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JAR2 Review and Exam Review

by: Ernest Butler

JAR2 Review and Exam Review BMED 3100 A

Ernest Butler
Georgia Tech
Systems Physiology
Mrs. Barker

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About this Document

Hey guys! Here is the review for the JAR 2 and the upcoming exam on Thursday October 8, 2015. Just in case you missed class or in case you weren't paying attention, I got you! The exam review notes...
Systems Physiology
Mrs. Barker
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ernest Butler on Tuesday October 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BMED 3100 A at Georgia Institute of Technology taught by Mrs. Barker in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Systems Physiology in Biomedical Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Date Created: 10/06/15
Exam Review For October 8 2015 review slides on October 6 Denotes either very important information or something that should be looked UP Exam slides on tsquare Cell Physiology Body Fluids 0 60 body weight is water 0 Made up of 23 ICF 40 of body weight Cell membrane 0 13 ECF 20 of body weight Capillary wall Plasma and blood Transport across cell membranes 0 Potassium is the only substance that39s more present inside the cell Diffusion o Acts toward concentration gradient downhill movement from low concentration to high concentration 0 Facilitated diffusion uses protein carrier to go downhill 0 Simple diffusion no protein needed 0 Active transport 0 Acts uphill Action Potential 0 Starts as negative voltage 70 mV 0 Depolarization Sodium lons enter cell membrane potential becomes more positive Facilitated diffusion o Repolarization Potassium ions from out of the cell membrane potential becomes more negative 0 Hyperpolarization Potassium ion gated channels remain are slow acting and remain open for longer than needed Important because it sparks the refractory period Goes back to normal because sodiumpotassium ATPase pump restores levels back to normal Conduction Velocity In uenced by 0 Nerve diameter Larger the diameter faster the propagation o Myelination Speeds up conduction because current can jump from node to node 0 Nodes of Ranvier Transmission of Info Across Nueromuscular junction 0 Action potential propagated down presynaptic neuron Calcium gets released and ows into terminal downhill and causes release of Ach Ach diffuses across synaptic cleft and binds to nicotinic receptors on end motor plate Depolarization producing end plate potential CrossB ridges Troponin C binds calcium and tropomyosin uncovers the actin and begins the binding process through use of ATP Ttubules amp Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ttubules carry AP down to SR and calcium is released for the cross bridge process NeuroPhysiology Neuro System Organization Affernet Affecting you 0 Info comes into nervous system Efferent your effect on others 0 Info leaves nervous system Autonomic Nervous System Sympathetic o Preganglionic neurons originate in thorocolumbar spinal cord Parasympathetic o Preganglionic neurons originate Nictoronic R39s bind ACh cholinegenic Adrenic R39s bind norepinephrine adrogenic Sensory Transduction Higher in magnitude of stimulus higher frequency of AP39s Adaptation of Sensory Rs Phasic 0 Body adapts and theres no stimukus 0 Ex putting on clothes in morning 0 Fast acting Tonic 0 Slow adapting 0 Continuous signal Sensory Coding See Slide o Sensory unit a single afferent neuron with all its receptor endings o Receptive eld area of body that when stimulated 0 Things that affect coding Sensory R s See slide 0 Know the different receptors 0 Differential Sensitivity Each type of R is highly sensitive to one type of stimulus but almost nonresponsive to other stimuli Stimulus Intensity Higher the RP the more frequent the AP 0 Increase intensity of stimulus 0 Increase of Rs activated spatial summation 0 Increase different types of Rs that can be stimulated Stimqus Location Receptive eld Area pf body that when stimulated changes the ring rate of a sensory neuron Affects acuity based on DETERMINES LOCATION 0 Size SmaIIer receptors you can more acuter tell where the stimulus is o Receptordensity o Overlap Sensory Pathway First order Sensory afferent Neurons Sencond order Motor control hierarchy Know where the sensory orders are know what they do and how they affect you Spinal Cord Re exes Know how re exes work what they go to and how they connect Flexor Withdrawal re ex Eye Anatomy 0 Know the entire slide the different function and how they relate to one another Phototransduction see Slide 0 What happens in presence and absence of light and why Neural Pathways of vision See Slide 0 What happens in presence and absence of light and the neural pathways they take 0 Know difference between ONOFF Pathways Vestibular Transduction Know how process works Cardiovascular Physiology Overview The heart Valves open and close due to pressure Pressure Pro le of Vasculature Know the different pressures Resistance to Blood Flow 0 Know the Poiseuille equation and what each term means and how to manipulate it 0 Only works with laminar ow 0 Flow is change in pressureresistance where is division sign SeriesParallel resistance is calculated different 0 Parallel resistance 0 Helps lower overall resistance Viscosity of Blood 0 Know how to calculate hematocrit and what it means 0 Great hematocrit greater velocity Laminar Flow 0 Know difference between laminar ow and turbulent ow Action Potentials in SA Node 0 Know different between APs in SA Node vs Motoneural AP Sequence of Excitation Know The pathway of action potentials in heart Latent Pacemakers Know why SA node is faster that AV Node Cardiac output 0 Know the equation and what it means 0 How much blood volume you39ve ejected in a certain amount of time Starling Equation Capillary Pressure pushes outward from capillary Interstitial uid Pressure pushes inward Autonomic Effects on Heart Rate Parasympathetic vs Sympathetic FrankStarling Relationship 0 How do calculate stroke volume by diagram 0 Width of loop Iookup o Diastolic When heart lls o Systolic When heart contracts and ejects blood Baroreceptor Re ex Regulates Pa 0 Know what happens when blood pressure increasesdecreases Short term pressure changes ReninAngiotensin II Adosterone System 0 Long term pressure changes 0 Please look up If you don39t know very important 0 Know entire System and how it works and why it works Responses to Exercise 0 Just know what happens when you exercise and the effects that exercising has on the body Lymphatic Capillaries Know what lymph does and why Edema Swelling of tissue 0 Obstruction 0 Increase in ltration Applications 0 Heart defects and heart sounds I implore everyone to go over 0 Also go over applications in neurophysiology


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