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Plsc 101 Exam One Study Guide

by: randomchic12

Plsc 101 Exam One Study Guide plsc 101

Marketplace > Louisiana Tech University > Botany > plsc 101 > Plsc 101 Exam One Study Guide
LA Tech
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

Study guide for exam one in plant science 101. This study guide helps put the notes taken and discussed in class in a clear and logical form where you can ask and answer questions about the major c...
plant science
Dr. Paul Jackson
Study Guide
plant science, Study Guide, exam, question and answer, q & a, crop production, crop production history, history of crop production, introduction to crop production, crops, crop history, crop science, plant agriculture, agriculture, branches of plant agric
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by randomchic12 on Sunday March 20, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to plsc 101 at Louisiana Tech University taught by Dr. Paul Jackson in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see plant science in Botany at Louisiana Tech University.

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Date Created: 03/20/16
Plant Science Exam 1 Study 1. crude toolsfor cultivating iron hand knives 19.hastwo cotyledonsfrom seed dicotyledon 2. crude toolsfor weeding clam shell hoes Ex: legumes, cotton, tomato, sweet potato, (dicot) most treesand shrubs 3. principlesand practicesofcrop agronomy - Sub-classofAngiosperms production and field management 20.plant completeslife cycle in one growing annual 4. propagation ofgarden plantssuch as horticulture season fruits, vegetables, flowers, -Ex: corn, beans, marigolds ornamentals, woody trees, and shrubs 21.completeslife cycle in two growing seasons biennial -producesvegetative growth season one 5. sufficient food would be aproblem malthusian theory -flowersand seed season two with populationsthat increase over -Ex: cabbage, beets, celery, carrots, onions time with limited areaavailable 22.can grow for many years perennial 6. use irrigation, drainage, pesticides, improved fertilizers -some die back in winter and re-grow in mechanical technology (tractors, spring etc.), crop rotations, and cultural -from stored food in roots(legumesand practices grasses) 7. What plant economy are we in? fixed land economy -some enter adormant period (treesand 8. shrubs) the science ofclassification of taxonomy organisms 23.grassesgrown for their edible seeds cereals or 9. botanical ranks"for plants" kingdom, division, -75% starch; 12% protein; 2% fat grains -Ex: wheat, corn, barley, rice, sorghum class, order, family, 24.high protein seed produced in pods legumes genus, species, variety, cultivar -1/3 dry wt. asprotein (pulses) 10. -Ex: peanut, field bean, field pea, soybean, who named the plant authority limabean ex. PinustaedaL, L= Linneaus 25. 11.plantsofsame speciesbut display variety fresh or preserved vegetative matter used as forage feed for animals crops differencesin nature; differences Ex: grassesand clover used for hay breed true 26.grown for their enlarged roots root crops 12.selected variety propagated for cultivar -Ex:sugarbeet, carrot, turnip, sweet potato desirable attribute -ifbreeding stopped, thiswould 27.grown for fiber to make paper, cloth, or rope fiber crops disappear Ex: cotton, flax, and hemp -some are patented and cost more 28.grown for extraction and crystallization of sugar crops their sweet juice 13.'Big Giant'flowering dogwood with Cornus florida large white flowers Ex: sugarbeet and sugarcane (sucrose); corn 14. and grain sorghum (dextrose) Variety= pink to pinkish red flowers Cornus florida Cultivar= reddish pink w/white variety rubra 29.seedswith useful oils oil crops center 'Cherokee Brave' Ex: flax, soybean, peanut, flower, sesame 15.produce seed within fruit viaovary angiosperm 30.ashort, thick underground stem; storesfood tuber crops reserves; not aroot and ovule in aflower (flowering plants) - Ex: potato and Jerusalem artichoke 16. 31.seedswith useful oils drug crops produce seedsin cones(lack fruit); gymnosperms non-flowering plants -Ex. tobacco, mint, pyrethrum -Ex: conifers(pine, fir, spruce, 32.plantsgrown for their esthetic value ornamental cypress) -Ex: flowers, shrubs, trees, ground cover, turf crops grass 17.seed leafor embryonic cotyledon 18.hasone cotyledon from seed monocotyledon 33.grown for reforestation oflandsand use in forest tree landscapes seedling Ex: all grasses, corn, tulips, orchids, (monocot) lilies, irises -Ex: confers(pines, cypress); hardwoods -Sub-classofAngiosperms (oaks, hickory, and maple) manage soil fertility, cover crops 49.germination can occur with wide range of temperature moisture, and erosion; can ___________ help control weeds, pests, dependson the crop and diseases 50.providesenergy for all germination respiration -Ex: Sorghum Sudangrassin processes aforest tree nursery consumed during germination = _____ 1/2 35.preserved succulent by silage crops the weight ofdry seed partial fermentation in a tight space; 50-80% moisture 52.seedsare often treated with _________ fungicides 36.cropsgrown with another companion crops 53.seedsdo not germinate or young seedlings damping-off crop are killed from pathogen infection -Pathogen absorbsseed material= no -small grain seeded with a legume for erosion and germination - ifgermination, then hypocotyl constricts weed control - one crop can provide and seedling buckles income ifthe other one fails -seedling death 37.seedsstore food for fat, oil, or carbohydrates 54.when mature, healthy, and imbibed seed seed germination as: (megagametophyte) fail to germinate when in favorable dormancy conditionsfor germination 38.seedswith high fat and oil higher in protein 55.hard seed coatsprevent water and oxygen physical content are ____________ Ex: cottonseed for cattle absorption mechanism feed 56.immature embryo ismaintained until right physiological 39.The embryo contains: cotyledon, hypoctyl, epicotyl, temps(for example) are met mechanism and radicle 57.embryo ripensprior to germination after- 40.embryonic stem; means hypocotyl ripening "below seed leaf" 41.embryonic shoot; above epicotyl cotyledons 42.embryonic root, first to radicle emerge from seed 43.processofplant emerging seed germination from aseed and beginning growth 44.External conditions supply of moisture required for germination: (imbibing), supply of oxygen, - A deficiency in any factor suitable temperature, and may prevent germination certain light conditions 45.germination occurswhen 26-75% moisture content ofmost field crop seedsreach ____________ 46. __________ iscritical for rapid water germination 47.required for respiration oxygen during germination 48.seedsplanted too deep or in oxygen deficiency saturated soil may not germinate


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