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Chapter 1 to 5 Biology

by: KUMIKO Notetaker

Chapter 1 to 5 Biology A104

Marketplace > Republic Polytechnic > Applied Science > A104 > Chapter 1 to 5 Biology
KUMIKO Notetaker
Lynette Liaw

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About this Document

Hi guys! Hopefully my detailed study guide of lesson 1 to 5 is helpful for you!
Lynette Liaw
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by KUMIKO Notetaker on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to A104 at Republic Polytechnic taught by Lynette Liaw in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Biology in Applied Science at Republic Polytechnic.

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Date Created: 10/07/15
Study Guide from Chapter 1 to 5 Chapter 1 International System of Units SI NAME SYMBOL MEASURE DIMENSIO N metre m length L kilogram kg mass M Second 5 time T ampere A Electric current I kelvin K Thermodynamic 6 temperature mole mol Amount of substance N candela cd Luminous intensity J Imperial System Unit Relative to Feet Metres Length Previous Thou th 112000 00000254 OR 254 pm Inch in 1000 thou 112 00254 Foot ft 12 inches 1 03048 Yard yd 3 feet 3 09144 Chain ch 22 yards 66 201168 Furlong fur 10 chains 660 201168 Mile mi 8 furlongs 5280 1609344 Unit Imperial Ounces Imperial Millilitres Volume pints Fluid ounce 1 120 284130625 02 Pint pt 20 1 56826125 Quart qt 40 2 11365225 Gallon gal 160 8 454609 Unit Mass Grams Kilograms Pounds amp Weight Grain gr 006479891 1700 Ounce oz 28349523125 116 Pound lb 45359237 045359237 1 Stone st 635029318 635029318 14 Ton t 10160469 2240 088 Metric System TEXT SYM BO L FACTO R tera T 1 000 000 000 000 giga G 1 000 000 000 mega M 1 000 000 kilo k 1 000 hecto h 100 deca da 10 none none 1 deci d 01 centi c 001 milli m 0001 micro u 0000 001 nano n 0000 000 001 pico p 0000 000 000 001 NonSI units such as minute hour and day are also used instead Noted 1 mm2 square millimetre 1 mm2 0001 m2 0000001 m2 1 km2 square kilometre 1 km2 1000 m2 1000000 m2 1 mm3 cubic millimetre 1 mm3 0001 m3 0000000001 m3 1 km3 cubic kilometre 1 km3 1000 m3 1000000000 m3 1 foot ft 03048 metres 1 pound lb x 0454 kilograms 1 gallon gal z 379 litres Note 1 litre 1 metre cube Chapter 2 Atoms Basic building blocks of matter Electrically neutral The number of protons and electrons is the same in an atom Centre of an atom is the nucleus Composed of protons neutrons and electrons Protons are positively charged particles Electrons are negatively charged particles and reside in shells surrounding the nucleus Neutrons do not carry any charge Chapter 3 Vitamins Fat soluble are nonpolar such as Vitamin A D E and K 0 Water soluble are polar such as Vitamin B and C The shape of H20 water Electrons are more attracted to oxygen atom than hydrogen atom Bond pair of electrons is not equally shared 0 Bond pair of electrons will be drawn nearer to oxygen atom than hydrogen atom Electronegativity The tendency of attracting electrons towards itself H 22 Li Be B C N O F 098 157 204 255 304 344 398 Na Mg Al Si P S Cl 093 131 161 19 219 258 316 K Ca Ga Ge As Se Br 082 1 181 201 218 255 296 Polarity lf electrons are shared more or less equally a nonpolar covalent bond exists between the atom Polar Covalent Molecule Bond type Difference in Net dipole Example electronegati moment 5 vity Polar covalent 0520 Yes H20 OH bond lf electrons are shared unequally a polar covalent bond exists between the atoms NonPolar Covalent Molecule Bond type Difference in Net dipole Example electronegati moment 5 vity Nonpolar lt 05 No zero H2 CH covalent bond Polar covalent 0520 No zero C02 bond Cancelout reinforce one another39s effect Ionic Molecule Bond type Difference in electronegativity Exampl es Ionic bond gt20 NaCl Chapter 4 Intermolecular Interactions 1 Polar Polar Interactions 2 Nonpolar Nonpolar Interactions 3 Hydrogen Bonding A special type of polar polar intermolecular interactions Occurs when one molecule has a HF HN or HO bond Bond Strength Ionic Bond gt Hydrogen Bond gt Polar Polar Interaction gt Nonpolar Nonpolar Interaction l M n pallet r mm um FaeIa molecule I ll 1 A I Qquot A El nail H vc IF IH i FIJII NH Dr H 33 Gilli I 39IHI barins bands r HillEwe i 7M WW 1 T3 39 m7 H n r l l v F39lizillar H gr E 39 r N 3 F 39m r ENEquot ll 31m H mm f 39 quot quot 39 39 ilg i39l rinjt imtjl39ig Ill39ltlzl39 iii Ellli lil39l l39 i Hil 39l i 39 f lint m minn fjr Lurk il Ice and Water Ice Water liquid Less packed More packed Arranged on a lattice and Molecules slow down when it vibrate gets cooler Bonds are more quickly in Bonds are very dif cult to breaking and reforming break and reform Noted Ice solid water is less dense than liquid water Frozen oil solid oil is denser than liquid oil Water has a higher boiling point than most of the liquids The word 39inter39 means between or among The word 39intra39 means inside or within Chapter 5 Polymerization Monome Amino Simple Nucleotide r acids sugars s Polymer Proteins Carbohydrat Nuclei es acids Carbohydrate Polysaccharides Main source of energy Starch and glycogen Starch tubers bread rice E ggzg quotE Glycogen liver meats mam Alpha 14 linkage main chain Alpha 16 linkage branched chain Cellulose Found in vegetables fruits skin whole grains Beta 14 linkage main chain Protein Found in animal meats soy products Consist of monomers amino acid Amino group NH3 Carboxylic group COOH Side chain R Group Amino acids are categorised based on the chemical properties of the R Group mil39iua 39Es il uliililijil Emmy Emilup 5km chain Structure is formed through dehydration synthesis or condensation of more than two amino acids Hydrolysed by proteases into amino acids Provide structure Regulate body processes Transport materials throughout your body Help your immune system Act as a source of energy Nuclei Acids Found in animal meats Consist of monomers nucleotide Nitrogenous base A Adenine T Thymine C Cytosine G Guanine Fivecarbon sugar Phosphate group Genetic information is stored in the sequences of nucleotides in the DNA Nuclei acids are hydrolysed to nucleotides Lipids Triglycerides Found in animal meats and plant oils o It is a macromolecule but not a polymer Formed via dehydration synthesis of glycerol and fatty acids Structure of fatty acids can be saturated or nonsaturated fats H El E ii H Hi 1 5 iiu I39 H I II II I I I I I I II I Hz I39 J L IL IE Ill H Ii i39 l39 E IE lE IE E H i II l I I I Ii i I ii i I1 H H ii w 7 H H H e W9quot Ester Bland l h lailm EI H E H H Hi T If Y I39 H H H W I T II T I Ii Jimm I I I l I Ill 1 m1 JEE JE39IEJEquotH HI Ii wa acatat rz cars 5 I II I I II II I I I I II H III 4 In 1 HH E I E II I H VMEHI j 39I H H H i39 I ii I ELSE HEW l I I ii I H ii hi E ilycr cl Fatty 45mm IrgIrEEIm H5qu HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHH 93 5 i1 i E I g I I I i E J H H FEGE EEEIEEE39inH 139 u a m gme r l39 y I1 h I by H I r a I I I II I nag H H H H I In II II M H H H H H I L HI an H H Animal bagged Fl am Lhasa Ega lard butter Eg all E 39li39 Liquid 7 High Law ND feaa N WSWW FH fr it dmp mca n o


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