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Voice and Articulation Exam Reviews

by: Kaitlyn Kirkhart

Voice and Articulation Exam Reviews 1340

Marketplace > Texas State University > Communication Studies > 1340 > Voice and Articulation Exam Reviews
Kaitlyn Kirkhart
Texas State
GPA 3.3
Voice and Articulation
Dr. Cornett

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About this Document

These are my reviews for Voice and Articulation. I hope you can benefit from them! Good luck with the tests! :)
Voice and Articulation
Dr. Cornett
Study Guide
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This 15 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kaitlyn Kirkhart on Monday October 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 1340 at Texas State University taught by Dr. Cornett in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Voice and Articulation in Communication Studies at Texas State University.

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Reviews for Voice and Articulation Exam Reviews


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Voice amp Articulation Review Test 1 09242015 The rst exam covers chapters 1 2 3 8 and parts of 9 the DVD quotDo You Speak American Up Northquot what we talked about in class and the IPA There will be llintheblank questions study the parts of the vocal mechanism and get the spelling correct short answer questions sound identi cation and phonetic transcription You may not write the words out in English however you may draw your vowel or consonant chart from memory to use with the transcription but not with key words just the chart You won t do well on this part if you don t practice outside of class I think you will bene t from studying with someone What is a good voice 0 An appropriate voice 0 The right voice for the situation Ex Giving a eulogy at a funeral vs at a football game lnde nable 0 Pleasant to listen to 0 Gets the job done 0 Ex During a job interview your voice come across as timid they might not hire you Who are some people with good and poor voices Drake George Clooney Clint Eastwood Barack and Michelle Obama Why 0 The resonance articulate very good at pronunciation words What do we mean by voice quality 0 What makes your voice unique 0 Loudness volume O Articulation how you form sounds Expressive pitch not monotone Appropriateness unobtrusiveness not calling attention to itself Pleasant to hear Clear and strong Resonant and varied Support by good breath control Clearly articulated Appropriate Effective 00 0000000 What is the IPA Why is it important and useful 0 International Phonetic Alphabet is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet It represents the sounds of oral language o It is used all over the world What is the single most important step or process in a program of voice development or improvement 0 The way you hear yourself and the individual sounds that you re making Be able to describe the following processes breathing phonation resonation and articulation Also be able to identify the anatomical parts involved in those processes Correct spelling is important 0 Breathing o Lungs o domeshaped muscles situated under the lungs The diaphragm lsshaped like a parachute Anatomy of the Trachea Trachea Location of carina internal ridge Root of the right lung Root of the left lung Primary bronchi Lung tlSSUG Secondary bronchi o Esophagus o Clavicle breathing The lungs aren t muscles If we make our cavity larger in our lungs then more air will come in The lungs and diaphragms are important nhaation is the process of breathing in Exhalation is the process of breathing out Ex Think of Tony Romo Phonation producing sounds o the quotvoice boxquot Protected by the Thyroid Cartilage Adam39s apple Frontal sin us lHaaallaallity I Su palate llarcl palate TEEIII39lI Dralnair ity quot Tongue 39 Epigl iis Vocal folds Trachea Esophagus o the largest of the nine cartilages that make up the laryngeal skeleton the cartilage structure in and around the trachea that contains the larynx 0 Vocal folds close together when we talk Sound produced because they vibrate vocal E ill39lj open dullling reathing to allow air into Ellurigs Hutail mallclaw close when speaking so azlr from the lungs FIEITEEEEE hetween them In cause the vibrations that graduate 56mm 0 the Base of The Tongue Epiglo r ris Vestibular and vocal Folds Glo r ris Tnngua g h g fr Resonation produces voice quality by amplifying and enhancing o Pharynx throat quot I39J Ees lmge Hard palm o Velum soft palate o Mouth 0 Nasal cavity Articulation producing individual sounds o Phonemes individual sounds o Allophones slight variations of phonemes are Articular are your a Lowerjaws lips gums tongue and hard palatevelum How can you tell someone is quotnot from around herequot 0 By the way they pronounce things 0 Ex BLANKO vs Blonco What is a vowel What is a diphthong Can you spell it What is a cognate o Vowel 0 Characteristics All vowels are voiced or have vocal fold vibration In a production there is no interruption of the breath stream Lip shaping and tongue mass positioning determine the sound Vowels have a degree of tension or laxity o Classi cations Vowels are classi ed as front middle or back according to their production point in the oral cavity Vowels are classi ed as high mid or low according to the place in the oral cavity of tongue mass placement Diphthong are vowel combinations that result from a continuous glide from one approximate vowel position to another in at the same syllable 0 Ex al as in ice Ex Ow 0 Ex Float sounds more like out 0 Ex Nice sounds like noice o KNOW HOW TO SPELL DIPHTHONG Cognate may be voiced or voiceless that is made with or without vocal fold vibration 0 Ex pb tb Both lips are involved so it s considered bilabial o Nonex mn What are the characteristics of vowels and consonants Know how and where vowels are produced For consonants the ones we ve studied be able to describe a type of sound manner b where the sound is made what articulators are involved c whether it is voiced or unvoiced I ll give you the description and you give me the symbol for the sound it describes e I say voiced bilabial stop you write b o Vowels A Type of sound Make without obstruction of the air ow n Ex E O A I you don t obstruct the air ow you change your mouth a Fewer vowels than constants B Where the sound is made Vowels are classi ed as front middle or back according to their production point in the oral cavity C Is it voiced or unvoiced Voiced Constants A Type of sound Has air ow through friction n Ex S Z F B Where the sound is made Formed by setting up an obstruction to the voiced or voiceless breath stream breath stream n Ex p which we de ne as a bilabial plosive the lips are closed tightly as air gently builds up and then explodes the lips apart C Is it voiced or unvoiced One is voiced one is unvoiced o Voiced consonants produced with vocal fold vibration o Bilabial using your lips Ex p b m o Stop stop of air D What do we mean by obtrusive pronunciation Speech is an overload function 0 Speech is secondary to maintain life 0 Don39t be this Basically whatever keeps us alive 0 Breathing 0 And everything else that is used in the production of speech They borrow parts of our body that has a primary funcUon n Ex Teeth it s used for eating not pronouncing sounds What can you do to improve your breath control 1 Practice 0 You become more ef cient you don t waste the air 2 Learn to take in more breath What do we mean by accent and dialect Accent speaks with a way that sounds like the language they re speaking is not their native language Dialect someone speaking their native language but with a sound that makes it sound like they re not from around here What is stress and why is it important 0 Stress same as emphasis it s on a syllable which is based on the vowel 0 Ex PREsent 0 Ex ELECtric 0 Ex DEADline 0 Important because o It can changes the meaning of the word 0 Shows accent or dialect What is the difference between pronunciation and articulation o Pronunciation incorporates proper utterance of orthographic depictions of sound and syllabic stress 0 Articulation deals with the manner in which the individual sounds or phonemes of the language are formed in order to clearly produce a word What is a phoneme Phoneme Individual sounds in any given language 0 The actual production of sounds and the vibration of the vocal cords 0 Ex i I0 m Z 0 EX l E a ae o 44 phonemes in the English language 26 letters You should be able to answer some questions based on the video quotDo You Speak American Up Northquot Those questions are posted on TRACS under resources as is this review sheet 0 What can you say about pronunciation in New England and NYC 0 quotAyhquot is yes It comes from early British colonist and isolation 0 NYC is generator of language global capital 0 What is the debate about 0 Pronunciation and grammar 0 Oxford dictionary comes up with words annually that people use and commonly know Even in hiphop words 0 Descriptive and prescripts don t see eye to eye Perceptive more black and white Descriptive adds new words to the dictionary 0 Written English is slang Can you live in the US and avoid speaking English 0 Yes One lady has for 19 years 0 What is Standard English Where is it spoken 0 Philadelphia FDR was a great example o 0 did 0 Phi Classic English the letter R is very tall or British sounding Right after WWII people stopped using their R s the way they ladelphia was the only city to pronounce their R s How did contemporary AfricanAmerican English develop 0 Slavery from their African countries 0 How has hiphop in uenced mainstream English 0 The hiphop artists get their lyrics form the streets Ex Nasty quotYou s ow is nastyquot Forcing new meanings of the word nasty I will give you ten words to transcribe in the IPA using sounds we have learned in class 0 In order Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex Ex quotMay you I minequot Frank Sinatra of sound mouth Sounds like E or the Spanish word y Eat neat key Beef bif Kid tick it did City Sit slt Hay yay ate bait pay David devld Set let end get Betty bstl Fat hat rat at cat Fantastic faentaestlc Taxes taeskIz ive to be 100 and may the last voice you hear he Test Questions from in class Short Answer What might someone know just from hearing you speak 0 Mood Age Gender If someone is educated or undereducated or not 0 Sexual orientation 0 Where you re fromnot from around here 0 State of health Smoker Why bother to study the phonetic alphabet To hear speech sounds Who makes the rules for pronunciations It s a trick question because there s not really anyone 0 You want to have the ability to decide if it s really right and not What is the most important guideline Don t be obtrusive A good voice is appropriate What is the foundation of a voice 0 Appropriate Effective Speech is what we call an overlaid function Overlaid function everything uses in the production of speech has another function for life 0 Their rst job is keep you alive 0 Their second job is for speech RAVEN Remember Affect o Verb Effect Noun Breathing o Inhalation active 0 Exhalation passive except exhalation is active when producing speech Larynx the quotvoice boxquot 26 letters in the alphabet 42 sounds in the alphabet What s an unvoiced unlivable stop 0 Sound the of the letter P There s one really important reason whether you pronouncing words right or wrong Obtrusive Who are people who study languages Linguists Norman Conquest 1066 French What s the IPA good for Studying language linguistic Learning a foreign language 0 Acting If I asked you to write a stopped sound what would you write 0 b If I asked you to write a voiced velar stopped sound what would you write 0 d


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