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Midterm Review

by: Phillip Yang

Midterm Review JPNS 101

Phillip Yang
GPA 3.13
Basic Japanese 101
Professor Takeno

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About this Document

Hey guys! This is the midterm study guide I made to make it easier rather than just to flip through messy notes in your backpack. This is condensed into three pages so that you can effectively s...
Basic Japanese 101
Professor Takeno
Study Guide
JPNS, Japan, Japanese, kanji, Takeno, Kanji Takeno, 101, midterm, exam
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Phillip Yang on Wednesday October 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to JPNS 101 at Towson University taught by Professor Takeno in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see Basic Japanese 101 in Language at Towson University.


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Date Created: 10/07/15
J PNS 101 Midterm Review Lecturer Professor Takeno Takeno Sensei Number one rule NEVER CHANGE SENTENCE STRUCTURE Number two rule replace only the question words nan and remove question particles ka when answering questions 0 Three Japanese Writing Characters 0 O O H iragana Modified Chinese Characters Katakana Foreign words Kanji Borrowed Chinese Characters 0 Particles 0 000000000 0 Wa is or am Ga used for arimasu imasu sukidesu and kirai desu Ka Question particle Wo Used when something is about to be used No Possessive particle Ni E Used to determine time and date of situation De Using to achieve a certain goal To Particle for the word and connecting word Mo Word for also not the same as To Kara From Made To 0 Greeting for each situation 0 O O O O O Ohayou gozaimasu Good Morning Konnichiwa Good Afternoon Konbanwa Good Evening Sayounara Goodbye Ja matq Mata Ne See you later Hajimemashite Nice to meet you lit It is the first time o Expressions O O O O O O o How to say 0 O Arigatou Gozaimasu Thank you very much Dou Itashimashite You re welcome Sumimasen I am sorry Thank you Excuse me Interchangable O Genki Desu ka How are you lit Are you fine Wakarimashita I understand Wakarimasen I don t understand in J apaneseEnglish wa Nihongo de nan to iimasuka How do you say in Japanese 39 to iimasu wa Eigo de nan to iimasuka How do you say in English I t0 iimasu Introducing yourself 0 Anata no Name Major Study Japanese I O namae wa nan desu ka What is your name 0 Watashi no namae wa desu My name is I Senkou wa nan desu ka What is your major desu My Major is 0 Watashi wa Nihongo w0 Benkyou shiteimasu I am studying Japanese 0 Watashi no senkou wa I Ichiji 1 o clock I Niji 2 o clock I Sanji 3 o clock I Yoji 4 o clock I Goji 5 o clock I Rokuji 6 o clock I ShichijiNanaji 7 o clock I Hachiji 8 o clock I Kuji 9 o clock I Jyuuji 10 o clock I Jyuuichiji 11 o clock I Jyuuniji 12 o clock 0 Minutes I Jyuugofun 15 Minutes or 15 I Han OR sanjyuppun 30 Minutes or 30 I Yonjyuugofun 45 Minutes or 45 o Etc I Goro About Example Kuji goro around 9 o clock o Telling time I Time of Day Time 0 Gogo ichiji 1 RM 0 Gazen nanaji 7 AM 0 Asa rokuji 6 in the morning 0 How to ask time I Ima ji desu ka What time is it I Ima J i desu It is o clock 0 Asking time with activity Specify time of day ji ni a J i ni Activities and Food 0 Activities I Do you like it O O o o What i o Saki desa ka Do you like it Kirai desa ka Do you hate it Do you do it or not 0 wo ka Example C00ra wo nomimasaka Do you drink Cola 0 wo Example Coora wo nomimasen I do not drink Cola o Hai Yes or Iie no Restaurant wo Kudasai Please give me There isThere isn t ArimasaArimasen non liVing ImasaImasen Animate and living s this that and that over there Kore This USED when item is in YOUR possession Kano This Koko Here Sore That USED when item is in THEIR possession Sarto That Soko There Are That Over there USED when item is in NEITHER person s possession 39 Ana that over there Asoka That over there Kore wa nan desa ka Sore wa nan desa ka Are wa nan desa ka What is thisthatthat over there I Kore waSore waAre wa desa ThisThat is a Describing yourself 0 Have something ready a sentence that describes you a few examples below I Watashi wa ishi ni naritai desa I want to be a Doctor 39 Watashi wa 21sai desa I am 21 years old 0 Map of Japan Hokkaid Honshu 4 Kama Shikoku J


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