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by: George Hilll

IntrotoEnvironmentalScience BIO31

Marketplace > City College of San Francisco > Biology > BIO31 > IntrotoEnvironmentalScience
George Hilll

GPA 3.64


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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by George Hilll on Monday October 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BIO31 at City College of San Francisco taught by Lopipero-Langmo in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see /class/219518/bio31-city-college-of-san-francisco in Biology at City College of San Francisco.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Biology 31 Study Guide Environmental economics and policy Required Readings Viewings and Listenings Withgott and Brennan quotEssential Environmentquot Chapter 2 Brown Plan B 20 Chapter 12 Webcast Hunter Lovins From Sustainable Business to Sustainable Capitalism at httpwehca therkelev edu ex ent detail nhn erie idcl665781b6fl43ca8963 28b37d696d8fampplampipp15ampcategom start at 7 minutes into the talk and listen to about 30 minutes National Public Radio Mark Shapiro Exposing a Toxic Policy at httpwwwnpr i stOr phpst01 Id16616951 Key Terms economics gross domestic product GDP customary law econom genuine progress indicator G PI United Nations subsistence economy human development index HDI World Bank capitalist market economy discounting European Union centrally planned economy cradle to grave World Trade Organization classical economics neoclassical economics ecological economics environmental economics ecosystem or natural services Millennium Ecosystem Assessment nonmarket values costbene t analysis Nongovernmental Organization ommand and control subsidysubsidy shifting green taxenvironmental tax reform tax credit tax bre marketable emissions permit cap and trade ecolabeling greenwashing cradle to cradle policy public policy environmental public policy National Environmental Policy Act Environmental Protection Agency environmental impact statement conventional law Study Objectives Define economics and economy What types of economies exist today Which is the most common Name two ways in which the environment and the economy are linked Be able to name several types of ecosystem or natural services and give examples of each Know the conclusions of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment regarding the state of the Earth39s ecosystems Be able to describe the principles of classical and neoclassical economics environmental economics and ecological economics What are four assumptions of classical and neoclassical economics that are often criticized and what are their implications for the environment Describe costbenefit analysis and its limitations Give examples of external costs associated with our current economic system How is the economic growth of a nation usually quantified What are some criticisms of this approach Give an example of where an increase in the GDP might not indicate an increase in human welfare Describe ways in which some economists have tried to assign market values to ecosystem services Describe what is meant by cradle to cradle Cradle to grave Know the conclusions of the Stem Review on Climate Change especially regarding the cost estimates for taking strong actions to thwart climate change versus continuing business as usual What are the findings of other recent economic analyses Define policy public policy and environmental policy Know the steps in the environmental policy process Describe the three waves of environmental policymaking in the United States What is considered the fourth wave What did the National Environmental Policy Act accomplish Brie y describe the origin and functions of the Environmental Protection Agency Name several international organizations that in uence international environmental policy How are their roles often viewed Identify the steps in the legislative process What is meant by a command and control policy Differentiate between a green tax AKA environmental tax reform or polluter pays principle a subsidy a tax break a marketable emission permit cap and trade and ecolabeling Give examples of each What is greenwashing Which type of policy instrument is most commonly used in the United States Give examples of federal subsidies that promote environmentally unsustainable activities


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