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101: hello - Study Guide


101: hello - Study Guide 101

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Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Tuesday October 28, 2014. The Study Guide belongs to 101 at Ashford University taught by Smith in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see hello in Math at Ashford University.


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Date Created: 10/28/14
Comparative Politics Readings Summaries States and Societies 93 The State and Its Formation The Imperative of State Building Francis Fukuyama scope and strength are both important in a successful state scope vs strength War and The State in Africa Jeffery Herbst statebuilding in Western Europe vs in Africa war facilitates changes in economic structures and societal beliefs 95 Weak Failing and Phantom States The Mystery of Phantom States Daniel Byman and Charles King each phantom state is unique and should be treated so phantom states challenge traditional views does legitimacy matter phantom states function like recognized countries phantom states have no motivation to maintain the stability of the international system the international system can t recognize every micronationalism 910 Social Forces and Collective Action Bowling Alone America s Declining Social Capital Robert D Putnam current conditions foster involvement but people aren t involved why women are working people move around demographic transformations technology how do we fix it social capital technology changes in society effect of public policy The Paradox of Civil Society Michael W Foley and Bob Edwards Civil Society I vs Civil Society ll CSI supplements democratic government CSII counterweight to the the state energizes resistance to tyrannical regime 912 Nationalism Creator and Destroyer of States ls Nationalism Good for You Gustavo De Las Casas nationalism is good bad nationalism is rare but overcited lrredentist and Secessionist Challenges James Mayall irredentism can be used by governments as a tool of mobilization to rally public support tends to be defeated by international law efforts succeed when territorial revision is necessary regional powers can intervene and support statehood rare only case in Bangladesh peaceful succession only happens ins rates with strong democratic values Norway from Sweden and Ireland from UK The Rise of StateNations Alfred Stepan Juan L Linz and Yogendra Yadav nationstates political boundaries cultural boundaries statenations state respects the culturally diverse groups within its boundaries criteria positive identification with the state multiple but complimentary loyalties high degree of institutional trust high degree of positive support for democracy among all groups of citizens policy choices facilitated the emergence and persistence of the statenation Regimes and Regime Change 917 Democracy and Democratization The Next Democratic Century Larry Diamond democracy spread until 2000s now democracies are breaking down at an accelerating pace democratic institutions can t deal with undemocraticcorrupt informal practices democracy still has hope economic development in Asia will lead to democracy democracy still possible in the Middle East and Africa How Development Leads to Democracy Ronald lnglehart and Christian Welzel modernization social cultural and political changes make democracy more likely and war more unacceptable to the public economic development modernization leads to democracy 919 Authoritarianism The Rise of Competitive Authoritarianism Steven Levitsky and Lucan A Way weaknesses in elements of democracy lead to competitive authoritarianism efforts to crush authoritarian and totalitarian regimes have been successful but give rise to new nondemocratic regimes Will Oil Drown the Arab Spring Michael L Ross resource curse solution stop using oil 924 Stalled Democratic Revolution in the Middle East Egypt s wide state reassembles itself Nathan J Brown balkanization of Egypt authoritarian practices are deeply woven into Egypt s governing structures laws and patterns of political behavior 101 Democratic Institutions What Democracy is and is not Philippe C Schmitter and Terry Lynn Karl democracy system where rulers are accountable to the ruled democracy is not more economically efficient than other forms of government more administratively efficient than other forms of government likely to appear more orderly consensual stable or governable than that governments they replace necessarily in possession of more open economies Political Economy 103 Political Economy of Development The Making of Prosperity and Poverty Acemoglu and Robinson inclusive vs exclusive institutions inclusive good exclusive bad growth can happen under certain conditions but is not sustainable Can Africa Turn From Recovery to Development Thandika Mkandawire policies imposed on Africa are starting to show positive results organizations made some policy errors that led to deindustrialization and sustainability issues there is still hope African countries have recognized that markets are important economies are recovering and growing Government Geography and Growth Jeffery D Sachs Acemoglu and Robinson argument is too simple and flawed does not explain why certain countries have experience growth and others have not can t reliably predict which countries will expand and which will stagnate in the future inclusive political institutions have presided over extractive economic practices 108 Political Economy of Redistribution The Inequality Challenge Uri Dadush and Kemal Dervis rising incountry inequality falling global inequality high inequality in developing countries easier to tolerate when median income is increasing lower inequality in advanced countries harder to tolerate when income is stagnating solution improve education and skill formation sustain globalization and technology transformation Going Dutch Russel Shorto Shorto s experience in Holland welfare state is good 1010 Globalization Has Globalization Passed Its Peak Rawi Abdelal and Adam Segal globalization has passed its peak but it will still continue US needs to sell globalization to the world US needs open markets The Democratic Malaise Charles A Kupchan globalization causes inequality lose low end jobs no improvement in wages race to the bottom tradeexpansion hurts the US outsourcing looking for cheaper foreign markets


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