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Global Geography 1010

by: Garrett Burks

Global Geography 1010 Geog 1010

Marketplace > Auburn University > Geography > Geog 1010 > Global Geography 1010
Garrett Burks
Global Geography
Dr. Brysch

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About this Document

If you are not a solid or motivated note taker, I am here to help. these are a compilation of the material that will be on the exam. I group everything into main topics, and I try not to leave anyt...
Global Geography
Dr. Brysch
Study Guide
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Garrett Burks on Friday October 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Geog 1010 at Auburn University taught by Dr. Brysch in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 149 views. For similar materials see Global Geography in Geography at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 10/09/15
After first test notes 922 North africa southwest asia Fertile crescent mesopotamia hearth of plant domestication rise of cities gt City States supported by an agricultural hinterland o Wars in fertile crescent as cities grew and expanded and wanted the fertile land 0 Large cities quot10000 I Urban form I Dirtiest trades on Periphery far from city center I No sanitation infrastructure gt Cities and towns evolved into networks and eventually empires gt Urbanization 0 Region has 1 of world s most urbanized areas today 0 Oil resources gt Dynamic creative centers and cultural innovation cities 0 Cairo Egypt I Arab Spring gt Transitioning to democracy 0 TunisiaEgypt moving towards womens rights gt Syrian Conflict 0 Civil war since 2011 o Largest refugee crisis 0 9 million people have fled the country 0 Alawitesin commandsupporters of Bashar al Assadpresident o Sunni Muslims are the majority gt Desert semi arid and mediterranean gt Only a quarter of the land is capable to make food gt Most regions late 1940 s independence Egypt 0 First to gain independence in the region 0 1936 o connects mediterranean sea and red sea Algeria 0 Guerilla warfare against the french to gain independence Oil discovered during colonial era 0 Kuwait Libya 0 Iran and Saudi Arabia 0 Formation of OPEC organization of petroleum exporting countries Natural resource curse 0 Structure of economies o Gadhafi worlds longest serving dictator Some feel this is just a symptom not the cause of the issue and tension Israel and palestine 0 Migration from europe feeling oppression beforeduring holocaust o Zionist dream of state of israel 0 Arab opposition to jewish immigration 0 Jewish state has flourished but strained relationships with palestine and neighbors gt Religions o Hearthone central node of an idea 0 This region is the hearth of many world religions o Judaism islam and christianity gt Judaism 0 Sacred text Torah 0 1st coveneant 0 jesus as prophet gt Christianity 0 2000 yrs later 0 Jesus as messiah 0 Jewish followers ofJesus 0 Old and new testaments gt Islam 0 Founder muhammad 0 Sacred text Qur an gt All three hold sites in Jerusalem gt Expansion diffusion 0 Simple spread of a concept or idea from 1 person to the next in close proximity 0 Relocation diffusion moving gt Sunnis larges muslim sect today 0 70 of all muslims gt Shi a o 15 o iran 0 iraq o bahrain gt 5pillars o profess o prayer towards mecca 0 fast for ramadan 0 giving charity 0 making pilgrimage to Mecca gt housekeeping 0 Thursday 10115 dr jerry t mitchell from usc Tuesday October 6 2015 Geography 1010 003 Southeast Asia gt Islands 0 People concentrated in coastal cities 0 Manila Philippines 15th most densely populated city in the world 0 Jakarta Indonesia 17 10500 peoplesq mile 0 Mountain areas sparsely populated 0 2000 years trade bringing languages and cultures 0 single language major force of national cohesion 0 Today 87 literate in Indonesian language gt Overseas Chinese 0 35 of population and control most of the wealth gt Languages 0 Promote teachings of English gt Goods 0 Spices native to SE islands global economy 0 European exploration cut out middle man in their trade gt Portuguese 0 Were in SE Asia 0 Islam throughout the islands was spread 0 Spread from ports and then inland gt Religion 0 Hinduism and Buddhism 1st world religions to diffuse gt Khmer Empire 0 Biggest influence for growth of Hinduism on mainland 0 Largest religious site gt Sultan of Brunei wealthiest royal family in the world gt Indonesia has the largest muslim population in the worldtest East Asia gt 4 major countries 0 N and S Korea 0 Japan 0 China gt Physical geography 0 Pretty diverse o Plateau country 0 Peninsula 0 Plate activity 0 Mountain chains gt Rivers 0 Huang He originates in Kunlun flows into the yellow sea 0 Has massive flooding life source o Yangtze river lifeblood of freshwater 0 Recently built a damthree gorges dam Ming Dynasty built Great Wall in China Qin Emperor irrigation canals 0 United China 0 Grew population Climate o Impacted by coast and mountains o Moist subtropical climate from coast china Silk Toad o Vital for weaving together economies of asia and europe 0 Silk procelain jade and opium 0 Language patterns follow trade routes Portuguese first europeans to reach Japan and establish trade 0 Were isolationist China Huangpu river 0 Shanghai Japan 0 Tokuguwa Shogunate o Samurais held positions of power in feudal system 0 Traded with only Dutch gt Japanese colonialism o Meiji restoration opened japan economically and politically o 1895 Japan defeated China gained territory 0 1910 Japan overtook korean peninsula gt East Asia religion 0 Daoism I Nature I How humans fit into cosmos meditation 0 Shintoism I ethnic religion 0 confucianism I political structures and power I philosophical religion I son is preferred and played high in society 0 Buddhism relevant here I Meditation gt China 1 child policy gt Koreas small family campaign gt Japans population is in decline 0 Career focus 0 Fewer children 0 Waiting to marry gt o Strict immigration policy Asia Examples to help 0 The good earth pearl 5 Buck novel 0 When china ruled the seas Louise Levathes o Memoirs of a Geisha Arthur Golden o Escaping north korea mike kim 2008 0 When my name was keoko linda sue park Test Review Exam 2 Ch 5 Ch 6 Major world religions hearths diffisuion branches Hearth def Physical boundaries and naming of regions Agricultural hearths Syria s climate Toppling of gov ts Colonial powers Pakistan s climate Hearths agriculture and religion Religions Eating practices gt Review languages in the region gt Civil wars Ch 7and8 gt gt Focus on who and what Family practices Physical and cultural Languages and religions


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