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by: Angela Cameron

CNJ108Quiz1StudyGuide.pdf CNJ 108

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Angela Cameron
GPA 3.86
Writing for the Digital Age

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About this Document

Writing for the Digital Age
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Angela Cameron on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CNJ 108 at University of Miami taught by Treadwell in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views.

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Date Created: 10/08/15
Cameron 1 CNJ 108 Quiz 1 Study Guide PowerPoint 1 Overview 0 Good Writing Dif cult Takes time effort and commitment Solitary Modest content over style 0 Extremely Rewarding Main Characteristics of Media Writing 0 Accurate Information is presented in exact context 0 Precise Standard rules of English are followed 0 Clear Writing can be understood on rst hearingreading 0 Ef cient Uses only necessary words to convey information 0 Before You Sit Down to Write 0 Known who you are writing for Not yourself 0 Understand what the audience wants 0 Accept that media writing is a collaborative effort 0 Getting Ready to Write 0 Know the Language Grammar punctuation spelling are vital tools Know as many words as possible 0 Know the Subject Understand your topic Give suf cient background 0 Write it Down Discipline patience and a strict routine Cannot claim quotWriter39s Blockquot 0 Edit and Rewrite Read work critically Accept criticism from others 0 Basic Techniques of Writing 0 Write Simply Use simple words Use simple sentences Practice BREVITY Eliminate jargon clich s amp bureaucratese Use familiar words Vary sentence type and length Concentrate nouns and verbs 0 Use transitions 0 Mass Media Writing 0 Three Purposes 0000 0000000 0 Cameron 2 Inform Entertain Persuade Contains Subject Purpose Audience Written Environment Professionalism Ethics Versatility PowerPoint 2 Mass Media Writing Style The AP Stylebook Main Goals of Mass Media Writing 0 Accuracy Chief Goal Names facts punctuation spelling grammar etc Achieve By Questioning everything Check everything Names dates and times Do the math Use common sense Use language literally Clarity No doubt in what you are trying to say 0 You are NOT a mystery writer Achieve By Simplicity Avoid jargonclich s Be very speci c Establish a time sequence Use transitions for better ow Brevity Avoid long rambling thoughts and complicated sentences Achieve By 0 Don t take too long to get to the point 0 Avoid redundancies Avoid repetitions Cut out quot uffquot Inverted Pyramid O O O 0 Most popular journalistic story structure Used for print wire and online stories The most important info is rst Gives answers to the 5 W5 and the H Information gets less important as you read the story Cameron 3 0 Balance 0 Paying attention to different points of view Objectivity 0 Not inserting yourself in the story Fairness 0 Giving people on all sides of an issue the chance to speak Otherjournalistic Conventions o Reliance on Of cial Sources Sources who have expertise on the subject 0 Not the ones who are vaguely associated with or have an opinion about it Should have credibility with the public and be experts in certain subjects 0 Attributions amp Quotations All the facts should be attributed to a credible source All direct and indirect quotes should be attributed Do not paraphrase or change or interpret direct quotes 0 Even if they are not right grammatically 0 Mass Media Style of Writing Special set of rules for using the English Language Establishes Rules of Writing Assures consistency usage and precision Helps the media professionals 0 The AP Stylebook amp Brie ng on Media Law 0 It39s part dictionary part encyclopedia part textbook 0 AP is the oldest news agency created in 1846 0 Golden Standard among professional writers 0 Language Sensitivity o Sexist Pronouns 0 Titles 0 Descriptions Racial Female vs male 0 Stereotypes o Illness and Disability PowerPoint 3 Basic Tools for Writing 0 Samuel johnson o Produced the Dictionary of the English Language in 1755 o The dictionary had 43000 de nitions and 114000 quotations 0 Grammar o Sentences Simple john ran to the store Complex 0 john ran to the store after the rain stopped Compound Cameron 4 0 John ran to the store but he walked back Compoundcomplex John ran to the store after the rain stopped but he walked back 0 Sentence Fragments 0 Parts of Speech 0 Common Grammar Problems 0 Agreement 0 Active and passive voice 0 Dangling participles o Appositive phrases and commas 0 That and Which Commas 0 Used to Set off items Separate items ConvenUonaHy


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