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Social Media in Organizations Exam Reviews

by: Kaitlyn Kirkhart

Social Media in Organizations Exam Reviews 3318S

Marketplace > Texas State University > Communication Studies > 3318S > Social Media in Organizations Exam Reviews
Kaitlyn Kirkhart
Texas State
GPA 3.3
Social Media in Organizations
Stephanie Dailey

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About this Document

These are my study guides for the semester. Hope they help as much as they have helped my friends and I!
Social Media in Organizations
Stephanie Dailey
Study Guide
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This 21 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kaitlyn Kirkhart on Monday October 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 3318S at Texas State University taught by Stephanie Dailey in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Social Media in Organizations in Communication Studies at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 10/05/15
Social Media in Organizations Test 1 09222015 This list of learning objectives is NOT exhaustive rather this document lists material that you should have mastered by the time you take the exam 1 Managing Communities August 2631 In Class MiniLecture What is the history of social media 0 1997 AOL amp 6 degrees this was the rst social media network 1999 Blogger 2001 Wikipedia 2003 MySpace o 2004 Twitter amp Facebook 0 How do scholars de ne social media 0 Social Media internetbased applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 20 and that allow the creation and exchange of User Generated Content 0 Social Media forms of electronic communication as Web sites for social networking and micro blogging through which users create online communities to share information ideas personal messages and other content as videos 0 Social Media 1 Existing online 2 Featuring content creation 3 Displaying content to others a Ex Snapchat Vine Facebook Google Docs Sound Cloud lnstagram What different affordances do social media offer as opposed to traditional organizational media 000 o lisibility 1 If you wanted to see what someone is like you stalk them 0 Issociation 1 Links between people on social media a Ex Following certain people 0 Iersistence 1 Once content is on social media it s there forever 0 Iditability 1 You can craft and recraft n Ex Hashtag and lters 0 Traditional organizational media vs social media affordances Social media is high on VAPE Other organizational CMC is all over the charts Harnessing the Power of the OhSoSocial Web 0 Understand each of the groundswell objectives Research and Development Applications Listening Marketing Applications Talking etc 0 Research and development applications listening Listening to customers for feedback 0 Marking applications talking Ex College kids living inside a Chevy for 5 days and getting tons of impressions and followers 0 Sales applications energizing Ex Finding the best scrap bookers or Brand ambassadors 0 Customer support applications supporting Ex Training a crossdepartmental blog resolution to serve customers and technical support 0 Operations applications managing Ex Making employee s feel special this helped Best Buy improve their problems 0 What key managerial recommendations do the authors give to make social applications work 0 Accept the loss of control Expect pushback from managers Line up executive backing Start small and focus on measureable objectives Expand beyond projects Stay focused on culture not technology OOOOO Four Smart Ways to Run Online Communities 0 Differentiate how the four organizations created online communities to support their business strategies 1 Kaiser Permanete community extends customer relationships Discussion groups advice nurses book dr appointments lmprove members perceptions of the HMO by drawing them into their virtual community Improve customer satisfaction improve patient outcomes the HMO s human side 2 Aboutcom community supports a virtual work force Manage and motivate virtual work force of independent contracts Forum allows independent agents to interact both with one another and aboutcom staff members Helps bind them to the organization and to one another 3 Sun Microsvstems community as an engine for leadership email discussion lists and website Sun web effective medium for exchange info when speed and easy access are critical 4 Ford Motor Co community aids information management Enterprise knowledge base a network of network promoting info sharing among employees 0 What are the three keys to creating and sustaining online communities 1 Member development 2 Asset management 3 Community relations quotMekanism Engineering Viral Marketingquot 0 What decision was Mekanism facing in the case What did they do before and what are they considering doing in the future 0 Whether to expand their company to a full service agency or to stay a viral marketing agency 0 What were Mekanism s three main approaches to quotengineering viralityquot 1 A unique storytelling focus 2 Management of digital platforms 3 Building a network of highpro le digital in uencers to help spread a campaign 0 What were the ve steps of Mekanism s digital in uencer strategy 1 Identify relevance and reach 2 Engage contact them 3 Value exchange make them feel special with perks 4 Distribute message 5 Optimize measure 0 How did Mekanism measure success 0 Focused on the goal stated in its mission to quotinspire measurable brand loyaltyquot that would last beyond a campaigns end 0 Reach engagement buzz and mentions word of mouth brand sentiment content of buzzpositive or negative 2 Crisis Communication September 29 In Class MiniLecture What are the types of crises What are examples of each 0 Internal Employee issues a Ex Employee s quitting andor dying Productservice problems a Ex Blue Bell Reputation damage a Ex Hobby Lobby not wanting to support birth control Emergencies n ExOil spills 0 External someone else s problems Natural disasters Terrorism n Ex Cyberism Health concerns a Ex Swine u Financial crises n Ex Stock market 0 Why should people use social media during crises O Sensemakind making sense We would rather have news than no news Deescalation Speed Rationality Ex From friends or trustworthy source therefore we need more support Popularity We use it sometimes more than TV a Ex During a crisis no TV but we still have our cell phones 0 How should leaders respond to crises on social media 0 O In a cycle format Be ready plan 0 Act quickly If not fear might be there some news is better than none 0 Communicate details No such thing as too little detail 0 Use proper tone Have your employees use the same tone 0 Be transparent 0 Encourage dialogue Responding to people asking people to respond too 0 Continue communication post crisis Managing Social Media Crises Understand the difference between good bad and ugly complaining 0 Good The SM complain that represents opportunities for rms Bad The SM complain that represents risks for rms 0 UJLy The SM complaining that represents the highest threats to rms 0 What are the six types of social media complaints Which are good bad and ugly 0 Good the SM complain that represents opportunities for rms Directness voicing directly to rms through social media n Ex Twitter Facebook Boasting prove publicity about recovery I Ex Customer s twitter Facebook blog 0 Bad the SM complaining that represents risks for rms Badmouthed negative WOM without contacting rms n Ex Instagram Pinterest Flicker review sits Tattling online 3rd party complaining n Ex 3rel party website blog or news letter 0 Ugly the SM complaining that resents the highest threats to rms Spite negative publicity about recovery I Ex User content generated 0 YouTube Feeding the vultures competitors amplify the situation a Ex Competitor s Twitter Facebook What recommendations do the authors give for dealing with the six types of social media complaints 0 Good Directness rms should quickly acknowledge online any problems encountered by the customer First should focus on xing the problem and making things right such that a double deviation and its nasty consequences can be avoided Boasting rms share customerdriven complimentary articles and posts via SM and thank contributors for their acknowledgments 0 Bad Badmouthed by identifying unhappy individuals relatively quickly the rm can communicate its proactive competency and sense of caring thereby nip potential crisis in the bud Tattling 1 Firms will eventually have to deal with these customers regardless 2 If these customers were purely opportunistic individuals the 3rd party organization most likely would have refused to represent them in the rst place in other words these customers probably have a case 3 3rd party organizations are not necessarily 39anti corporation because many of them also provide a platform for rms to write a rebuttal and present their side of the story 4 Involved rms could also bene t from the relative neutrality of creditable 3rd party organization and may even consider seeking their own 3rd party help or legal counsel 0 Ugly Spite best strategy is prevention D As always the rst needs to quickly identity the threat through its monitoring systems and to publicly acknowledge the situation a Even if a rm takes all the proper actions to deal with a viral complaint the viral nature of a post is almost impossible to stop by a single constituent Feeding the vultures n Using humor etc a There s always a way on SM to have the last word quotCrisis Management and Leadershipquot 0 What example does this article portray o The wrong ring of University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan and her reinstatement based on outrage on Twitter 0 Be able to de ne and identify the competencies necessary during a crisis sensemaking amp resilience 0 Sense makind the attempt to create order retrospectively of what has occurred 0 Resilience the capacity to recover quickly from dif culties toughness How did transparency play a role in this example 0 The lack of transparency in the ring People were upset at the lack of information and reasoning for ring Sullivan The board provided no reasoning and some were even unaware that she was being red quotWhen the Twitterverse Turns on Youquot 0 How did Canadian Jet use social media in this case study Why did they launch their campaign 0 Canadian Jet used Twitter to create a contest offering 2 round trip tickets to any of their destinations in order to build good customer relations after a recent indigence where many planes were grounded due to engine issues causing huge inconvenience to many people 0 What problem did Canadian Jet face 0 People who were peeved at the company used this opportunity and the for the contest to air their complaints creating more bad press for the company 0 Identify pros and cons to ending the campaign 0 Pros Ending the campaign is that it would be the of people would stop posting in theory 0 Cons Ending the campaign would look like they don t keep their word and could create more bad press in fact people could keep using the to complain about the end of the campaign 3 Measuring lmpact September 1416 In Class Guest Speaker 0 What was the guest speaker s job 0 Communications for the university 0 Where In what department Who is on his or her team 0 Social media coordinator for Texas State 0 Office of university marketing 0 Just him and one other person are on the team 0 Describe a day in the life of our guest speaker 0 Meetings emails and looking at hashtags o How does the speaker handle organizational crises 0 Gets everyone on the same page to represent the whole university 0 How does the speaker measure success in his or herjob o More engagement more success quotCan You Measure the ROI of Your Social Media Marketingquot 0 What is the main point of the article 0 Managers should begin by considering costumers motivations to use social media and then measure the social media investments customers make as they engage with the marker39s brands What four key motivations drive consumer use of social media 1 Connections 2 Creation 3 Consumption 4 Control 0 Identify the social media objectives that drive social media metrics 0 Brand wareness 0 Brand ngagement 0 Word of louth quotIncreasing the ROI of Social Media Marketingquot 0 Understand the sevenstep framework presented in the article how Hokey Pokey implemented the steps and the results of their efforts 39 FP P FP N Monitor the conversations Identify in uential individuals Identify the factors shared by in uential individuals Locate the potential in uencers who have relevant interests Recruit those in uencers lncentivize the in uencers to spread positive word of mouth Reap the rewards The Hokey Pokey implemented the steps by the results by a superpremium icecream retailer in India offering customized mixin avors in more than a dozen outlets It executives believed social media platforms might be good way to connect with the company s target customer base Results the main impact was the area of social media accountability Being able to calculate the value of an individual s in uence in a network and measure the monetary value of customer 0 How do in uencers on social media exhibit engagement 0 It also helps with sales social media can be used to induce positive WOM spread brand knowledge and generate sales and increase return on investment 0 How do The Customer In uence Effect The Stickiness Index Customer In uence Value differ O O The Customer In uence Effect the relative in uence of an individual on another user or set users The Stickiness Index a developed a metric system to calculate the SI Match an in uential individual to a particular category of words based on the association of the words with each other and with other words used by all users globally Customer in uence Value accounts for an individual s in uence on other customers and prospective quotMaersk Line BZB Social Media 39It39s Communication Not Marketing quot 0 What are three characteristics of effective communicators From in class discussion 0 Demonstrate verbal immediacy 1 Use plural pronouns we us 2 Conversational 3 Disclose info 4 Approachable 5 Compliments others 0 Understand audience For what audiences does Maersk use Facebook Twitter Linkedln and Googe 0 Facebook everyone 0 Twitter professionals press customer employees 0 Linkedln Customer employees 0 Googe get ideas For what purposes does Maersk use Facebook Twitter Linkedln and Googe 0 Facebook brand awareness 0 Twitter share news listenrespond o Linkedln connecting to customers 0 Googe get ideas What types of content does Maersk post on Facebook Twitter Linkedln and Googe 0 Facebook best stories 0 Twitter news stories links to stories few photosvideos o Linkedln update oca announcements 0 Googe serious business news innovation How can Maersk and other companies measure effective communication From inclass discussion 0 Followers clickthrough rates impressions engagement 4 Knowledge Management September 2123 In Class Guest Speaker 0 Who was our guest speaker O Kristi Wyatt o What is her role 0 Director of Communications and intergovernmental relations 0 What was her career history 0 O O O O 0 Director of comments City of League City 20072014 Morning News Producer Fox 29 News Houston TX nominated for an Emmy WeekendHealth Producer NBC 2 News Tulsa Ok ReporterCorrespondentProducerFox 26 News Lake Charles LA lntern NBC 4 Beaumont TX lntern Clear Channel Radio Beaumont TX 0 What tools does the City of San Marcos use 0 O O 0 Community Discussion Micro blog Video Channel Website o What event did the guest speaker share with the class 0 Memorial Day Weekend Flood 0 What did her team have to do 0 0000000000 Manage social media Write press releases Answer media calls Participate in EOC brie ngs Father information Schedule media interviews Participate in media interviews Intergovernmental relationships Schedule and manage press conferences Constantly update website Manage in ation ow 0 Who managed communications OOOOOO Communications director Communications specialist Main street coordinator web Former communications direct intergovernmental relations Contract photographer press conferences setup City clerk printed bookletmajor interview schedule When did they do it 0 O O O O EOC opened early Saturday night Staffed EOC rst two weeks 24 hours a day for the rst week Communication director and specialist worked opposite shifts Communication director 4 AM to 8 or 9 PM Communication specialist 4 PM to 5 or 6 PM Other staff was volunteer and worked as schedules permitted Medial calls and interviews 247 How did they use social media effectively 0 00000000 0 Posted early and often Asked for help Encouraged conversation Linked back to website Used social to nd and address rumors Fly on the wall Information gathering Used video Share conversations with other staff members and EOC Used social to monitor and reach out to media What lessons did they learn 0 Plan for help ahead of time Have a dedicated social monitoring person More video and photos We need a new website and we are getting one Good interns are worth their weight in GOLD You can t do it all Be sensitive to other agencies Macs are great but they don t play nice with others OOOOOOO quot39Like or 39Favorite The Evolving Role of Internal Social Network in the Workplacequot o What three reasons explain why MEME HCL s internal social media platform was a success 0 Be able to identify examples of each reason 1 Transparent communication engaged employees to express themselves two way communication abandons hierarchy 2 Empowerment and collaboration deciding the individuality exchange info and ideas learn from each other s experiences 3 Increased engagement Career connect quotWhy Building Your Own Corporate Facebook Will Usually Failquot 0 Understand the threepart formula for how to build a successful corporate social network 1 Lay out corporate objective 2 Decide what s in it for the participants 3 Know your audience and have the right set of participants 0 Be able to identify examples of each part of the formula USAA Case 1 Lay out corporate objective what are you trying to achieve a Ex Turnover rate of new hires was high In order to reduce attrition 2 Decide what s in it for the participants why should anyone participate in the social network a Ex USAAjunior employees took part to because it offered an opportunity to learn the company ropes and be considered for promotion 3 Know you audience and have the right set of participants a Ex New hires at USAA quotEmploying Wiki for Knowledge Management as a Collaborative Information Repository An NBC Universal Casequot 0 What is Web 20 What is Wiki How is a wiki page different from a blog or forum 0 There the term quotWeb 20quot was counted signifying the shift of the internet form a collection of standalone websites to a collection of standalone websites to a system of interlinked platforms in which multiple sites are connected to one another 0 Economical online database for creating and editing shareable content Ex Dr D was thinking about making apple pie and wanted someone with an interpersonal degree to add to it n It s different than a from and blog blog is only written by one person 0 Blogs Typically limited to one another Provide knowledge and viewpoints on array of issues or on a single idiosyncratic one Often convey bias perspectives Feedback is limited to a comments section which is often controlled by the author to re ect his or her own opinions and can digress form the topic 0 Forums More exible and impartial than blogs Information sharing is conversation and very informal Various users edit and comment on an array of topics Inaccurate posts cannot be edited by other users Forum posts are often dif cult to locate because they are frequently achieved In what department and team did NBC Universal begin using a wiki 0 The NBC Universal wiki started as a grassroots movement within the walls of the company s IT department in 2005 The SED team was in desperate need of collaborative communication tool for geographically dispersed programmers What unique organizational structures and business processes posed challenges to Peacock Production s knowledge sharing efforts 0 Peacocks workload uctuates unforeseeably depending on seasons and viewership To build an agile organization adaptable to uctuation Peacock keeps a lean payroll in ordinary times and expands and contracts with supplementary freelancers when the demands for programs increase More than 100 people could be working for Peacock at any given moment although its core staff comprises only 40 In addition its business processes little resemble the structure routines often found in the manufacturing sector because producing TV programs requires creativity originality and adaptability to changing viewer preferences Also many employees are frequently on the road to shoot scenes meet interview subjects and develop talents and stories What were the bene ts and risks of the Wiki at Peacock 0 Bene ts Provided an opportunities to create new sources of information by leveraging small contributions from a broad community of motivated selfselecting contributors Increased Peacock s operational ef cacy the wiki eliminated countless unnecessary meetings conference calls mass emails and it redirected employees with basic questions to a ready resources for answers Helped the organization achieve lower operational coasts while enhancing the quality and level of service 0 Risks NBC has had to limit access privileges by granting access only to employees who can log into the NBC internet because proprietary information cannot be shared with external users The wiki does not allow individual employees to post new messages or initiate a new threads themselves The wiki has yet to be integrated into other knowledge management tools at Peacock September 28 2015 quotAn Interview With Yammer How Social Is Changing Corporate Culture 0 What is Yammer o The rst and most powerful enterprise social network 0 Brings the power of social networking to the enterprise in a private and secure environment 0 Understand what Yammer allows employees management and owners of organizations to do 0 Employees and management traditionally reluctant to share power 0 Empowered employees who can have tangible impact on the overall business o If a corporate culture exists that doesn t support sharing or if a CEO doesn t do anything to change that legacy then the organization won t realize the maximum bene t of an enterprise social media implementation 0 What has in uenced employees to be more open to collaboration in the workplace 0 Advances in technology like the BYOD movement and the social media phenomenon itself have in uenced employees to be more open to collaboration in the workplace quotCan We Really Be 39Social At Workquot 0 What three challenges of gaining approval to deploying enterprise social tools at Bank of Montreal Competing pressures for investments and it gets expensive with so many employees Such as an increase in productivity which is notoriously hard to measure o What groupgeneration of employees is hardest to engage on enterprise social media quotServing Up Wellnessquot Identify what Minneapolisbased company the article pro les What comprises the quotwellbeing infrastructurequot at the company 0 Includes everything from onsit doctors and specialist clinics to healthy eating options and walking workstations What contributes to the wellness culture at the company Clinics cafeteria workstations health metric Go Giant challenge Onsite clinic 0 At each location 0 Specialists rotate Allowing employees the conveniences of seeing optometrist dentist dermatologist cardiologist physical therapist life coach women s and health specialists and men s nutritionists Life Clinics 0 Monitor weight body mass index and blood pressure 0 Fitness centers 0 Healthy eating 0 Go Giant aims to encourage employees to increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables through weekly challenges over a veweek period


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