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Music 1520 Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Kyle Blanchard

Music 1520 Exam 1 Study Guide 1520-100

Marketplace > Western Michigan University > Music > 1520-100 > Music 1520 Exam 1 Study Guide
Kyle Blanchard
GPA 2.7
Rock Music: Genesis and Development
Daniel Jacobson

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About this Document

Rock Music: Genesis and Development
Daniel Jacobson
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kyle Blanchard on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 1520-100 at Western Michigan University taught by Daniel Jacobson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Rock Music: Genesis and Development in Music at Western Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/08/15
Music 1520100 Rock Music Genesis and Development 10815 Study Guide for Exam 1 Be able to match an artist to their band group The Beatles Lennon McCartney Harrison Ringo Starr The Rolling StonesJaggar Richards The Hollies Nash The Who Townshend Daltrey The Drifters Ben E King Be able to match an artist to their STYLE category early Blues Ma Rainey Robert Johnson 40s 50s BluesR amp B Louis Jordan Big Joe Turner Ruth Brown SOs rockabilly Perkins Elvis Haley Holly Everly Brothers SOs quotDoo Wopquot Coasters Drifters Dion and the Belmonts 503 quotTeen Idolquot Fabian Pat Boone Anka Sedaka 503 R amp BRock and Roll Berry Fats Domino Little Richard Chubby Checker SOs60s quotSurfquot Duane Eddy Dick Dale Ventures Surfaris Beach Boys Chapter 1 R amp B artists match to their songs Independent record labels match to their founders andor major artists Know Jerry Leiber amp Mike Stoller songwriters for Atlantic Records Should be able to recognize these songsartists Joe Turner quotShake Rattle amp Rollquot Louis Jordan quotCaldoniaquot Muddy Waters quot1 Got My Mojo Workin39quot Little Richard quotTutti Fruttiquot quotLucillequot Fats Domino quotBlue Mondayquot Chuck Berry quotMaybellenequot quotRoll Over Beethovenquot Independent record labels match to their founders andor major artists Know the 4 major rockabillycountry artists with Sun records Know the 4 main phases of Elvis39 career Sun RCNHollywood ArmyGermany Las Vegas Know these songsartists Carl Perkins quotBlue Suede Shoesquot Bill Haley quotRock Around the Clockquot Buddy Holly quotThat39ll Be The Dayquot Everly Bros quotBye Bye Lovequot Elvis quotHound Dogquot quotJailhouse Rockquot Dion and the BelmontsquotTeenager in Lovequot What happened to Presley Holly Little Richard Berry Lewis by 1959 Chapter 2 Know some of the prominent quotD00 wopquot groups primarily Black artists Drifters featuring Ben E King Silhouettes Coasters Dion and The Belmonts white Italian group Teen Idol artists match to their songs Know the 4 major record labels of the 3960s RCA Decca Columbia Capitol Know Clark Kirschner Spector Freed Know Chubby Checker quotThe Twistquot written by Hank Ballard according to Dick Clark quotThe single most in uential song in Rock historyquot SurfHot Rod artists match to their songs Know surf instrumental Dick Dale amp his Del Tones The Ventures Know surf vocal esp The Beach Boys Know these songsartists Beach Boys quotSurfer Girlquot quotI Get Aroundquot The Surfaris quotWipe Outquot Chapter 3 Folk Rock artists match to their songs Review the critical importancein uence Bob Dylan had on rock lyrics esp see Timelife Video 4 The move of the rockpop recording industry from New York City to Los Angeles Should know these songs by Bob Dylan quotThe Times They Are A Changin39quot quotMaggie39s Farmquot quotLike a Rolling Stonequot quotBlowin39 in the Windquot Dylan quotwent electricquot at the Newport Folk Festival 1965 British Invasion 1964 British rock artists match to their songs andor their bands Know what quotSkif equot is Know the first two of The Beatles39 3 career phases and info Early quotYeah yeahquot style thru 1964 Example quotShe Loves Youquot Middle Socially conscious lyrics Dylanfolk in uence c1965 66 quotNorwegian Woodquotuses Sitar quotEleanor Rigbyquot uses string quartet quotYesterdayquot uses string quartet Rubber Soul and Revolver albums Late will be on exam 2 Psychedelichighly eXperimental c 1967 70 Know their original drummer was Pete Best Know George Martin39s enormous in uence on The Beatles Know manager Brian Epstein p 27 Know The Beatles39 US invasion in Feb 1964 Know that they simultaneously had the 5 top songs in US in early April 3964 Know their first 1 hit in Britain was quotPlease Please Mequot first 1 hit in the US was quotI Wanna Hold Your Handquot Know they were the first to make a promotional music video quotA Hard Day39s Nightquot Know their last live concert was in Aug 66 at San Francisco39s Candlestick Park same year the Beach Boys stopped touring because Brian Wilson has a mental breakdown from stress Know early phase of The Rolling Stones More strongly rooted in R amp BBluesCountry amp Western in uence esp Muddy Waters Chuck Berry Hank Williams Sr From 1964 67 mostly followed trends set by The Beatles then rougher image When Beatles began to drift apart c 1968 The Stones came into their own Know the major British quotMerseyquot Liverpool artists of c 1964 65 Herman39s Hermits Peter Noone Gerry amp The Pacemakers Peter amp Gordon Know Graham Nash The Hollies Other general information to know From the quotMusical Elementsquot section of textbook pp 103 105 112 113 Know definitions of rhythm related terms quotmeterquot quottempoquot quotsyncopationquot quotBackbeatquot accenting beats 2 and 4 of 44 meter instead of usual beats 1 amp 3 Know definitions of general harmonic terms quotchordquot quotprogression consonancequot vs quotdissonancequot Know the standard 8 bar or 12 bar blues pattern p 112 I IV V7 I Other Miscellaneous quotCoverquot tunes know original artists and those who copiedcovered them Song Original Artist Covered By quotWhole Lot of Shakin39 Going Onquot by Joe Turner cover Jerry Lee Lewis quotTutti Fruttiquot by Little Richard cover Pat Boone quotBlue Suede Shoesquot by Carl Perkins cover Elvis quotRock Around the Clockquot by Sonny Dae cover Bill Haley quotShake Rattle and Rollquot by Joe Turner cover Bill Haley quotTwist and Shoutquot by The Isley Brothers cover The Beatles quotThe Twistquot by Hank Ballard cover Chubby Checker quotI Just Wanna Make Love to Youquot by Muddy Waters cover Rolling Stones quotBlowin39 in the Windquot by Bob Dylan cover Peter Paul and Mary Be able to match a performer to their particular group Be able to match a song to a particular group The best selling artists during the 50s were in order 1 Elvis 2 Pat Boone The best selling artists during the entire 60s were in order 1 Elvis 2 The Beatles 3 The Supremes 4 The Rolling Stones


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