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General Chemistry I

by: Maud Bins

General Chemistry I CH 221

Maud Bins
Central Oregon Community College
GPA 3.52

Zelda Ziegler

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About this Document

Zelda Ziegler
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Maud Bins on Monday October 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CH 221 at Central Oregon Community College taught by Zelda Ziegler in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/218971/ch-221-central-oregon-community-college in Chemistry at Central Oregon Community College.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
Ch 2217Z1egler Chapter 5 10th Edition Class period 1 77 Reading pp 16671700170t7170m 170m7171 172m 7178 1 Relate the following relative enthalpies of reactants and products sign ofAH heat ow between system and surroundings Problem 533 Note There is much in the chapter which we not emphasize particularly PiV work This is why I want you to skim the parts indicated above They give useful background material but you will not be examined on them Class period 2 77 Reading pp 180 7185 2 Use a thermochemical equation to relate AH to mass of reactant or product andor to AH of the reverse reaction Problems 537 538 3 Relate heat ow to speci c heat mass and temperature change Problems 548 549 551 4 Calculate q for a reaction from calorimeter data Problems 553 554 Class period 3 W Reading pp 1877195 328b to 331 5 Use Hess law to calculate AH Problems 560 562 6 Relate AH to enthalpies of formation Problems 561 568 572 a 7 De ne the term bond energy and relate bond energy to bond strength Problems 865 a and b Skim the pages marked with highlighter for meaning but don t worry about being tested on these topics Ch 2217Z1egler Chapter 5 10th Edition Answers to problems 538 a heatis absorbed b 128 kJ c 0822 gHg d AH 7907 kJ for the reverse reaction and when 270 g CO reacts by this reverse reaction the change in heat is 7875 kJ heat is released 548 a A transferred more heat to the water than B did so its capacity to hold heat is greater and its heat capacity is greater b Unless you know how much A and B weighed you can t express its speci c heat capacity which is usually given in units ofJg C orJgK 554 a 25 kJrnol NH4N03 bendothern1ic 560 a 90 kj b See energy diang below 0 60 w 30 kJ 562 78677 k 568 a 12 H2 12 Brz 9 HBr AHf HBr 7362 k rnol AHan73623 k g g g g J J Ag s 12 N2 g 32 02g 9 AgN03 s AH f AgN03 71244 kJrnol Aern 71244 k E c 2Hg l C12 g 9 ngclz s AH f Hg2Clg 72649 kJrnol Aern 72649 k amp 2 c s 1th 3H2 g 12 02 99 C2H50H 1 Am C2H50H 1 2777 kJmol Aern 2777 k


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