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Midterm study guide

by: Hannah Mathews

Midterm study guide RLST 203

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Hannah Mathews
Buddhist Traditions

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About this Document

Here's a study guide I filled out! Good luck with your test!
Buddhist Traditions
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Hannah Mathews on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to RLST 203 at Montana State University taught by Grether in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 190 views.


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Date Created: 10/07/15
Midterm Study Guide RLST203 Spring 2015 Be able to define and explain the importance of the following terms Theravada vs Mahayana Definition 0 Theravada Book Those who hold the doctrine of the elders In class Early Buddhism that retains its indian influence Emphasis on monasticism and asceticism 500 BCE o Mahayana Book The Great Vehicle In class New philosophical doctrines Importance Theravada renouncing your worldly things amp mahayana compassion and wisdom Mauryan Empire Definition One of the most famous dynasties in India beginning with Candragupta Maurya around 320 BCE Importance Where buddhism stemmed from Asoka Definition Cangragupta Maurya s grandson Third emperor or Mauryan Dynasty brought india together under his rule Importance Embraced Buddhist teachings and banned hunting forced labor etc Kushanas amp iconography Definition Art that brought a lot of attention to Buddhism causing it to spread Importance Attracted people to buddhism to try to convert them and responsible for images of buddha Stupa Definition A memorial mound constructed over the relics of the Buddha or other important person Importance Has a relic inside and also symbolic bc empty on inside and symbolizes the womb and rebirth bc you want to be reborn from an empty place Tipitika Definition Scriptures of Theravada Buddha s teachings commentaries and monastic rules Importance Ragadvesalmoha Definition Raga Greed Devsa Hatred Moha Ignorance Importance These are the origins of suffering ignorance Bhavacakra Definition The wheel of life that sets out the relative position of each of the six realms Importance Redemption is always possible in Buddhism more symbolic than literal Sramanas Definition First ascetics gave up all worldly possessions Importance buddha rejected extreme sramanas and advocated a middle path middle way AkusalaKusala Definition Akusala Bad actions motivated by greed raga hatred dvesa and delusion moha Kusala Good actions motivated by nonattachment benevolence and understanding Importance Types of karma that will determine where you will be reborn in your next life Karma Definition Natural sequence of cause and effect not a system of rewards or punishments handed out by God not destiny or fate based on intentions Importance Karma will determine which realm you will be reborn into Dharma Definition The medicine or teachings of the Buddha scriptures Importance Dharma is everything Punyalpapa Definition Punya Good karma merit Papa bad karma demerit Importance Based off of intentions amp determines reincarnation placement Dharmacakrapravartana S tra Definition The First Sermon Importance When Buddha started his teachings set the wheel in motion Ashvaghosha Definition Author of first biography written about the life of buddha Importance First Mara Definition Means to die Importance Demon that tempted buddha with his daughters amp Buddha wouldn t fall for it so then he was awakened Bodhisattva Definition One who postpones his own full awakening in order to help others Importance Theravada Buddha in his previous lives amp Mahayana anyone who aspires to achieve Nirvana Avyakata Definition Undeterminable Things that don t have a truth with a capital T Importance These are the questions that cannot be answered ie Will you continue to exist after Nirvana Ehi Bhiksu Definition How Buddha developed the first Sangha beggar come with me beggar Importance First followers of the Sangha Sangha Definition These are the nurses Laity and monks Importance the ones who help guide you on your path to Buddhism Mahaprajapati Definition Buddha s aunt amp one of first members of Buddha s sangha Importance She raised him Ananda Definition Siddhartha s cousin who became his favorite first disciple and personal attendant Importance Recited all of the Buddha s sermons at the first council amp helped establish the order of the nuns Rahula Definition Buddha s only son his name means fetter Importance Became a monk at age 7 and later a chief of all novices helped spread dharma Sk nda Definition Ontic Deconstructive Techniques how you gain wisdom which is skanda or 5 aggregates Importance 5 aggregates which make up an individual form feelingsensation perceptions mental formations consciousnessserenity vignana Trsn Definition thirst desires cravings made up of raga dvesa and moha Importance one of the 4 noble truths PratityaSamutpada Definition Codependent arising or interconnected change dependent origination Importance Because of this this is has to do with the heart of understanding and interbeing and impermanence Dukkha Viparinama amp Samskara Dukkha Definition One of the 4 noble truths Being uncomfortable in your own skin DukkhaDukkha III at ease with ourselves and notion that the future will be better than the present ViparinamaDukkha Afraid of change try to create an illusion SamskaraDukkha Nothing is what is promises to be ego clinging Importance Things you have to realize and unlearn to awaken one of the three marks of existance Anatman Definition InsubstantiaIity No seIf Importance Doctrine intended to eliminate attachment one of the three marks of existance Anicca Definition Impermanence Importance To realize that everything is impermanent one of the three marks of existance Sunyata Definition Emptiness Importance unfreeze the fixed notions of our minds not something you believe something you practice Nirvana Definition Not the attainment of something letting go Importance reaching nothingness being in the moment everything is nirvana Praj a Definition Wisdom the 6th practice of perfection Importance Having the right view and right resolve Karuna Definition Compassion Importance Distinguishes difference between Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism Mahayana Buddhism focuses on compassion Vajrayana Definition diamond path Importance attributed to tibetan buddhism Avalokite vara Definition Bodhisattva of compassion gave us the gift of nonfear Importance Someone who delays their awakening for the sake of others and follows Mahayana Buddhism Madhyamika Definition Indian school founded by Nagarjuna Middle Way Importance Contains the 5 meditations Upaya Definition Skillful means how to apply wisdom one of 6 perfections mahayana doctrine Importance Allows teacher to find precisely the method needed by the student slap meditation santa clause 10 commandments etc new mahayana doctrine Praj aparimita Definition Perfection of wisdom Importance foundation was sets in Mahayana Buddhism Paramita Definition Perfection of the self Importance Wisdom can be perfected by all beings one of those 6 things that mahayana added to buddhism Naga una Definition Philosopher important figure in Madhyamika Buddhism almost all Mahayana schools regard him as a founder Importance Famous for logical discourses including parjnaparimita Yogacara Definition one who practices yoga Mahayana school Importance seeks to explain how existence is constructed by mind only mind exists Alayavij ana Definition Storehouse Consciousness one of 8 consciousness s seed consciousness Importance Storage place for karmic latenciesfertile mix of predispositions Other important things to know Donald Lopez s critique of Buddhology amp Ninian Smart s dimensional analysis 0 American Buddhism westernized o World view rather than religions 0 Doesn t always match up with theology Some examples of Buddhist ritual practices 0 probably no questions on test 0 fire ritual incense burning prostrating construction of mandala Indus Valley civilization Vedic India amp Brahmanism incl challenges to it o Indus Valley civilization is an early form of Buddhism 0 Meditation ascetic reincarnation karma goal of liberation o Vedic lndia focused on sacrifice and believed in gods 0 Vedas establish basis for caste system c Brahmins priests The basics of the historical Buddha s life events 0 His mother saw a white elephant meaning he was going to be a religious leader or king 0 Gave birth to him standing up he was encased in a gold casket and came out of her side 0 His name was Siddhartha Gautama lndian prince of the Sakya clan 0 Married at 16 0 Saw suffering and left home and family at 29 to seek spiritual knowledge 0 Awoke at 35 o Taught for 45 years c Died at age 80 Jataka stories and some implications 0 Textual division of the Pali Canon teach Buddhist moralityvirtues 0 Videos 0 The brave pig courage 0 Golden crab standing up to aggressors o The greedy forester generosity Four noble truths Eightfold Path Five precepts amp Five aggregates 0 Four Noble Truths o Dukkha disease o Trsna thirst 0 Nirvana can stop suffering o Marga the eightfold path 0 Eightfold path 0 Sila I Right speech I Right action I Right livelihood o Samadi meditation I Right effort I Right mindfulness I Right meditation 0 Prajna wisdom I Right view I Right resolve Five precepts 0 Abstain from I Harming human beings I Stealing I Sexual misconduct I Lying I Intoxication Five aggregates skandhas Form Feelingssensations Perceptions Mental formations o Consciousnesssentiency 0000 Main Mahayana doctrines Sunyata Bodhisattva Buddha nature Karuna compassion Upaya Five meditations on sunyata from Nagarjuna Sunyatize beings and objects Sunyatize dharmas Sunyatize samsara Sunyatize distinction between samsara amp nirvana Sunyatize sunyata 0 Don t see everything as empty 0 All upaya all a lie 0 Buddha isn t teaching anything letting go of ignorance Biggest cause of suffering ignorance


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