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Block 1 Study Guide

by: Leah O'Brien

Block 1 Study Guide WOMS216

Marketplace > University of Delaware > WOMS216 > Block 1 Study Guide
Leah O'Brien
GPA 3.5
Introduction to Feminist Theory
Dr. Naccarelli

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About this Document

Gender Inequality, Introduction, 1-23 Gender Inequality Parts 1-4 , 23-123. Feminist Frontiers # 51, “The Women’s Movement: Persistence Through Transformation,” Taylor, Whittier and Pelak, 55...
Introduction to Feminist Theory
Dr. Naccarelli
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Leah O'Brien on Tuesday October 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to WOMS216 at University of Delaware taught by Dr. Naccarelli in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 54 views.


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Date Created: 10/06/15
WOMSPHIL 216 Exam 1 Review Sheet Thursday October 8th 2015 BRING Pencil and Student ID Materials will be drawn from class lectures AND the following readings Gender Inequality Introduction 123 Gender Inequality Parts 14 23123 Feminist Frontiers 51 The Women s Movement Persistence Through Transformation Taylor Whittier and Pelak 556572 Feminist Frontiers 22 Christine E Bose and Rachel Bridges Whaley Sex Segregation in the US Labor Force 233242 Key Concepts and Terms Gender Reform Feminism Pages 1011 1415 2325 Popular in 1970s Gender inequality located in gendered social structure Goal is to achieve gender balance First Wave Feminism Pages 13 19th to early 20th century Fought for basic rights we take for granted now Wanted equal legal rights Came out of liberal political philosophy Liberal Feminism Including Origins contributions critiques Pages 2747 Origins p 27 O 0000 O Gendered socialization of children Women s responsibility for the private sphere Devaluation of women s work Glass ceiling Limitations on procreative choice Radical political origins that no longer seem radical Contributions p 28 O 0 Gender neutralizing Making gender discrimination visible 0 Framing affirmative action guidelines 0 Getting women elected 0 Critique p 27 4546 0 Too much emphasis on similarities between men and women sameness o Unnecessary emphasis on women needing paid work and careers o Ignores distinctions between women 0 Limited attention to sexual violence Marxist Feminism Including Origins contributions critiques 0 Pages 5172 0 Origins p 51 o Exploitation of women s work in the home 0 Women as a reserve army of labor 0 Low pay for women s jobs 0 Contributions p 5153 0 Recognition that women are subordinated 0 Gender analysis of women s exploitation 0 Making visible the necessity and worth of women s unpaid work 0 Concept of gender consciousness 0 Critique p 51 7071 0 Failure to integrate racial and ethnic analysis of gendered class analysis 0 Full time jobs for women don t relieve women of home work 0 Downsides to welfarestate benefits Socialist Feminism Including Origins contributions critiques 0 Pages 7488 0 Origins p 74 0 Complex inequality 0 Double and triple oppression of women 0 Unequal pay scales for women s work 0 Contributions p 7475 0 Making visible combined effects of different inequalities 0 Concept of complex inequality 0 Focus on unequal pay scales 0 Analysis of cost of domestic labor to women 0 Critique p 74 87 o Uneven effects of different inequalities o Generalized theories of inequalities a Women s issues less likely to be addressed in political action Transnational Feminism Including Origins contributions critiques 0 Pages 90114 0 Origins p 90 Exploitation of women workers in the global economy Lack of girls education Inadequate health care for mothers and children Sexual exploitation Patriarchal family structures and cultural practices 0 Contributions p 9192 0 Attention to gender effects in policies Increases in women s political participation and leadership Encouraging womenowned enterprises Laws against transnational sexual traffic and ritual female genital cutting Education for girls 0 Increased funds for families and health care 0 Critique p 90 112113 0 Increased political differences between firstworld and thirdworld countries 0 Western ideas of indiVidualism and modernization undermines traditional cultures 0 Western feminist advocacy against patriarchal cultural practices has alienated indigenous feminists with their own programs for change 0000 0 0000 Gender Stratification 0 Pages 35 64 0 Top of the pyramid is male dominated in organizations 0 Also concerns racial stratification white women over minority women Gender Segregation 0 men work with men and women work with women p 35 0 Based on the belief that women don t have the qualities necessary for authority positions Essentialism 0 Page 108 0 All of one group or another is reduced to a particular practice or belief to which the entire society is depicted as mindlessly adhering 0 First wave Social Construction 0 The concept that says that social relations are created by people instead of innate 0 Second wave Hegemony 0 dominance in values knowledge culture and politics p 332 0 From dictionarycom ascendancy or domination of one power or state within a league confederation etc or of one social class over others Ideology 0 Re ects group needs and aspirations 0 Set of doctrines used for the basis of social fabric Family Wage 0 Pages 6061 0 When the husband supposedly makes enough money to support an entire family as well as themselves Complex Inequality 0 Pages 7579 0 the interplay of social class gender racial and ethnic status in producing economic and social disadvantages p 331 Intersectionality 0 Page 75 0 Various inequalities cannot be separated from each other because of the social position of the individual Mindscape 0 Pages 3031 0 Where dominated groups often contribute to their own subordination because of perception shaped by the conditions of their existence the dominant system made of binary oppositions p 30 0 Shared belief that a practice is inevitable or right 0 Psychologists use the term schema Welfare State 0 Pages 5961 65 70 72 84 Reproductive Labor 0 Pages 6164 0 Domestic labor that allows a household to be sustained Globalization 0 Pursuit of liberal or free market policies in free market economy no trade barriers outsourcing etc 0 Passed threshold of recognizing single global vision 0 Also a social theory 0 Space and time changes a Long term process of change 0 Multifaceted process 0 Circulation of labor materials ideas and bodies as gendered 0 Gender stratification of work is now global Discursive Colonialism 0 Chandra Mohanty s article on page 95 Kanter Hypothesis 0 Page 36 0 1977 0 predicted that as workplaces became more genderbalanced men would become more accepting of women colleagues p 332 0 Women would have other women to bond with 0 Less tokenism of women 0 Turned out to be FALSE Six Step Process for Reading and Evaluating Feminist Theory 0 Description identify problems definitions and language 0 Analysis why is this a problem Who benefits Are there multiple explanations 0 Vision immediate and long term goals for what should exist 0 Strategy what steps need to be taken to achieve the vision 0 Timing historical moment context and relevancy 0 Social location why does the author feel the way they do What perspective do they take Maternal Blame 0 Blaming mothers for leaving the home and causing problems because of that Forms of Backlash 0 Sexual harassment 0 Women s capacities denigrated Glass Escalator 0 Page 36 0 rapid promotion of men in womendominated occupations p 332 Glass Ceiling 0 Pages 3 27 35 0 women s restricted entry into top positions even where most of the workers are women p 332 0 Assumes that women want top positions and are qualified but hidden barriers keep them from reaching those top positions Recognition 0 The idea that credit should be given to women s work inside the home 0 Marxist and socialist feminisms Redistribution 0 A step beyond recognition where homebased responsibilities should not fall solely on the woman but should be taken on by men along with governmental support 0 Socialist feminism Invisible labor 0 Page 92 0 Lowlevel service occupations in af uent areas that are often overlooked First World Feminism 0 Pages 9495 0 Feminism that follows Western concepts of gender relations and women s oppression 0 Views the nuclear family as oppressive 0 Also known as the global north Third World Feminism 0 Pages 9495 0 Feminism that views gender through an Eastern lens 0 Family structure where many adults bring in income and do child care 0 Also known as the global south Decolonization 0 Allowing groups of people that have been previously colonized to become self goveming or independent AntiGlobalization 0 Pages 9697 0 Critique of global capitalism Rescue Paradigm 0 Pages 107108 0 Legitimates ignoring local leaders entirely by stressing their neediness and backwards ways of thinking 0 Ethnocentric attitudes 0 Distances Others into us vs them Labor Theory of Value 0 Capitalists profit by extracting surplus value from the exploited proletariat worker does not have access to what they make or do 0 For feminism men as capitalists women as proletariat MarxEngles View of Patriarchal Family 0 Patriarchaltraditional family as a microcosm of class antagonisms on a larger scale 0 Based on Engles Origin of Private Property 1884 a First theory of gender inequality to be based upon social structure rather than biological difference 0 worldhistoric defeat of the female sex


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