

■ Stephen Breyer (Clinton) (1938­) got robbed in Jamaica

■ Sonia Sotomayor (Obama) (1954­) Latina

■ Elena Kagan (Obama) (1960­)

❖ Conservative Court

❖ Abortion Law has both Federal and State inputs.

❖ The Supreme Court sets limits: states decide within those limits

❖ 1865­1960: abortion was illegal in most states We also discuss several other topics like What are the meaning of conservation strategies?
We also discuss several other topics like What is the number 1 killer in the us?
If you want to learn more check out What is the meaning of grazing in marine communities?

❖ Abortion was the #1 issue of the women’s movement in the 60’s and 70’s ❖ Unprotected sex= 5% chance of pregnancy

❖ 18% of men aged 18­29 think “pulling out” is a form of contraception. ❖ 47% of pregnancies are unintended

❖ Every night +1,000,000 women have unprotected sex who don’t want a baby ❖ Each year 25,000+ women become pregnant from a sexual assault ❖ Oral birth control methods:

➢ The pill prevents fertilization (1960)

➢ Plan B→high dose of the pill

■ Take 3 days after sex

■ Prevents fertilized egg from implanting in utervive wall.

■ Cuts risk to 1 in 40 by 2.5%

➢ Ella (emergency contraceptive):

■ Prescription needed

■ Works 5 days after

■ Cuts risk to 2%

❖ Griswold v. Connecticut (1965)

➢ Griswold said contraception laws were unconstitutional

■ Leader of planned parenthood

➢ In Connecticut, at this time, all contraception was illegal

■ You can’t even distribute information about it.

➢ The Court held→you can’t do it because it violates privacy between husband and wife in their procreative decisions.

❖ Jane Roe v. Wade (1973)

➢ At this time, abortion was only legal if the baby posed a threat to the mother ➢ This case legalized abortion

➢ 7­2 majority

➢ The Court held→legally, the fetus is not a person

■ A (legal) person can…

● Own property

● Bring suit or be sued

● Have a will

● Inherit wealth

● Corporations are persons, not fetuses

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