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Midterm Review

by: Mary Kate Murnen

Midterm Review Com 295

Mary Kate Murnen
GPA 3.0
Communication Theory

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About this Document

This has the big picture ideas that we went over in class so you can go back into the texts and make better connections that you can actually make sense of (hopefully!)
Communication Theory
Study Guide
communication, Theory, midterm, Burke, Deleuze, wilde
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mary Kate Murnen on Tuesday October 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Com 295 at Grand Valley State University taught by Zhang in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see Communication Theory in Communication Studies at Grand Valley State University.

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Date Created: 10/06/15
Communication Theory Midterm Review C Main Things He s Looking For From Us 0 connect the readings so we see the big picture ideas concepts working within our communication structures I So Basically O This has the big picture ideas that we went over in class so you can go back into the texts and make better connections that you can actually make sense of hopefully I Looking At vs Looking Thorough 0 Main Point I I m going to be honest I was still working on my answer so I missed this part of our discussion I Basically the idea of this is that we need to look at the form and style of communication just as much as any other part if not more so I you can learn just as much from howwhenwhere something is said as you can from the literal quotwhatquot of the content I Burke quotDe nition OfMan 0 Main Point I Check out Those Clauses Man is symbol using negativity separated from nature rotten with perfection etc we focused mostly on negativity in class but he probably wants us to be solid on all of them 0 man is inventor of negative descriptive and cautionary and what those are We created negativity and negativity has helped to create us shape us as we are now 0 symbols used and abused by symbols language is us we are shaped by this language as much as we shape language I go beyond clauses to implications He wants us to be able to do this comfortably I very complex stuff this reading can be used as a launchpad to talk about communication in relation to us and a lot of the other readings 0 Question I What is Ideal Verbal Realism and how does it relate to their readings I Take words and have our own interpretation based on your perspective I If you look through communication you re looking at just what the words mean and not the words themselves 0 Thinking words only correspond to their literal definitions is a naive perspective I Lanham Style 0 Main Point I Understand theory and how it relates to style I Take away from CBS It sends you in circles and doesn t answer your questions it just restates them I looking through communication is not all there is to language it s a simplified version it doesn t allow for full communication and rhetoric O rhetoric produces innovation can help you think outside the box 0 saying what you mean but with in uencing the audience in mind 0 Why you should be rhetorically sophisticated propriety I being socially adequate for the occasion proper thing to say for the situation I not being manipulative just considering audiences psychology reaction to create cooperation with humans social consideration I Game and style I not just getting message across can create cooperation with other humans playing with form to cater to audience I Burke Form 0 Main Point I form is basically about the psychology of the reader audience It about setting up desires and fulfilling those desires through the way the content is formatted C Music is an example or form without words it s truly about enjoying form alone I It s also about eloquence being uent in persuasion all about presentation Form is appetite and satisfaction of the appetite simultaneously definition on first page is great definition of Form Propriety formulation of symbols poise and rhythm form is just a greater level of style not different but part of each other 0 Style is micro form is macro O Deleuze mediators 0 Main Point I style and trends I syntax and style I usually it s how we use words to create sentences but here it s a metaphorical use beyond language 0 Body posturesetc linking movements together to create a unique and fresh creation I make movement yourself if no one is moving were not getting anywhere so we re not moving forward I getting with the trend doesn t move us we need inspiration to move AKA outside in uence without it there will be no development in our style and form I Mediators are this outside pushforce creating and inspiring change I value is in the difference stylistic change is a qualitative difference I there needs to be a fundamental change to create innovation 0 We also need times of re ection in order to innovate O DampG Minor Language 0 Main Point I the idea is that a minority is utilizing a major language changing it to suit their needs either by chance or force I you can see it often used in literature to portray language I by this creation it s them implementing their own style form in communication I characteristics deterioration collective assemblage this is its style I basically it s a minority s unique spin on a previously created language minor writers are using major language and create foreign language within that language 0 intensive usage of language I syntax is messed with to create new meaning 0 qualitative difference 0 the style becomes the content look at this not through to literal content 0 working on and against language itself antiplatonist in that sense C Minor lit is simulacrum of major language I Simulacrum 0 Main Point I When a copy is made that deviates from the original creation it is called a simulacrum O Plato s perspective is that these copies are less than because of that deviation 0 The article makes the assertion that it is because of this deviation that they are just as worthy of attention and analysis because it is a different perspective and it s meaning is no less valuable I definition of man We as humans crave a sense of order and hierarchy We have created a language revolved around negatives creating the notion that a right copy implies there s a wrong copy I This article want s celebrates this difference I There is a syntactical similarity and difference between copy and simulacrum 0 Example Cash vs counterfeit money We trust some copies more than others but it doesn39t make those bad copies any less valuable 0 Reading As Poaching 0 Main Point I Hierarchy is as follows original copy then simulacrum 0 original is intended thought of author copy is basic idea and a completely different interpretation of the original work is the poachingsimulacrum of idea I Pg170 text has meaning only through which readers does not control I The same text can mean multiple things based on the reader we all bring different perspectives of text 0 Text has no meaning unless read by us reader is composing different text as they read 0 suggests another way of reading text and that each text has potential for multiple readings depending on interpretation of the reader I We can read through lens of medium but can use hierarchy as well this creates the three levels of meaning Wants to elevate legitimacy of poached readings C Wilde Lying 0 Main Point I Wilde wanted to make clear that lying is a creative beauty that it takes creativity to lie and likened it to art I life imitates art not other way around talking of untrue things turn this negative topic into positive I lanhams style rhetoric someone uses rhetoric to not come off as rude could be seen as lying 0 life should imitate art art has to go beyond art and reinvent not just look at life art becomes the model for life 0 NOT platonic ideals ART is model LIFe is copy celebrating creativitysophistic ideas Readings 78 amp 9 have a sophistic sensibility they re all related he is bemoaning that this decay synonymous with creativity aphorism truth is a matter of style realism in art is a complete failure I Art is not about being slavishly faithful to life but creating simulacrum through creativity The more similar art is to life the more of a failure it is to him I not for us to agree or disagree but it helps to entertain his ideas and see if it enhances or negates our life I What he wants on this exam 0 each answer FULL PAGE DOUBLE SPACED minimum Quality over quantity and make sure we proofread 0 23 questions we will actually answer in total he ll say exact on the exam 0 hard copies in office by deadline Thursday By the end of class 345400pm SLIDE UNDER DOOR or GIVE IN PERSON 0 he says to pick Q s you feel most comfortable answering


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