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Review Chapters 1-5

by: Kasandra Guyette

Review Chapters 1-5 COM 211

Kasandra Guyette
SUNY Oswego
GPA 3.46
Strategic Communication in Bus
James Wyckoff

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About this Document

Study Guide of key points for chapters 1 through 5
Strategic Communication in Bus
James Wyckoff
Study Guide
Business communications, Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kasandra Guyette on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to COM 211 at State University of New York at Oswego taught by James Wyckoff in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 78 views.

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Reviews for Review Chapters 1-5


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Date Created: 10/08/15
Business Communication Review Chapter 1 Why you should study business communications 0 Effective business communicators have a competitive edge in the job market planning producing delivering and interpreting messages 0 Communication skills will contribute to your company s success along with your own make you a more valuable employee can increase your salary also help in personal life Why communication is challenging 0 Business communication is complex encoding a message selecting an appropriate medium decoding the message and providing effective feedback transactional model 0 Barriers block communication overcome physiological psychological semantic and linguistic barriers 0 Context adds to complexity pprior knowledge and experience affect peoples ability to understand you 0 Different audiences have different needs think about each individual s context background concerns and agenda 0 Social media expands opportunities and responsibilities employers look to employees to provide content Effective communicators are characteristics good communicators share 0 Strategic Purposeful specific audience oriented organized to fit audience persuasive 3 useful techniques for persuasion 0 identifying benefits 0 providing reasons and evidence 0 anticipating audience s objections 0 Professional qualities that make you seem business like clear and concise and live up to ethical standards 0 Adaptive being willing and able to change to meet business needs remain current with technology social media other cultures work with others Chapter 2 Listening skills 0 Hearing accurately eliminating distraction focus on speaker 0 Comprehending and interpreting 0 Evaluating prepare to judge and remain open minded 0 Responding let the speaker know you understand Speaking strategies that encourage others to listen to you 0 Focus on your audience analyze their interests 0 Share the conversation by inviting others to speak 0 Clear concrete language to avoid misinterpretation 0 Support message use nonverbal communication 0 Avoid triggering negative language 0 Frame negative comments positively 0 Be aware of gender specific language How to manage interpersonal con ict 0 Identify the cause of con ict diff opinions lack of info relational issues and ego issues 0 Select an appropriate management technique compromise How to improve cultural communications 0 Understand how cultures differ study the cultures communication methods they prefer 0 Develop strategies to help communicate with diverse groups relatively formal mirror their behavior talk clear and concise and slowly request feedback smile be friendly and willing to communicate How to work effectively with a team 0 Assemble an effective team have right attitude and skills 0 Agree on goals and standards 0 Give team time to develop forming storming norming and performing 0 Develop good leadership practices 0 Plan for effective meetings 0 Be a good team member do your job and support others Chapter 3 Analyzing 0 Analyzing purpose focuses message develop outcome oriented purpose maintain good will and determine if persuasion is necessary 0 Analyze audience helps meet needs consider primary and secondary audiences 0 Analyzing content ensures complete message do you need more information Composing 0 Deciding where and when to compose consider environment avoid distraction plan time 0 Organizing message determine structure where to state main point directly main idea first or indirectly details before main idea 0 Drafting the content avoid writers block by using a creative process Designing a professional format and delivery consider which technique to use for the formality of your writing Evaluating Revising content improves effectiveness Editing styletone helps project professional image use positive wording and active voice no slang Proof reading increases credibility Reviewing feedback helps improve communication strategies Chapter 4 Composing messages containing questionsrequests Decide between direct request first or indirect message supporting details then request provide reasons for request Adapt a you perspective and include audience benefits Conclude with gratitude and a call to action thank audience and restate your request Composing informational messages Reply to questions with direct answer begin with positive response follow with the organization of original message Respond to customer requests by creating good will important when customers are requesting refunds exchanges and repairs Highlight keys points in confirmation message acknowledging Organize routine announcements so they are easy to skim info they need to know Format instructions so readers can easily follow the steps use bullet points lists Messages that build good will Good will is a term used to describe the attitude of friendliness Thank you messages expresses appreciation Congratulatory messages recognize someone else s achievement Sympathy messages For your information messages pass along information the audience will appreciate Using social media to create good will Provide quick responses to questions and concems social media makes it easier to respond quickly Provide useful information that audiences want and need Build positive community by engaging and interacting with audience giving them a voiceplatform gives incentive for them to be invested in your business Chapter 5 Using ACE Analyze Compose Evaluate process help you persuade your audience Analyzing helps plan message focusing purpose desired outcome and business result Composing implements the persuasive plan by putting words into action Evaluating helps review the draft for effectiveness Basic elements of persuasion Building credibility build credibility by getting to know your audience introduce yourself effectively and presenting your ideas persuasively Constructing a logical argument make claims to support your reasons which can be facts expert opinions personal experiences or examples Appealing to your audiences emotions helps to sell your persuasive idea compelling evidence and powerful language Business messages that require persuasion Recommendations for action requires convincing someone that a problemopportunity exists and your idea is best way to address it Request for favors Persuasive customer claims when a refundexchange is not obligated but you request the seller that it is in their best interest to grant your request Sales messages incorporate the use of attention interest desire and action AIDA Applying persuasive strategies in social media Build credibility by providing valuable content identify the kind of info the audience wants Develop strategy to motivate action appeal to your audience using the Fogg Behavior Model trigger audience response Use persuasive techniques to appeal to emotion use conversational language humor promote a sense of scarcity limited time offers etc give benefits Using persuasion to improve teamworkcollaboration Persuasion helps to motivate others helps others feel pride in their work Persuasion help a team make better decisions present best cases and evaluate together


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