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World Mythology

by: Rodolfo Huel
Rodolfo Huel

GPA 3.72

Joel Dubois

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About this Document

Joel Dubois
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Rodolfo Huel on Monday October 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HRS 151 at California State University - Sacramento taught by Joel Dubois in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/218867/hrs-151-california-state-university-sacramento in Humanities and Social Sciences at California State University - Sacramento.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
HRS 151 Study Guide for Ceremony GENERAL NOTE the novel is composed not of chapters but of fiftythree long indents at the beginnings of paragraphs that suggest distinct though unnumbered sections Interspersed with these sections at irregular intervals are poemlike stories marked by lines centered on the page Rather than summarizing the plot according to this multitude of sections this study guide outlines characters plot and the different threads of stories woven throughout the book m Laguna Pueblo Natives Grandma gt IIAuntieII Robert gt Rocky the stable part of the family though Rockie dies during WWII gt Laura unknown Mexican gt Tayo the outcaste of the family regularly away at night sleeping with men gt Josiah dies while Tayo 81 Rockie are away at war no offspring though he courts the IINight SwanII a mysterious Mexican quotOld Ku39ooshz a traditional Laguna medicine man who sends Tayo to Betonie Tayo39s war buddies Harley 81 Leroy mostly friendly towards Tayo Pinkie 81 Emo generally hostile toward Tayo Natives of Other Tribes Betonie the Navajo medicine man who with his mute assistant Shush conducts the Ceremony that is the heart of the novel Ts39eh the mysterious young woman who along with her brother a hunter helps Tayo corral his uncle39s cattle she appears also later in the novel to help him evade his enemies Threads of Stories Prayers 81 Plot Stories 81 Prayers Prose Sections centered on each page first line indented half way across the page Though Woman the power of stories 81 Tayo out on adesert ranch remembers the death of IISunriseII prayer p14 his cousin Rocky in the raindrenched jungles of Japan during WWII from which he recently Reed Woman goes IIdown belowII after returned p512 being neglected by Corn Woman p1314 Tayo cursed the rain in Japan now there has been a drought for six years p14 Harley comes by 81 they go off to find abar Tayo the Scalp Society p5738 remembers a mental hospital 81 meeting Old Ku39oosh after coming home p1457 People learn tricks from Pa39caya39nyi the Ck39o39yo medicine man 81 neglect their corn altars Nau39ts39ity39i takes away the plants 81 rainclouds p4649 5554 W W H quotheroesII p5759 Hummingbird 81 Fly go IIdown belowII to bring Mother Nau39ts39ity39i back p 7172 82 1056gt cont39d on p115 151 180 0 abducted by a bear Shush39s story p12850 0 the origin of Witchery p15258 0 the young man captured by Coyote p15941 155gt prototype for Tayo39s ceremony resolved only on p258 0 script for Tayo39s ceremony p14244 the Sun goes to find his children the rainclouds who have been captured by Kaup39a39ta the Ck39o39yo magician in his house in the Zuni mountains p17076 traditional prayers Ka39t39sina singing to Sunrise p182 hunter39s prayer p206 Arrowboy catches sight of a Ck39o39yo witchman changing into a wolf p247 Hummingbird 81 Fly bring Mother Nau39ts39ity39i back to earth p 25556 song to Amoo39ooh p257 the IIVJhirling darknessII of witchery dying out 81 Sunrise prayer p26062 Tayo remembers going drinking with Emo Harley 81 other veterans more about Rocky39s death 81 Josiah39s advice during another drought when Tayo was younger p5846 Tayo 81 Harley reach the bar Tayo remembers the time he almost killed Emo there p4965 He recalls enlisting in the Army with Rocky 81 all the differences between them p 6471 75 Before the war Josiah obtained a sturdy breed of cattle to survive the drought He often visited his girlfriend the quotNight SwanII who used to live nearby the bar where Tayo drinks p7495 Still at the bar Tayo recalls the end of the drought before the war after he offered prayers at the spring Josiah had told him about and also his visit to see quotNight SwanII He goes to see the deserted room where she once lived 81 where he met her p95105 Tayo still feels haunted by his memories Robert takes him to see Betonie who explains the origin of the quotwitcheryquot that plagues Tayo He performs a ceremony for him Later Betonie tells the story of his lineage 81 how the ceremonies have to change to stay alive He explains to Tayo that his ceremony isn39t over yet p10752 Tayo meets Harley 81 Leroy and begins to drink again but then remembers Betonie39s words p15569 Tayo tracks down and corrals Josiah39s lost herd of cattle with the help of the stars Ts39eh snow a mountain lion and an unnamed hunter p169215 Tayo brings the cattle back and goes out to the desert ranch again where he finds Ts39eh again she warns him that Emo and the others are after him p21455 Fleeing Tayo wanders onto the uranium mines at Cebolleta hidden he witnesses Emo 81 Pinky torturing Harley to death but resists the impulse to get involved 81 so completes his ceremony p 25554 Tayo is welcomed back home by Old Ku39oosh Pinkie dies in a rifle accident Emo goes of to CA p 25660 IIThe lack of easily identifiable section divisions in the story is a physical formal in form reflection of the themes of interconnection between all things repetition and of the unclear lines between dream myth memory and reality As Silko refuses to conform to the standard presentation of a novel in chapter form she refuses to make her story conform exactly to traditional American standards Similarly as she seamlessly combines prose and poetry she ignores standard generic of genre divisions Ceremony is not only a story about Native Americans it is a Native American storyII Keja Valens plot summary of the novel for Spar VoL w httpWWWsparknotescomlit


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