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Chapter 10 Practice Quiz

by: Annette Chun

Chapter 10 Practice Quiz STS 2500

Annette Chun
S&T in Social and Global Context
Douglas Muir

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About this Document

This is a set of Chapter 10's multiple choice questions with bolded answers in preparation for the quizzes in class. These questions will pop up in the mini quiz that includes Chapter 10 and possib...
S&T in Social and Global Context
Douglas Muir
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Annette Chun on Thursday October 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to STS 2500 at University of Virginia taught by Douglas Muir in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 184 views. For similar materials see S&T in Social and Global Context in Engineering and Tech at University of Virginia.


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Date Created: 10/08/15
Chapter 10 Small Business Promotion Capturing the Eves of Your Market 1 Small business owners39 unique selling points that Will be used to differentiate their products andor services from those of the competition refers to their A press kits B value proposition C trendiness D segmentation Your is the segments you select to concentrate your marketing efforts A target market B CRM C customer vector D value proposition Dividing the market into different segments using certain cities or neighborhoods refers to segmentation A geographic B economic C demographic D cultural Dividing the market into different segments using income age or religion refers to segmentation A geographic B economic C demographic D cultural To develop an one should try to think of three to five key words that would describe their business to anyone A advertisement B succinct message C public relations piece D press kit is often used to support the corporate identity and value propositions that are established through efforts A Personal selling point of sale B Public relations advertising C Advertising personal selling D Advertising public relations 7 10 ll 12 Which of the following statements about advertising is false A The key for effective advertising is reinforcing the name and what it stands for in the consumer39s mind B For effective advertising approaches which provide the highest level of certainty possible in reaching the target market should be used C It is a method where it is easy to discern feedback D Advertising can be done in print ads in newspapers magazines and other print media Which of the following provide potential customers an education in your product or service including stories of customers39 whose problems were solved an FAQ list as well as a page on your products or services and a page on you and your firm A Promotional novelties B Sales packets C Business cards D Brochures When it comes to promoting a small business that is just starting out spreading the news by is the fastest way to build a client base A wordof mouth B fullscale advertising C personal selling D pointof sale Which of the following statements about buzz marketing is false A It has aspects of network marketing in that you tell one person who tells another who tells still another B The phrase is most commonly used in reference to using electronic media to pass the message along C It is a subdiscipline of direct marketing D In buzz marketing if your product is relevant and appealing it is likely to be picked up and sent along via email blog or a social networking site Process of personal selling includes all of the following EXCEPT A presenting B closing C prospecting and evaluating D deciding means cleaning up your list to remove potential clients that are unable or unlikely to buy your product A CRM B Prequalifying C Cognitive dissonance D Closing 13 14 15 16 17 18 quotI will just need your credit card for paymentquot represents which of the following closing techniques A Trial B Urgency C Assumptive D Threatening Name the strategy whose goal is growth based on selling in areas or to groups previously not served by the business A Market penetration B Product expansion C Diversification D Market expansion What is the key to CRM A Tracking sales by purchase basis B Followthrough and followup C The data on current or prospective customers D Press release and press kit Which of the following data gives you the particulars on your customers A Contact data B Performance data C Product data D Service data You might figure how to better target ads or promotions to particular types of customers A if you track sales by purchase basis B if you look at customer source basis and purchase C by tracking sales organized by product and customer satisfaction D if you link sales and purchase basis to the type of customer The proof of a CRM effort is seen in all of the following EXCEPT A higher levels of customer loyalty in existing customers B higher levels of purchasing from your existing customers C low levels of customer loyalty in new customers D more tracked prospects making initial purchases from you 19 20 21 22 23 24 Which of the following Acts lets you contact people with whom you have done business by asking customers39 permission to email them A The Communications Act B The DoNotCall Implementation Act C The CANSPAM Act D The Junk Fax Prevention Act What is the term for the activities used to establish and promote a favorable opinion by the media A Press relations B Cognitive dissonance C Press release D Public recognition AIDA in the presentation component of personal selling includes all of the following EXCEPT A getting prospect39s attention B stimulating interest C deciding on product D customer taking action The five Ws and one H of the story should be presented in the of the press release A headline B closing paragraph C opening paragraph D middle of the body should include product or service brochures business cards product information and other materials that can provide background material for a reporter they should include a letter of introduction and may include a brief history of the firm and information about the owner and other key managers A Press kits B The promotional mix C Flyers D Business stationery Public interest includes all of the following EXCEPT A a good story B human interest C visuals D power 25 Information about your company and its activities that is disseminated to the public in order to get their good opinion is known as A a mat release B a succinct message C publicity D public interest Scenario Howard Homes Harry Howard a successful real estate broker has established his own real estate company in western Pennsylvania He gained his onthejob experience working at a very large real estate company where he had a whole staff supporting the brokers39 work Now on his own with two secretaries Harry is building his dream of owning and growing his own business He wants to mainly focus on middletoupperincome homeowners and is exploring what type of promotional material he needs to have 26 Harry just received in mail several boxes of which puts his name and message in front of potential clients existing clients suppliers and others A brochures B sales packets C business stationery D yers 27 If Harry wants to develop brochures for his company39s services he needs to know that they A are sales document to be posted or handed out typically printed on sheets of colored paper or printed in color on white stock of paper B are standard blank papers typically imprinted with his company39s name and contact information C can be run off rather inexpensively at many copy centers D give less information about his firm and products than his business card 28 Which of the following would be the fastest way for Harry to build his client base A Wordofmouth B Fullscale advertising C Personal selling D Pointofsale 29 In developing a press release for his company Harry needs to include the five Ws and one H in the A headline B closing paragraph C opening paragraph D middle of the body


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