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Mid Term Study Guide

by: Angela Cameron

Mid Term Study Guide THA 481

Marketplace > University of Miami > Theatre > THA 481 > Mid Term Study Guide
Angela Cameron
GPA 3.86
Theatre History I
Brian Valencia

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About this Document

Theatre History I
Brian Valencia
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Angela Cameron on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to THA 481 at University of Miami taught by Brian Valencia in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see Theatre History I in Theatre at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 10/08/15
Cameron 1 MidTerm Study Guide Ancient Greece Arion of Lesbos 8th Century BCE Fantastic Voice Pirates Sings hymn to Dionysus Apollo send savior Creates Diythramb 0 Basis of tragedy Thespis dancing around altar 0 Steps out o Says I am Hippocrates 0 First actor Greeks create theater to worship gods Tragoidia 0 Means quotgoat songquot 0 Where word quottragedyquot comes from Rhapsoidia 0 Means quotsheep songquot 0 Three Tragedians o Aeschylus o Sophocles o Euripides 0 Only ones we have plays from because saved from Great Library of Alexandria 36 o 2 with musical indications Servant grabbed plays under Kappa Iota Epsilon Mainly Euripides plays 0 95 of tragedies come from Homer and Hesiod o Wrote about Gods Tragedies always have masks City of Dionysus Festival 0 Submit 3 plays 3 tragedies and a satyr Only one set Oresteia o Aeschylus 000000 0 Plays ranked 0 Could only have one actor Aeschylus introduced two doubling actor plays more than 1 role Sophocles introduced 3 Chorus changed from 50 men and 50 boys to 12 then 15 o The Kyclopes Only satyr play we have 0 Cameron 2 Euripides Festival started and ended with a parade of a giant statue of a penis Three Theorists o Isocratisus Have nothing 0 Aristotle Wrote Poetics Six Elements of Drama Mythos Ethos Thought Diction MusicMelos Spectacle o Plato quotThe Republicquot Theater has no place in the republic Comedy 0 Musical 0 We have no evidence Couple pieces of papyrus in bad shape 0 Comes from Komos revelry and Komoidia 39goodtime songquot 0 Komai Doric Village 0 Comedy for the poor 0 Cambridge Ritualists Called out people during parade 0 Old Comedy Happyldea Aristophonesis Carnivalesque Takes something gross and makes it funny Grotesque Should be unpleasant but there s something interesting 0 Middle Comedy 0 New Comedy Menader 121 plays 0 We have parts of 2 o Allegory Embodiment of an idea Mimiesis Acting Diegesis Storytelling 0 Drop character 0 quotlet me tell you somethingquot Ancient Egypt 0 Very sight speci c Abydos o Passion Play 0 Became Triumph of Horus Geb and Nut Isis Osiris Seth sis and Osiris have Horus Seth kills Osiris and Horus kills him 0 On Egyptian walls Only fragments o All plays go back to this story 0 Hippo Masked Station Dramas 0 Performing play at different locations Ancient Rome Copiedfrom Greeks Playwrights o Senica Only one who wrote tragedies o Terence Comedy 0 Plautus Comedy Atellan Farce o Situational Comedy 0 Relied on stock characters 0 Improvised o 4 Pappus Md Maccus Cann Bucco Fat Dossenus Hunchbacl Theater of Pompeii 0 First permanent stone theater 0 Attached to Pompey39s House Horce o Rome39s Aristotle o Wrote Ars Poetica Pay should teach and please Cameron 3 Cameron 4 Interest in purity of genre Ludi Romani 0 Olympic Games Time to laugh and have fun 0 Actors from slave class Plautus o Poet o Writes about slaves Smart 0 Illuminated Manuscript Text with drawings 0 21 plays Mime Plays 0 Plays in between comedy and tragedy o Pantomime 1 person show Women could preform Combo of storytelling and acting Coliseum 0 Not meant for theater 0 Gladiatorial battle 0 Naumachia o Venations animal hunts Medieval Europe 0 Decision to include music in Catholic Mass by Pope Gregory Closet Dramas 0 Plays meant to be read not preformed Lots of Allegory Trope o Playet 0 Mostly stage directions and a few lines o Quem Quarities Trope Preformed on Easter 0 Add tropes to beginning and end of last days of Christ creates Passion Play Pulpit o Raised platform at head of church where priest delivers his sermon Hrotswitha o Nun in Germany High class family Had education of a man Wrote Essays on theology Loved Terrence Have 6 plays she wrote Never meant to be preformed Devotional drama Hildegard OOOOOOO Cameron 5 Another German Nun 0 Musical Nun o Antiphonal singing Call and response singing Took Gregorian chant and developed it o Wrote Order of Virtues Morality play Stages in three parts 0 o Platea Open space 0 Locus Holy ground surrounding apple tree 0 Mansion Structureapple tree tree of knowledge Types of plays 0 Miracle Plays Saints Plays 0 Mystery Plays Cycle Plays Closely guarded secrets of craftspeople o Morality Plays Regissuer o Narrator Corpus Christi 0 Most important festival 0 Cycle Plays preformed from dawn to dusk 0 Wine and bread turns to blood and body of Christ Transubstantiation Conversion of wine and bread Eucha st Communion 0 Few weeks after Easter Processional Staging 0 Station Drama Stations and audience moves from station to station Mystery Cycles 0 Wagons Parade around town NTown Plays 0 Traveling plays Bible rst typed book Terrance Stage 0 Doorways with name over it to represent houses Sacred 0 Religious o For elite Secular 0 Not Religious o For poorcommon people Mummer s Plays 0 Not religious 0 Come from Mime Tradition Hero villain doctor 0 Secular 0 Robin Hood Robin and Marion Earliest example of secular opera Classical India Brahma 0 Creator God 0 Created theater for the Gods Castes o Hermits 0 Knights 0 Merchants o Natyastra o Says how to put on a play 0 About balance of avors rasas feelings 8 Come from 8 bhavas Shown with mudras Two Vetas 0 Most plays based on comedy and drama Mahabrata Ramayana o Nataka Tradegy Heroism direct from vetas o Prakarana Comedy Not really related to vetas Only 1 0 Little Clay Cart Sansk t o Spoken by high caste o Sanskrit Plays Only have scraps 40 total 0 Prakrit o Spoken by women and low caste o Shak Plays sung and danced Kuttiyatam Cameron 6 o Varient on old classical theater 0 Kuttampalam Where is was preformed 0 First night performances o 17 steps to purify theater for space 0 No setting All mudras and actions Kathakali o More dance 0 Classical lndia Kuthyatam Kathukali Bolywood Japan Sarugaku 0 Money Entertainment Noh Plays 0 quotSkillquot 0 2 acts characters and identities Not much plot 0 Kyogen Intermission 0 Has Shite and Waki o Utiban Book 50 Noh plays left Purposes of theater 0 Poetics Catharsis Pagan Polytheism o Natysasta Hinduism o Fushikaden Buddhism Restraint is center 0 Offers respect and escape from crazy world 0 Preserved culture 0 Point of noh to create a sense of grace Trying to achieve Mezurashiki novelty Kabuki 0 About spectacle and entertainment Bunraku o Puppet theater 0 For Middle Class Avenue Q o 3 people 0 Head and right hand left hand feet 0 Stories about lovesuicide Romeo and Juliet Cameron 7 Cameron 8 Plays from Class Oedipus o Sophocles 0 Ancient Greek tragedy Medea o Euripides 0 Greek Tragedy o Kills her kids Mass murderer Blood and guts on stage Lysistrata o Aristophanes 0 Old Greek Comedy 0 Sex strike 0 The Triumph of Horus o No author 0 Egyptian Ritual Drama 0 Family treehippo The Haunted House 0 Plautus 0 Roman Comedy 0 Orgy 0 lumps on altar to escape whip Dulcitius o Hrotsvitha o Devotional drama 0 3 virgins Second Shepherds Play 0 Wake eld Master 0 Cycle Play Preformed during Corpus Christi 0 Makes the story of the wise man and Jesus relatable to the common people Everyman o Morality Play 0 No Author 0 Only take Good Deeds with you Shakuntaka o KaHdasa o Nataka 0 Love story Atsumori o Zeami Motokiyo o Noh Play 0 Grass cutter and the solider


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