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Week 7 Reading Guide

by: Asia Peters

Week 7 Reading Guide ENVD 3114

Asia Peters
GPA 3.92
History and Theory of ENVD: Buildings
Lindsay,Georgia Lucille

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About this Document

6.1, 9.2, 10.1, 11.3, 12.2 Christianity: key terms defined, key buildings thoroughly described with location, date, and pictures
History and Theory of ENVD: Buildings
Lindsay,Georgia Lucille
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Asia Peters on Monday October 5, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ENVD 3114 at University of Colorado taught by Lindsay,Georgia Lucille in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see History and Theory of ENVD: Buildings in Environmental Science at University of Colorado.


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Date Created: 10/05/15
Wednesday December 16 y Week 7 Christian 61 92 101 113 122 History of Buildings aisle ambulatory apse church baldacchino balustrade baptistery cathedral chevet choir coffer cornice circle crossing crypt dormer enfilade esplanade a lateral division of a Christian church or an ancient Roman basilica parallel to the central nave and separated form it by colonnades a processional passageway around a shrine or flanking the apse of a Christian church a vaulted semicircular or semipolygonal wall recess or extension of a hall usually found at the sanctuary end of a Christian an ornamental canopy over a tomb altar or throne a decorative railing supported by a sees of small posts or balusters a centralplan structure usually octagonal for Christian baptism rites a bishop s church usually the principle church in a city the word derives from cathedra the bishop s throne a series of radiating chapels extended from the apse of a Gothic church the part of a church where the choice sits either incorporated with the chancel or directly in front of it a square or polygonal decorative panel embossed into a ceiling or an arch a projecting ornamental molding along the top of a ceiling or wall the top projecting part of an entablature a covet cornice is a projecting molding hollowed in the shape of a quarter the intersection of the race and the transept in a Christian church a room or story beneath the main floor of a church sometimes underground containing graves relics or chapels a window that protrudes out of a pitched roof with its own pitched roof a suite of rooms with doorways aligned with each other a wide open landscape foregrounding a monumental urban complex flying buttress gargoyle hippodrome lantern mansard roof nanhex nave pedestal pediment pilaster portico quoin rib ribbed vaults rotunda rustication string course transept tnbune wheel window Wednesday December 16 y an arch or halfarch that transfers the thirst of a vault or roof from an upper part of a wall to an external pylon a grotesque figure sculpted onto the downspouts of Gothic cathedrals an ancient Greek stadium for horse or chariot racing in the form of an oblong with one curved end a small fenestrated tower on top of a roof or dome admitting light to the space below a roof with a steep lower slope and a flatter upper slope on all four sides also called a gambrel roof in Great Britain the transverse vestibule of an early Christian church in either an ancient Roman basilica or a Christian church the taller central space lit by clerestories and flanked by aisles a support for a column statue or urn the triangular gable end of an ancient Greek or Roman temple also places as the crowning feature over a door or window some pediments are curved based on a segmental arch a shallow flattened rectangular column or pier attached to a wall and often modeled on an order a covered entranceway or porch with columns on one or more sides a continuous arcade rusticated stones places on the corners of a building a narrow protecting band on a ceiling or vault usually structural but sometimes merely decorative enforcing the lines of structure in Gothic cathedrals the articulation of groin vaults groin vault the crossvault spamming a bay of a Gothic structure a round hall or building usually topped with a dome the separation of regular masonry blocks by deeply cut often wedgeshaped chamfered grooves a projecting horizontal band across an exterior wall of a building the transverse arms of a crossshaped church crossing the main axis at a right angle the apse of a church the gallery in a church the central round window on the west facade of a cathedral often called the rose but usually depicting a wheel Wednesday December 16 y general pattern of early churches such as St John s Lateran 61 4 or Old St Peters 616 St Denis Cathedral France 11303 redesigned by Abbot Suger a Benedictine monk gothic church with transparency to represent Christ with an oculus stained glass 39 7 7 windows and spindly members Notre Dame France mid 13003 started by Chelsea and Montrieul and completed by Loius lX s architects large windows a mezzanine entablature 28 niches for sculpted portraits of French Kings to create an ideological synthesis of Church and state interlacing pointing 39 arches pitched roof on nave Brunelleschi s Dome Florence 14191446 resembled the early Christian basilicas of Rome flat coffered ceiling arcades raised Wednesday December 16 y on slender Corinthian columns rational clarity and luminosity for sacred place Sta Maria Novella Florence 1450s by Alberti lower parts from midfourteenth century framed base of avelli niches for the tombs with monolithic green Corinthian columns an attic punctuated quot with intarsia squares and an upper story in the form of a flattened temple front Villa Capra Vicenza 1565 Villa Rotunda built by Palladio perfectly symmetrical in all directions six column ionic temple front porches double height rotunda with hemispheric home ll Gesu Facade Rome 1584 model for many CounterReformation churches no side aisles to give the Wednesday December 16 y nave more auditory function as in Protestant churches in tense decoration two stories articulated with paired pilasters and connected by scrolls Michelangeloesque detail in double pediment above door St Peter s Dome Rome 1560s dome completed in 1586 42 meter diameter dome flying butresses engaged Corinthian cloumns 16 ribbed arches longitudinal basilica restored Rome s role as the spiritual leader of the city and the world San Carlo Alle Quatro Fontane Rome 1638 undulated twostory entry porch curving colonnade deep niches and smaller columns in the bays 5 degree axis shift marble spongelike cupola Tuesday October 6 y Sant lvo alla Sapienza Rome 1640s based on a composition of two superimposed equilateral triangles rotated to form a 6 point star corners with convex piers semicircle apses on each side pumpkin shaped dome zigguratlike spiral that ascends to a flaming crown implying the path to knowledge


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