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American Government

by: Mrs. Alicia Johnston

American Government POLS 1101

Mrs. Alicia Johnston
Clayton State
GPA 3.99

Emory Wilkerson

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About this Document

Emory Wilkerson
Study Guide
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This 16 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mrs. Alicia Johnston on Monday October 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to POLS 1101 at Clayton State University taught by Emory Wilkerson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/219553/pols-1101-clayton-state-university in Political Science at Clayton State University.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
POLS 1101 American Government COURSE SYLLABUS FALL SEMESTER 2008 POLS 1101 CRN 87386 30 SEMESTER CREDIT HOURS CLASSROOM COURSE Tues amp Thurs 500 pm 615 pm ARTS amp SCIENCES G101 INSTRUCTOR Emory Wilkerson 4043352022 my daytime office if I am not available leave a message EMail Address EmomWilkersonclaytonedu Web Address httpa sclaytoneduewilkerson Office Hours Tues amp Thurs 615 715 pm or by appointment I will meet with you by appointment in Room G116 in the Arts and Sciences Building concerning any class matter A time can be scheduled with me by telephone or using email at the address noted above If after meeting with me you believe that a course related matter requires further discussion contact Dr R B Rosenburg Interim Head Department of Social Sciences 678 4664808 COURSE DESCRIPTION American National Government is an introductory level survey ofthe American political system in an international context emphasizing a crosscultural approach to the study ofthe structure and processes of policy decisionmaking This course incorporates a comparison of the American political system and other types of political systems This course also includes the study ofworld geography emphasizing knowledge of the global con guration of nationstates This course satisfies the Georgia legislative requirement for the study ofthe United States and Georgia Constitutions Reguired Course Materials Available in the University Store Democracv Under Pressure CSU Custom Tenth Edition with 2006 Elections Update Cummings and Wise New York ThomsonWadsworth 2008 This single textbook volume Includes all required materials in one binding Democracv Under Pressure CSU Custom Tenth Edition with 2006 Elections Update Thomson Wadsworth 2008 Study Guide to Accompany Democracy Under Pressure Tenth Edition ThomsonWadsworth 200839 quotGeorgia39s Constitution and Governmentquot a monograph by A Fleischmann and C Pierannunzi 2006 Acquired Separately Rand McNally Quick Reference World Atlas most recent edition For your information Library or CSU Office of Student Services Political Science Program Outcomes Program outcomes will be assessed in all examinations and scored assignments 1 Understand the structure and perspective of Political Science 1 Understand the research process of Political Science Understand the institutions of government and politics at the local state national and international levels Understand alternative political systems Demonstrate effective written communications skills Demonstrate the ability to analyze data and textural materials and think critically P N 9707 Course Expectations Attend all class lectures and discussions Complete all assigned course work Take all three geography tests and the three major examinations when scheduled Earn a total number of points equal to a passing course grade It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the internet assignment is emailed to me at Emongilkersonclaytonedu by the deadline Any assignment turned in late with the approval of the instructor will be subject to point reduction AAAAA NOTE This syllabus is subject to revision when necessary to achieve course goals lfyou have any questions regarding assignments class sessions examinations or grading please speak with me or Dr R B Rosenburg lnterim Head Department ofSocial Sciences 678 4664808 FORMAT Class will meet each regularly scheduled calendar day unless announced othenivise All dates of assignments tests and exams are listed later in this syllabus Due dates may be adjusted depending on rate of coverage of material in class Scheduled regular class sessions generally will follow a lecturediscussion format You are expected to have read each assignment by the date set for its consideration in class COMPUTER REQUIREMENT Communications outside of the classroom between you and I Will primarily occur through CS U email I Will only respond to CS U email messages from students Go to httpthehubca onedu and click quotServicequot for information on con guring your laptop computer to comply With CS U ITrequirements You MUS T have your laptop computer con gured to access CS U email You will need to take your laptop computer to The HUB located on the ground level of the University Center You should have your computer con gured and set up for CS U email BEFORE classes begin or as soon as possible there after The HUB is located in the University Center or contact the HUB at 678466435 7 For further information on C5 U s Of cial Notebook Computer Policy please go to httpitpchoiceca oneduQoicyhtm lnclass Use of Student Notebook Computers You are not required to bring a computer to class Your computers will be used for regular remote site access to course related email course websites and completion of assigned coursework Attendance Attendance will be taken each class session All students are expected to attend class each day we meet Excess absence from class can have an adverse impact on your final grade lfyou are unable to attend a scheduled class obtain information on what has been missed from a fellow student and then contact me ifyou have any further questions Weather Tune to WSB AM Radio 750 for school closing information You may also access the Clayton State home page wwwclaytonedu or call the main University telephone number 6784664000 Classroom Conduct Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that evidences respect 2 for students the instructor and the learning environment Students must abide by policies in the CSU Catalog amp Student Handbook Click on this link to read the Clayton State University policy regarding Basic Undergraduate Student Responsibilities Statement The instructor and students will treat each other with the proper respect at all times Children are NOT permitted in any CSU classroom under any circumstances nor may they be left unattended anywhere on the campus No guests are permitted in the classroom during the class period Please turn your cell phone to quotvibratequot or turn it off during class If you come to class late please take the rst available seat nearest the door If you must leave class early please inform the instructor before class begins There will be no talking among students during an examination Cheating will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in keeping with the CSU Conduct Code No constant reading of the textbook or other materials is allowed during the lecture as it interferes with the learning environment of the class No constant viewing of your notebook computer unless it is being used as a learning aid during the lecture CSU Conduct Code and Judicial Procedure EVALUATIONGRADING Your course grade will be determined by your performance on two 2 major examinations three 3 geography tests one 1 internet assignment and one 1 noncumulative final examination NO scores earned on an examination geography test or the internet assignment will be dropped There will be no extra credit assignments in this course There will be opportunities to earn extra points on the three examinations by answering bonus questions Course grades will be determined on the basis ofa straight 500 point scale with a distribution of possible points earned as listed below for each grade level To determine your grade at any point in the course simply subtract all points you have lost from 500 For example ifyou have lost more than 50 points you will be in the B grade range and ifyou have lost more than 100 points you will be in the C grade range and so on At the end ofthe semester in calculating nal point totals ifthe total points you earned are within 3 points ofthe next higher grade lwill assign you the higher nal grade for the course Students may examine a test or examination or graded Scantron answer sheet in class only Never take a test examination or Scantron answer sheet outside the classroom lwill not give the student credit for the test or examination or record the student s score if this occurs Any eraser problems on the Scantron answer sheets are the student s responsibility to correct When using the Scantron answer sheets always use a 2 lead pencil otherwise your answers will not be read and a grade of 0 will be entered for that examination or test lnclass examinations 2 75 minute exams 100 questions 200 40 each 100 points lnclass geography examinations 3 tests 35 30 35 points 100 20 each Outof class Internet assignment on Congressional amp State 50 10 representation 50 points Final examination at 150 points 150 30 TOTAL 500 100 A missed geography test may not be made up The final examination is noncumulative GRADING SCALE A 500 450 B 449 400 C 399 350 D 349 300 F 299 amp below F 39 39 quot 39 Tests Internet quot 39 and Final F Your course grade will be determined by your performance on two 2 major exams three 3 geography tests one 1 internet assignment and a noncumulative final examination NOTE Speci c dates of all assignments tests and exams are provided at the end of this syllabus but ma vbe adiusted depending on the progress made in covering the assigned material in class Maior Examinations 350 possible course points There will be three examinations The two major examinations will be comprised of 100 true or false and multiplechoice style questions covering assigned materials from the textbook The nal examination will be comprised of 150 multiplechoice and true or false style questions covering materials assigned since the second examination and the Georgia Constitution amp government monograph Each examination question is worth one possible point You will have the class period for examinations one and two and two hours for the nal examination The nal examination is NOT cumulative Final Examination Dates and Times CSU policy regarding MORE than two nal exams scheduled for the same day allows a student to request an alternate exam schedule BUT the University will NOT allow a change for most other reasons see the CSU Catalog or the instructor ifyou have questions Note There are no extra credit assignments in the course Geography Tests 100 possible course points You also will be given three geography tests worth 35 30 4 and 35 points respectively or a possible total of 100 points altogether Use the required Rand McNally Quick Reference World Atlas It is available in the CSU University Store to study for these tests The three tests will be spaced out over the weeks of the course Click on this link to access printable qeoqraphv test studv maps Link to this website to test vour qeoqraDhV39 as vou studv for each qeoqraphv test In summary the examinations are worth a maximum of 350 points They consist ofthree textbook examinations The thirdfinal examination will include the Georgia Constitution and monograph totaling 50 points The Geography Tests are worth a maximum of 100 points The internet assignment is worth a maximum of 50 points A missed geography test may not be made up Internet quot 39 on f 39 39 and State quot 39 50 possible course points You will conduct Internet research to identify your US Representative two US Senators State Senator and State Representative providing information required in the assignment You will then email two of your three members ofCongress regarding a current issue being considered by the Congress which interests you The assignment will be further discussed in class Missed Examinations lfyou miss a major examination you are encouraged to email the instructor and discuss the matter If you miss the first examination ask the instructor for a random ID number when you take the second examination Midterm Grades A course midterm grade will be posted on the DUCK by the nal date of the midterm grade submission noted in the CSU academic calendar The midterm grade will only reflect work completed and graded prior to the last day for midterm grade submission More than halfofthe scored work in this course is completed after the midterm date lfyou have questions please feel free to discuss them with me Withdrawals and Incompletes The college policy regarding course withdrawals and incompletes is discussed in full in the CSU catalog Do not hesitate to speak with me or your advisor ifyou need information relating to course withdrawalsdeadlines or incompletes The last day to withdraw for the full session from this course without adverse academic accountability is October 10 2008 Carefully review the Academic Calendar to determine the deadline date to withdraw from a course without adverse academic accountability A student who completes the withdrawal process after midterm will automatically be assigned a grade ofWF unless a hardship exception is granted See your Schedule of Classes for further instructions Disabilities Individuals with disabilities who need to request accommodations should contact the Disability Services Coordinator Student Center 255 6784665445 disabilitysenicesmailclaytonedu Plagiarism The Clayton State University Student Handbook 19982000quot Academic F states No student will represent the work ofothers as his or her own Themes essays term papers tests presentations and other similar assignments must be the work ofthe student submitting them When direct quotations are used they must be indicated and when the ideas of another are incorporated they must be appropriately acknowledged Plagiarism is a form ofacademic misconduct and carries serious academic penalties as outlined in the Student Code ofConduct Ifyou are in doubt about documenting DOCUMENT GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION The chapters from the textbook assigned and reviewed in class cover many ofthe major subject areas ofGovernment how the system is organized into federal state and local governments and how it functions Due to limited time some subjects such as metro politics the politics ofeducation poverty welfare and health will not be discussed I regret that time constraints do not permit a focused indepth examination of these subjects and I encourage you to read the assigned chapters of the textbook nd reading materials in the college library and supplement in any way possible the materials provided in the course Please note that several textbook chapters are not assigned for study as time does not permit assignment of all chapters in the textbook therefore they will not be on any examinations Ifyou have any questions regarding any topic included in these unassigned chapters please see me here time does not permit the review of assigned textbook materials students will still be held responsible to study that assigned material and should expect that it will be covered on the examinations Also any information covered in the lecture by the instructor may be included on the examinations Students should be prepared at the beginning of each class to discuss current events related to the course Keep informed by reading major daily newspapers weekly magazines such as Newsweek US News and World Report or The Week on a regular basis Watch a daily national news program on ABC CBS NBC PBS FOX or CSPAN Listen to National Public Radio FM 881 or WABE FM 901 EXPLANATION OF TESTS AND EXAMINATIONS THE FIRST MAJOR EXAMINATION AND GEOGRAPHY TEST The 1st Major Exam covers Chapters 1 5 in the textbook The examination consists of 150 one point multiple choice and truefalse questions Study the textbook study guide and your notes You will have the class period to complete the examination Geography Test 1 will cover North South Central America and two ofthe larger island nations ofthe Caribbean Sea Cuba at the Dominican Republic only Study maps show the lower 48 states ofthe United States and the countries ofthe Western Hemisphere No other states no other nations states provinces national capitals or geological formations are on the test There are a total of70 items each worth 12 point with the test worth a maximum of 35 points You will have the class period to complete the test THE SECOND MAJOR EXAMINATION AND GEOGRAPHY TEST The 2nd Major Examination covers Chapters 6 11 in the textbook The examination consists of 100 onepoint multiplechoice and truefalse questions Study the textbook study guide and your notes You will have the class period to complete the examination The 2nd Geography Test will cover Europe the Middle East and Central Asia There will be 60 nations on the test Be able to locate the small but significant nations ofthe Persian Gulf region No national capitals states provinces or geological formations are on the test There are a total of 60 items 5 each worth 12 point with the test worth a maximum of 30 points You will have the class period to complete the test THE THIRD GEOGRAPHY TEST AND THIRDFINAL EXAMINATION The ThirdFinal Examination covers Chapters 12 15 in the textbook and the Georgia Constitution and Government The textbook exam consists of 150 onepoint multiple choice and truefalse questions including 50 onepoint multiplechoice and truefalse questions from the Georgia Constitution and Government monograph Study the Georgia Constitution and Government outline and monograph by A Fleischmann and C Pierannunzi in the back ofyour textbook You will have two hours to complete this examination Study the textbook study guide and your notes for the textbook part of the examination as well as the Georgia Constitution and Government outline at the end ofthis syllabus The 3rd Geography Test will cover Africa Southeast Asia and Australia There will be 70 nations on the test Be able to locate Singapore and Brunei both ofwhich are relatively small and yet quite significant to the region s economy No national capitals states provinces or geological formations are on the test There are a total of70 items each worth 12 point with the test worth a maximum of 35 points You will have the class period to complete the test lfa student wants the numerical grade for the nal examinations send an email to me at EmomWilkersonclaytonedu Always bring a 2 pencil for each test and examination Be on time for all tests and examinations lfyou are late you will have only the time remaining in the test or examination period to complete the test or examination MAKEUP TESTS or EXAMINATIONS Scheduling for makeup examinations is very difficult Makeup tests will be given only when verification of illness or some other serious emergency is submitted to the instructor lfa makeup is to be allowed specific dates for the makeup examination will be set by the instructor Only one makeup date for a major examination will be assigned to you The instructor makes the final decision as to whether or not a makeup will be allowed AMERICAN GOVERNMENT CLASS SCHEDULE FALL SEMESTER 2008 TUESDAY and THURSDAY 500 pm 615pm Class Begins Review Course Syllabus Review Assignments Begin Chapter 1 Government and the People Chapter 2 The Constitutional Framework R Sept 4 Geography Test 1 Chapter 3 The Federal System Note Chapter 8 is not required Review Internet Assignment est Chapter 10 Political Campaigns and Candidates Fundamental information provided on the Georgia Constitution amp government locatedin the course monograph in the back ofthe In the event a student has a conflict regarding the Final Exam date that cannot be resolved the student may submit a written request for a change of date of the Final Exam A form may be available from the school or department office The student must receive approval signatures from the instructor the appropriate department headassociate dean and the Dean ofthe School offering the course Since the Final Exam schedule is published well in advance a change oftime or date will be approved only for serious reasons and not for mere convenience Geor ia Constitution amp Government Stud uestions 1 State and local governments today employ more people than the national government True False 2 The United States can best be described as aan system 8 a unitary b federalist c confederation 3 Article ofthe United States Constitution lists the powers of Congress a One b Two c Three d Four 4 Article of the United States Constitution is the federal supremacy clause a One bThree c Five d Six 5 The constitutions laws and policies of the 50 states cannot contradict the United States Constitution True False 6 The amendment to the United States Constitution often is called the states rights amendment a 1st b 5th c 10th d 12th 7 The longest ofthe state constitutions in total words is the Constitution a Alabama b California c Georgia d Mississippi 8 Georgia has had constitutions a one b four c ten d thirteen 9 The United States Constitution has a Bill of Rights but the Georgia Constitution does not True False 10 Both the United States Congress and the Georgia General Assembly are bicameral True False 11 Both the United States Constitution and Georgia Constitution permit judicial review True False 12 The United States Constitution has more articles than the Georgia Constitution True False 13 Georgia voters must approve all amendments to the state constitution True False 14 The Georgia Constitution requires the state to have a balanced budget True False 15 The Governor ofGeorgia does not possess the power of the lineitem veto True False 16 Georgia elects almost all its judges on a nonpartisan ballot 9 True False 17 All legislators in Georgia both House and Senate serve twoyear terms True False 18 Georgia has a cabinet system like the executive branch of the federal government True False 19 The Georgia Constitution limits the number of counties at a 89 b 100 c 123 d 159 e no set number 20 Georgia s first constitution became effective in a 1723 b 1777 c 1789 d 1801 21 The first Georgia constitution disestablished the Anglican Church True False 22 The first Georgia constitution established a state supreme court True False 23 Georgia was the first state to ratify the United States Constitution True False 24 In the second Georgia constitution slaves were counted for representation purposes as of a person a not counted at all b 12 c 35 d one whole 25 Georgia s constitutions made no provision for public education until the 20th century True False 26 At one point the Georgia legislature elected the governor True False 27 The main author ofthe Confederate Constitution was also the author ofthe Georgia constitution under the confederacy True False 28 After the Civil War northern troops remained in Georgia until a1865 b 1868 c 1876 d 1899 29 The countyunit system in Georgia tended to give disproportionate strength to urban areas such as Atlanta True False 10 30 In 1963 the United States Supreme Court declared the Georgia countyunit system unconstitutional True False 31 The current Georgia constitution was implemented in a 1945 b 1961 c 1983 d 1994 32 The Georgia Constitution can be amended in a twostep process The rst step is the proposal of an amendment by 23 s of both houses of the General Assembly True False 33 The second step is ratification approval by 23 s of the electorate voting on the proposed amendment True False 34 The Governor of Georgia can veto a constitutional amendment True False 35 In Georgia voters can get an issue on the ballot through the initiative process True False 36 The majority of proposed constitutional amendments considered by state legislatures are approved for a vote by the people of that state True False 37 The presiding officer ofthe Georgia House of Representatives is called the a Chairperson b Speaker c Majority Leader 38 The Leader ofthe Georgia Senate is a chosen by the Senators in a vote b the Leader ofthe majority party c the Lt Governor ofthe state d appointed by the Governor 39 The Georgia General Assembly meets every other year True False 40 The Georgia General Assembly is limited to a day session a 20 b 30 c 40 d 50 41 There are no age or residency requirements for election to the Georgia General Assembly other than being a registered voter True False 42 The Governor may call the Georgia General Assembly into special session True False 11 43 lfthe Georgia legislature wished to recognize the outstanding accomplishments ofan individual or an organization the General Assembly would pass a describing their achievements a resolution b statute c law d general motion 44 Only members ofthe General Assembly may introduce legislation True False 45 The Georgia Constitution requires that legislation dealing with public revenues be rst introduced in the Senate and then later in the House True False 46 Bills in the Georgia General Assembly are constitutionally restricted to one purpose True False 47 The legislature may approve tax legislation by a simple majority vote of both houses ofthe legislature True False 48 A 23 s vote of both houses of the General Assembly is required to override the Governor s veto of legislation True False 49 The Georgia Constitution requires the Governor to prepare the state s budget and submit it to the legislature True False 50 Georgia voters elect more of cials who serve in the Georgia executive branch than is the case in the executive branch at the federal level True False 51 The Governor ofGeorgia can only serve two consecutive terms True False 52 Other statewide elected officials eg Agriculture Commissioner Insurance Commissioner are limited to two consecutive terms True False 53 As with the federal government Georgia s fiscal year begins on October 15t each year True False 54 lfa bill is passed by the General Assembly and the Governor takes no action ie neither signs nor vetoes it the bill automatically dies 12 True False 55 The Georgia Governor may exercise power over collegelevel education in the state by serving on the Board of Regents True False 56 In Georgia the regulates telephone services and utilities such as natural gas and electricity a GeneralAssembly b Public Service Commission c Department ofTransportation d Attorney General 57 There are no constitutional qualifications to be a judge in Georgia True False 58 Members ofthe Georgia Supreme Court like the United States Supreme Court serve life terms True False 59 Traffic violation cases eg a speeding ticket are tried in Superior ourt True False 60 The Georgia Supreme Court is required by the state constitution to grant the request ofa Georgia resident for an appeal of their conviction in a Superior Court felony case True False 13 FOQONOFNHgtP3N 0 1 1TIO n n IwU n I I n I I n I I HOZDO IUZDUJ I Answer Key 39UJ39393939 39 39 39gt I39IOI39IOUJ II39Il39ll39l IO II39I 15 58 F 59 F 60 F 16


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