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MIS 250 Midterm Review

by: Christina Nguyen

MIS 250 Midterm Review MIS 250

Marketplace > Washington State University > Business > MIS 250 > MIS 250 Midterm Review
Christina Nguyen
Managing IT
Joe Compeau

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About this Document

This is a midterm review for the upcoming midterm exam on October 8. The blanks are just stuff you need to fill in yourself, all of the stuff in this document are things the professor went over in ...
Managing IT
Joe Compeau
Study Guide
MIS, MIS 250, WSU, midterm
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Christina Nguyen on Tuesday October 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MIS 250 at Washington State University taught by Joe Compeau in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 505 views. For similar materials see Managing IT in Business at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 10/06/15
October 06 2015 Midterm Review 0 In class 0 20 multiple choices 3 short answers 0 Chapter 1 2 3 4 6 0 Study guide on blackboard 0 First four study questions at the end of each chapter MIS What are the components of an information system 1 People 2 Technology 3 Data 4 Process Management the process of controlling organizing and coordinating activities to achieve a goal or objective Information Data in context with meaning and presence that supports decision making and in uences behavior and outcomes System A collection or structure of interrelated elements or components that are interdependent with a defined boundary There will be some sort of mechanism for Input Output feedback control People 0 Internal 0 directly involved in the system developers designers maintainers users analysts managers amp builders 0 External 0 customers users departments managers regulators stakeholders You need to identify the roles and people involved in a system Process 0 A business process is any activity that generates value 0 Think tasks and goals 0 In MIS there are the internal process for how the system works and interacts with the other components 0 There is the business process that the system is supporting supplanting or creating You need to understand the purpose and goals of every system and be able to identify every step needed to complete a task Technology 0 Hardware 0 computers tablets displays GPS etc 0 Software 0 operating systems OS applications productivity tools programming languages Enterprise Software etc 0 Telecommunications 0 networks wireless cellular internet intranet transmission digital protocols Understanding how the technology works and identifying new opportunities based upon the capabilities and potential of technology is critical Data 0 What is data 0 Data are known facts that can be recorded and have an implicit meaning 0 Elements of data 0 Text numbers images events transactions dates 0 A database is a collection of related data for example customer database inventory sales and employee database 0 Data is both Porter s 5 forces 0 Threat of new entrants Power of buyers Power of suppliers Threat of substitutes O O O O Rivalry among existing competitors Look at figure 210 in book 0 TThe value chain 0 The extended value chain 0 Creates new opportunities for both suppliers and customers Also referred to as the Demand Chain Strategic Information Systems 0 There are no single strategic information systems 0 It is the theory that IS is needed to support a firm s strategy 0 IS can also be a source of new strategy or maintain existing strategy 0 So strategic information systems are systems that create support and sustain a firm s strategic position in the marketplace Sources of Strategic Value with IS Add value customers and markets Manage risks market financial Reduce costs transportations Legal operational amp processes Create new reality new products services business ideas The process of IT Value Creation IT Expenditure gt IT Assets gt IT Impacts gt Organizational Performance 0 The IT Conversion Process 0 IT ManagementConversion Activities 0 The IT Use Process 0 Appropriate vs inappropriate use good management of the IT function 0 The Competitive Process 0 Competitive position 0 Competitive dynamics Chapter 3 0 Moore s Law 0 Change happens fast 0 Hard to predict what things will actually look like 0 Technology like water finds it s own level 0 Computers 0 Hardware and Software 0 Operating Systems 0 Applications 0 Apps 0 Filed based systems 0 Database Management System DBMS Terminology 0 Entity table 0 A person place thing or event about which the organization Wishes to record Can also be a concept 0 Relationship process 0 The logic governing how entities are linked I Differ in degree how many entities are linked and cardinality how many instances of each entity are linked to instances of the relationship Order to Cash Process 0 Steps in process Goods receipt and warehousing Shipping 1 Sales order receipt 2 Availability check 3 Credit check 4 Manufacturing 5 Purchasing 6 7 8 Invoicing 9 Receipt of cash payment


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