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Social Problems Study List 1

by: Rebecca Spohr

Social Problems Study List 1 SOC 112-01

Marketplace > Brigham Young University - Idaho > Sociology > SOC 112-01 > Social Problems Study List 1
Rebecca Spohr
GPA 4.0
Social Problems
Stokes, Stephen W

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About this Document

Social Problems
Stokes, Stephen W
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Rebecca Spohr on Monday October 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SOC 112-01 at Brigham Young University - Idaho taught by Stokes, Stephen W in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 91 views. For similar materials see Social Problems in Sociology at Brigham Young University - Idaho.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
SOC 112 ESSAYS AND STUDY LIST ESSAYS Answer these essays Explain the use of the question Why not rather than Why as it relates to the article Riding the Bull at Gilley s Who should we be asking why they wont rape We should teach boys that women are people too Show respect not domination Should teach men to set a value for the women so that they would grow up to think why would I Because women are human beings They aren t objects that can used for sexual aggression and be taken advantage of From the perspective of a rapist rape is just another crimean added bonus like robbery What is the difference between purposes in life and the purpose of life as it relates to teenage suicide Purpose of lifeimmortality eternal life Purpose in lifesuccessful materialistic view to get more and more things increased suicide Purpose of life is deeper if our life is based upon getting things and failing there will be a higher chance in suicide Relate it to teenage suicide Purpose of life pursuit of happiness Purpose in life wealth material things when you don39t have feel like you have these things then you feel you didn39t serve a purpose Explain why the risk of a girl being sexually abused is increased when living with a sexually punitive mother Punitivemore than reserved abusive extremely strict punishment oriented These mothers warned scolded and punished thier daughters more for asking sex questions for masturbating and for looking at sexual pictures Sexual repressive practices back fire These girls have the hardest time developing realistic standards on what constitutes as danger Discuss the reorganization of the family of an alcoholic 1 Denial first experience w drinking usually arises in a social situation begin to be humiliated and embarrassed this pattern repeating 2 Eliminate isolate socially because of drinking problem 3 Disorganize quotwhat39s the usequot 4Reorganize in spite of problem begins when a crisis occurs begins to ease the husband out of family role 5 Escape terminal for the marriage Separation coming to terms with the situation 6 Reorganize part of family Without the husband and reorganize on this basis pressure may be put on the mother to take him back 7 Recovery and Reorganize as whole only if husband achieves sobriety then working him back into role as quotbreadwinnerquot helping with economic problems woman has struggle letting go of control but understands it is necessary to the sobriety of the husband STUDY LIST 1st answer an aspect of society by which a large portion of society is concerned Two part definition of Social Problems ability to see as notjust a personal problem but in the greater context Ability to see the whole picture The realization that personal troubles Ability to see ourselves than our personal problems MILLS the name for variables in sociology Things like media economy culture race causes elderly abuse You can measure all variables causation Ex economy lowerselderly abuse raises 2 variables appear and seem to influence each other the measure of a relationship between two variables or sets of data Reasons we use Correlations not Causal Relations B may be causing A Circumstances so many variables spurious quotthe letter Cquot hold somebody accountability responsible Ex They caused me to do itquot agtbc group of general statements used to EXPLAIN Conflict Theory Functionalism Theory and Symbolic Theory individuals are socially defined into a role that they take Max Weber Religion is an ironic belief A powerful interpretation of the world The rise to Capitalism Micro we are all socially declined Personality disorders are meaning many people don39t notice they have something wrong other people usually notice Symbolic lnteractionism came up with quotsymbolic interactionquot people act toward things based on the meanings the things have for them defined differently in different cultures Concepts of what is expectable in a society p 12role of agitation role of violence The issues that dominant culture seen as a problem everyone has a function in society William James school of thought that focuses on mentalbehavioral processes as functions Those things are there to serve a purpose society creates themselves for a purpose A sociological theory that attempts to determine the functions or uses of the main ways in which a society is organized Macro Marx Davis A Harvard University sociologist that was a key figure in the development of the functionalist theoryperspective He saw any society as a vast network of connected parts each of which helps to maintain the system as a whole some things were dysfunctions anything that we can t get rid of crime murder robbery Said quotanything that is universal and persistent its providing some sort of functionquot Functionalist without social experience a child never develops personality functionalist expanded our understanding of the concept of social function by pointing out that any social structure probably has many functions He distinguished between manifest functions and latent functions Wrote about poverty He lists 13 things quotThe poor will do the dirty work someone would have to be at the bottom of the pole Somebody to do dirty work base for middle class jobs selfesteem motivation subsidized middle class lifestyle charity political pawn there is a CONSTANT STRUGGLE by those at the bottom The idea that conflict between competing interests is the basic animating force of social change and society in general Macro Conflict Theorist Discovered quotconflict Theoryquot gt Wrote in complaining manner father of Communism He says whoever has money has power Rich control the government Triangle Theory Economy gt Government gt Military gt Economy circles back the elite control our societyis the belief that they think run the government This concept is basically what C Wright Mills says Controlled by people at the top elitist39s name for our government capitalists control government is government conflicts name for the government is capitalists quotname for governmentpoliticians putting into military spending and feed in capitalistquot NAME OF GOVERNMENT far right extreme conservatives Right of Center Left of Center Far left extreme Liberals Republican Reconstructionist who favored keeping the South out of the federal government until a complete social and economic revolution was accomplished in the region Unforeseen events and obstacles that can negatively affect something and Conditions that increase the likelihood of a negative developmental outcome Putting at risk Social Factors or Variable of Sexual Abuse Step father Punitive Mother Extremely Conservative family Less educated mother expected standards of behavior maintained by society protect our highest values highest norms and you will protect it Rape as an act of power is a Social factor variables of rape men who hide in the dark behind bushes to rape a lone girl what you think a rapist would look like Rewards of rape any unwanted sexual requirement in a condition of uneven power that makes the victim feel uncomfortable or threatened run the drug industry very violent Brought drugs to SLC Anchoragegained control of middle cites can out gun police in the inner cityleading cause of death for black people in the inner city economic status black gangs men are more prone to be victims gang names in Los Angeles Robert Functionalist Says that is Norms 1 GoalsSuccessful 2 MeansWork Using this example with differences between gangs and normal society false positive say it is something but really it39s not Better than type 1 absence breakdown confusion of conflict in the norms of a society Merton too anomie In order to understand social imagination we need to take a look Suicide Few involved in something not lonely Less chance of suicide Specifics to lessen the risk of suicide Signs of suicide Macrorate Microindividual Merton Deviance Mores vs Values Highest norms is to be successful folkwayAnomie 1 Success Money 2 Means work Norms Expected behavior


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