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Midterm Study Guide

by: Tiara Notetaker

Midterm Study Guide HIST 145

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Tiara Notetaker
GPA 3.8
Dr. Andrew Diemer

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About this Document

The Study Guide includes 62 questions. 12 are the questions posed by Dr. Diemer at the beginning of each class lecture. 45 are questions from the class and textbook notes. 5 are questions from 5 of...
Dr. Andrew Diemer
Study Guide
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This 14 page Study Guide was uploaded by Tiara Notetaker on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HIST 145 at Towson University taught by Dr. Andrew Diemer in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 65 views. For similar materials see HIST 145 - HIST OF U.S. TO THE CIVIL WAR in History at Towson University.


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Date Created: 10/08/15
HIST 145 Midterm StudentMade Study Guide Part One The following are questions Dr Diemer has posed at the beginning of each class lecture the date of the lecture is given in bold Try your best to answer them whether in bullet form or paragraph form do whichever best prepares you to write an essay The answers from my notes are given separately Please consult your own notes as well for answers Try to answer as much as you can from what you remember before reviewing your notes or mine 1 827 What are the three main themes of this course 1 2 3 2 91 How do the other European nations French and Dutch differ from Spain when it comes to colonizing the New World 3 93 What affect does religion and the English monarchs have on the establishment of the early English colonies 4 9 10 Why do the witch trials occur in Salem Massachusetts 5 915 HowWhy did the shift between the use of servants to the use of slaves occur 6 917 Who is in control of the Atlantic Ocean during the settling of American colonies Why 7 922 How was nationalism both British and American developed Also include the difference between Great Brittan and England in your response 8 924 How do the British colonists come to see themselves as Americans What actions could the British have done to avoid Americans forsaking their loyalty to Brittan 9 929 Howwhy do the colonists advance from con ict and protest to revolution Try to include at least 23 solid reasons Think The midterm is going to be all essay questions 10 101 How does the US not only claim independence but become independent 11 106 What were the consequences of the Revolution What did the government look like as a result 12 108 Why is it that the Americans ignore the advice given to them by their rst president Be sure to list and describe the two components of this advice as well Part Two The following are key points Dr Diemer has discussed during the class lectures the date of the lecture is given in hold I have made review questions out of these points Try your best to answer them whether in bullet form or paragraph form do whichever best prepares you to write an essay The answers from my notes are given separately Please consult your own notes as well for answers Try to answer as much as you can from what you remember before reviewing your notes or mine 827 1 How was the nation of Spain built 2 Does the Atlantic Ocean connect or divide circle one the old and new world Why 3 Why couldn t Europeans establish slave plantations in Africa Try to include at least 23 solid reasons 91 4 De ne Privateers Privateering 5 Dr Diemer stated It s not Europeans vs Natives but English vs French vs Spanish vs Natives What did he mean by this 6 De ne Mourning War 93 7 De ne Jamestown include key dates events people etc 8 Who was King Henry VIII the 8th 9 Who were the Puritans 910 10 What does it mean to say that the Puritans were in fear of decline 11 Brie y describe who these British monarchs are and their importance Stuck This website is amazing httpwwwbritroyalscomkingsaspidhenry8 a Henry VIII 15091547 b Mary I 15531558 c Elizabeth 1 15581603 1 James I 16031625 FD Charles I 16251649 t39l39 Charles II 16601685 James II 16851688 CF h William 111 Mary 11 16891702 i King George 111 17601820 12 Brie y describe the English Civil War the Glorious Revolution and King William s War if you haven t done so already above 915 13 14 15 917 16 17 18 922 19 20 De ne Indentured Servitude De ne the Navigation Acts Who was Nathaniel Bacon and what was Bacon s Rebellion De ne the Middle Passage What was the Stono Rebellion Describe the life of a Pirate Why did people become pirates What was the War of Jenkins Ear What was the War of Austrian succession 21 What was the Seven Years War French and Indian War Include the de nitions of the Albany Plan of Union who William Pitt was and the 1763 Treaty of Paris 924 22 Who were squatters Did they cause a problem How were they different from wealthy investors 23 De ne Pontiac s Rebellion and the Paxton Boys 24 De ne the following acts Be sure to include the years they were issued what they taxed or stated and the reaction colonists gave to them including the NonImportation Movement and who was involved a Sugar Act b Stamp Act c Quartering Act d Declaratory Act e Townshend Act De ne ideology and republicanism 929 25 De ne the Intolerable Acts 26 De ne Paul Revere the Battle of Lexington the Battle of Concord and Hessians 27 What was the Continental Congress What were they doing at this time And who was Thomas Paine 101 28 What were Brittan s goals Their battle strategy 29 What were George Washington s goals and his battle strategy Include a description the purpose of the winter at Valley Forge 30 Why did the French enter the American s Revolutionary War Try to name 23 reasons 31 Who was John Wilkes 32 Who was General Cornwallis How did the war end 33 What is a revolution Where did Americans get the idea of a revolution Why were their actions considered and classi ed as a revolution 106 34 De ne the Articles of Confederation Pros Cons 35 a How did opinions of indentured servitude and slavery differ How did they align with the political thought of the time b How did opinions of women change during this time Hint Republican Motherhood 36 De ne Shays s Rebellion 108 37 When was the new Constitution written How did it differ from the Articles of Confederation 38 Who was George Washington What made him respected among Americans Describe his presidency What advice did he give And what precedents did he set 39 Compares and contrasts these two parties Fill in the last three w anything else Federalist Democratic Republican Leader Government Position Leader Government Position Wanted a strong government Wanted a strong government Goal for America economy Goal for America economy Relationship w Europe whywhy not Relationship w Europe whywhy not Support French Revolution Support French Revolution Called by Democratic Republicans Called by Democratic Republicans Difference between the above Federalist and Federalists vs Anti Federalists not the same 40 41 42 43 44 45 De ne the French Revolution Who was the leader What countries were involved What was the impact of it How did it end Who was John Adams What was the XYZ Affair Also de ne the Naturalization Law the Alien Act and the Sedition Act Describe what happened in the Election of 1800 What was the Louisiana Purchase Did it align with Jefferson s view of strict interpretation Describe the Barbary War the Embargo and anything else I forgot to put on this study guide Part Three The following ve questions are from the class readings Dr Diemer handed out in class the date the reading was handed out is given in bold Try your best to answer them whether in bullet form or paragraph form do whichever best prepares you to write an essay The answers from my notes are given separately Please consult your own notes as well for answers Try to answer as much as you can from what you remember before reviewing your notes or mine Be sure to review the other documents we discussed in class that may not be mentioned below 1 Excerpts of the Laws of Colonial Virginia 915 What were the motives behind writing these laws What is your opinion of these laws What role did religion play in governing Virginia What is meant by the phrase race is a social construct 2 Marquis de la Galissoniere Memoir on the French Colonies in North America December 17501922 What was his point in writing this What did he want France to do Were the French colonies important Why Were there ulterior motives in writing this 3 William Pitt s speech on the Stamp Act January 14 1776 929 Who was William Pitt Whose side was he on What was his justi cation What impact did his opinion have on England On America 4 Charleston South Carolina 1777 Going to the Source 101 What important or interesting cheers were made Why What does this tell you about American beliefsattitudes South Carolina beliefsattitudes 5 A Declaration of the Rights of the Inhabitants of the Commonwealth or State of Pennsylvania gtAND lt Plan or Frame of Government for the Commonwealth or State of Pennsylvania 101 In what ways did this resemble the Declaration of Independence The Constitution In what ways was it different Did any of these statements create a problem Were they too good to be true What were the motives behind writing them


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