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Final Project Example

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1 review
by: Annamaria Vecchio

Final Project Example BMRT 36415

Marketplace > Kent State University > Business > BMRT 36415 > Final Project Example
Annamaria Vecchio
Customer Service

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About this Document

Example of how to produce a perfect final exam project
Customer Service
Study Guide
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1 review
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"Please tell me you're going to be posting these awesome notes every week.."
Damaris Spinka

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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Annamaria Vecchio on Tuesday October 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BMRT 36415 at Kent State University taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Customer Service in Business at Kent State University.


Reviews for Final Project Example

Star Star Star Star Star

Please tell me you're going to be posting these awesome notes every week..

-Damaris Spinka


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Date Created: 10/06/15
Annamaria Vecchio 1 Fitware app phone call 0 Unsatisfactory Computer program used at work was malfunctioning and not accepting valid credit cards Expected to talk to a representative who would be able to help me trouble shoottheissue Was directed to a busy line for over an hour no help and no response to email either 2 Verizon Wireless phone call 0 Unsatisfactory Had issue with damaged phone Expected them to drop charge because I have insurance Company did absolutely nothing and told me they could not help 3 Verizon Wireless in person 2 Average Outrageous charge on my bill Expected them to drop charge because I have insurance Staff made many calls and nally part of the charge was dropped 4 ATampT Phone Company phone call 3 Above Average Needed to set up internet for new apartment Expected them to give me the same plan I had at old place Was given cheaper plan but had to include home phone 5 Electric Company phone call 3 Above Average Needed to set up electric for new apartment Expected to be on hold for hours or have outrageous bill because this is my rst apartment Was told I quali ed for low payments because of my great credit score 6 Contacting Land lord phone 1 Below Average Asked if I could get help from maintenance removing patio door so I could move furniture Expected to be given assistance or told how to do it myself Was told doors are not allowed to be removed if it doesn39t t it can39t go in the apartment 7 Kent State phone 4 Exemplary Had issues with Blackboard not working and missing buttons Expected them to help solve the problem or explain to me why it wasn39t working Met my expectations and also showed me how to avoid the problem in the future 8 Walmart in person 0 Unsatisfactory Ordered a mattress online and it had not yet arrived at the store I had it shipped to I expected the company to be able to track my shipment and gure out where it currently was They told me there was no tracking number even though I paid extra for tracking 9 Amazon internet chat 4 Exemplary Lost my summer school books that were supposed to be shipped in March Expected customer service to nd my product and refund my money if they couldn39t They not only refunded my money they also sent me a free replacement 10 Dress Lily phone call 3 Above Average Coupon code used did not get applied to my total order when I ordered online Expected customer service to apply code and refund me some money on the order Company did not refund money but did give me a 25 gift card to use on their site Average score 2 Average My service average was well average Some places were better at providing customer service than others I noticed that smaller companies gave better service than larger companies I would hope that all companies treat their customers with respect but that isn39t always the case Since I work for a company that strives to treat all customers with great service I understand how it feels to be on the negative side when it comes to customer service


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