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by: Burnice Carter DVM

AbnormalPsychology PSY250

Burnice Carter DVM
GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Burnice Carter DVM on Monday October 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSY250 at Central Michigan University taught by ElizabethMeadows in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/218939/psy250-central-michigan-university in Psychlogy at Central Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Abnormal Psychology Psychology 250 Spring 2010 CRN 22110032 Instructor Dr Elizabeth Meadows Sloan 209 x6499 meado1eacmichedu Class Times Mondays and Wednesdays 2315 Powers 200 Office Hours Mondays 911 and 1230145 Wednesdays 1230145 and by appointment Class Website httpwww rhshs rmirh 39 quot 39 39 quotquot Ihtm Textbooks Required Barlow DH and Durand VM 2009 Abnormal P 39 39 An39 quot Approach 5th edition Belmont CA Wadsworth Cengage Learning Optional Santogrossi D 2009 Study Guide quot 39 Durand s Abnormal lquot 39 39 5m edition Belmont CA Wadsworth Cengage Learning Brown TA and Barlow DH 2007 Casebook in Abnormal Psychology 3rd edition Belmont CA Wadsworth Cengage Learning Please Note This syllabus is a guide to the schedule and procedures for this class It is subject to change and changes will be announced IN CLASS Students are responsible for knowing any announcements made in class whether they were present or not Students with Special Needs CMU provides students with disabilities reasonable accommodations to participate in educational programs activities or services Students with disabilities requiring accommodation to participate in class activities or meet course requirements should first register with the office of Student Disability Services Park Library 120 telephone 9897743018 TDD 2568 and then contact the professor as soon as possible Course Ob39ectives This course is designed to provide you with an introduction to abnormal psychology including the nature etiology and treatment of psychological disorders and other types of psychological problems as well as other related issues and to increase awareness of how these topics are important not only forthose who have andor treat psychological problems but also for all of us in our everyday lives In addition to this focus on content however I have in some ways even more important objectives for this course related to the process of learning I hope to encourage critical thinking about issues related to abnormal psychology and also in general l have designed the course to focus on understanding concepts and to encourage you to find the best ways for each of you to learn the material rather than simply memorizing and regurgitating some basic facts that you will then forget the next day I encourage each of you to look through the class website very early on so you are aware of the various resources that are there including tips for doing well in this class to help you accomplish this Format of Course This course will consist primarily of lectures class discussions videotapes and betweenclass assignments Although the scheduled topics for each class suggest that these topics are separate you will probably find that they are quite interrelated we will frequently discuss issues from other chapters within each scheduled topic because of this overlap 2 Attendance Class attendance is not mandatory However class lectures will include material not in the text and exams will consist of both textbook and class material Students are responsible for knowing everything presented in class including lecture material class discussions videotapes and announcements regardless of attendance ln inclement weather please call the CMU hotline at x7500 to see if classes are being held Academic Dishonesty As I m sure you re all aware cheating is prohibited Cheating includes but is not limited to looking at study materials during an exam copying from others examsassignments or allowing others to copy from yours taking someone else s exam or allowing someone else to take yours and failing to report cheating by others Plagiarism even if unintentional even if only one sentence is also a form of cheating Thus it is very important to make sure that you do not copy from other sources that you attribute your ideas as needed and that you use quotation marks when indicated eg when using words that are not your own see website for more details If you have any questions about what constitutes plagiarism please see me before your assignment is due Cheating will result in an automatic zero on the examassignment in question as well as a report made to the college A second incident will result in automatic failure of the course In May 2001 the CMU Academic Senate approved the Policy onAcademc Integrity which applies to all university students Copies are available on the CMU website at 39n p 39 39 rmir 39 39 htm and in the Academic Senate Office in Room 108 of Bovee University Center All academic work is expected to be in compliance with this policy I Classroom Civiliy Each CMU student is encouraged to help create an environment that promotes learning dignity and mutual respect for everyone Students who speak at inappropriate times sleep in class display inattention take frequent breaks interrupt class by coming to class late engage in loud or distracting behaviors use cell phones or pagers in class use inappropriate language are verbally abusive display defiance or disrespect to others or behave aggressively toward others could be asked to leave the class and subjected to disciplinary action under the Code of Student Rights ResponSIbiities and Disapinay Procedures Evaluation Your grade in this course is based on your exam grades and your assignment grade There will be four unit exams and your lowest unit exam score will be dropped There will also be a comprehensive final exam The final exam will count the same as the unit exams but final exam scores will not be dropped You will also write four PsychLog assignments each worth 25 of your assignment grade Finally there will also be occasional pop quizzes which can only add to your grade not take away from it 1 Exams Exams consist primarily of multiplechoice questions that are computerscored so please make sure to bring 2 pencils to exams They may also include some shortanswer questions Study guides and practice questions for each exam are available on the class website The final exam will be longer than the unit exams but of the same format and you will have more time to complete it No makeup exams will be given unless you notify me IN ADVANCE of a universityapproved reason eg funeral attendance athletic meet and you provide documentation of this reason If you miss an exam due to an emergency eg sudden hospitalization you must notify me within 24 hours of the exam to be eligible for a makeup exam Please note that makeup exams may differ in format from regular exams If you miss an exam for a nonapproved reason andor fail to notify me in advance you will receive a zero for that exam Exams will not be reviewed during class but you are encouraged to come to my office to review your exam either with or without my assistance answer keys are outside my office door If you feel an answer you gave should have been counted as correct and was not you will have the opportunity to challenge that question by providing a written explanation that includes the question your answer and the reasons you believe your answer should receive credit This explanation must include appropriate citations from the text andor notes and must be turned in to me in class by the beginning of the class period following exam returns If your argument is persuasive you will receive credit for that question 2 PsychLogASSIynment Your assignment grade will come from PsychLog assignments you will write throughout the course with one log due on each review class meeting log 3 due on exam day based on the material in the unitjust covered The purpose of the PsychLog is to encourage increasing awareness of how much we come into contact with the concepts in this class on a daily basis by writing about everyday psychology encounters that occur OUTSIDE OF CLASS These encounters may be of all sorts including television shows and specials movies news stories and current events magazine articles songs books other classes personal encounters etc Each PsychLog focuses on a topic covered in the unitjust completed PsychLog entries should include 1 A brief description of the outofclass event that triggered the entry 3 points 2 A review of the relevant psychology topics 7 points 3 An integration of the event itself and the course material related to it 7 points 4 Your comments on the topic These should NOT just recap the above but should show original thinking on your part and put forth your own opinions 3 points There is no required length for these but keep in mind that you want to clearly demonstrate to me that you understand both the course material itself and how the material relates to the world around you generally this means at least 45 doublespaced typed pages Each PsychLog is worth 25 points as outlined above with the final five points per log graded for writing Sample PsychLogs are available on the course website as are further guidelines for writing your PsychLogs and information about the scoring system I strongly suggest you review these online guidelines before writing your first PsychLog One PsychLog is due in class on the following days Feb 3 Feb 24 Mar 31 and Apr 215 Please remember that the log turned in on each of those days MUST be on a topic that was just covered in the unit just completed PsychLogs will be accepted without penalty if they are turned in by 5 pm on the day due if you do not hand them to me directly please bring them to the main office of the psychology department and request they be datestamped and placed in my mailbox so that there is no confusion about when they were turned in If your PsychLog is not turned in on time five points will be subtracted for each day each weekday not each class day it is late All PsychLogs must be typed and stapled handwritten logs and logs that are paperclipped dogeared or loose will not be accepted You may get feedback on draft PsychLogs which can then be used to improve the log and your grade by turning them in at least one week priorto the due date this gives me time to provide feedback and gives you time to make any revisions You may also do multiple revisions by handing in your drafts earlier than one week in advance I ll read things as many times as we have time for to help you do as well as you want 3 Pop Quizzes Occasionally I will hold pop quizzes in class These will take various forms including multiple choice short essay and others Pop quiz points will be added to your final exam score so the more pop quiz questions you answer correctly the more extra points you get on your final exam Thus pop quizzes can only help your grade not hurt it There will be absolutely no makeups for any pop quizzes for any reason Calculating yourgraa e Your grade is determined by the average of your three highest unit exam scores your final exam score add pop quiz points here and your assignment score according to the chart below If your grade falls on the cusp of the next grade up eg a 93 NOT a 91 or 92 I may at my discretion bump you up base this decision on whether you regularly attend and participate in class have gotten all available extra credit and if you are having trouble you have asked for help and made specific efforts to improve your grade Grade highest unit exam secondhighest unit exam thirdhighest unit exam final exam PL1 PL2 PL3 PL4 5 EC points 93100 A 8083 B 6769 D 9092 A 7779 C 6466 D 8789 B 7476 C 6063 D 8486 B 7073 C lt60 E 4 Research Credit Most of the material covered in this course is a result of psychological research Understanding how this research takes place can make the material much more interesting since you will have a better idea of what the study descriptions really mean In addition to learning more about how research is conducted participating in research studies also lets you contribute to the field of psychology as a subject in new studies You may earn research credit by doing studies journal reports colloquium reports or any combination of the three for a maximum of five points Reports are worth one point each studies vary by length and you will receive onehalf extra credit point for each SonaSystems point you earn or one EC point for every two Sona points All studies conducted in the psychology department have been approved by CMU s Human Subjects Review Board which protects your rights as a participant in research studies Each study also includes a debriefing in which the researcher will discuss the study with you and answer any questions you may have about your participation You will get a consent form to read and sign priorto your participating in a study and you will be able to ask questions if there is anything you are unsure about To participate in a research study you must sign up via the subject pool s SonaSystems website instructions for this will be given in class and are available online as well Please note for yourself the date time and location of studies you sign up for and make sure to appear promptly for each study If you cannot keep your appointment contact the researcher ahead of time Students who do not show up for a study for which they have registered will be penalized one point Students may earn extra credit in two other ways as well The first is to select a journal article describing a psychological experiment NOT a literature review or theoretical article and write a 23 page report on the study This report should include a description of the researcher s questions a description of the study conducted to address these questions and a summary of the findings followed by your commentary eg did you feel the study addressed the questions appropriately Are there other interpretations to the findings If you choose to write these reports you may want to speak with me first about the article you have chosen to make sure it fits the criteria Research reports must be turned in by the beginning of class on Wednesday April 215 and will NOT be accepted at all after this date for any reason but if you turn them in earlier you will have the opportunity to fix any problems that might preclude your getting credit if you didn t do the assignment correctly The other way to get extra credit is to attend an approved colloquium research talk and write a brief review of the talk that includes a summary of the presentation as well as your commentary on it I will announce any such colloquia as they are scheduled A Plea from Your Instructor If you are having any difficulties in this course PLEASE come see me as soon as possible I ve found that many difficulties can be successfully resolved by meeting individually with students eg to review notetaking study habits testtaking strategies understanding concepts but if you wait until the last minute it may be too late to help your grade Of course you re always welcome to come see me for other reasons such as advising or other questions also Course Outline and Exam Schedule Overview of Course Review of Syllabus and Expectations Chapter 1 Abnormal Behavior in Historical Context takehome pop quiz due NO CLASS Martin Luther King Jr Day Chapter 1 continued and Chapter 2 An Integrative Approach to Psychopathology Chapter 2 continued Chapter 3 Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis optional log drafts due Chapter 4 Research Methods PreExam Review PSYCHLOG 1 DUE EXAM 1 Chapter 5 Anxiety Disorders Chapter 5 continued Chapter 8 Eating Disorders nb NOT Sleep Disorders in same chapter opt log drafts due Chapter 9 Physical Disorders and Health Psychology PreExam Review PSYCHLOG 2 DUE EXAM 2 Chapter 10 Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders NO CLASS Spring Break NO CLASS Spring Break Chapter 7 Mood Disorders and Suicide Chapter 7 continued Chapter 13 Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders opt log drafts due Chapter 13 continued No Class Onyourown review for exam EXAM 3 PSYCHLOG 3 DUE Chapter 14 Developmental Disorders will include some material from chpt 12 as well Chapter 14 continued Chapter 15 Cognitive Disorders Film Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter Chapter 15 continued opt log drafts due Chapter 12 Personality Disorders optional EXTRA CREDIT REPORTS DUE PreExam Review PSYCHLOG 4 DUE Review for final exam Monday May 3quot 2350 pm COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM Please note Review dates will also be used to catch up andor to make up for cancelledinterrupted classes


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