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Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Victoria Lewis

Exam 1 Study Guide HSTAM 370

Victoria Lewis
GPA 2.44

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About this Document

This study guide is in a chart format so it is more easy to use.
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Victoria Lewis on Wednesday November 5, 2014. The Study Guide belongs to HSTAM 370 at University of Washington taught by Leiren in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 205 views. For similar materials see Vikings in History at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 11/05/14
Frey god of fertility mythical ancestor of the Swedish royal familymain god in Sweden associated with circle of life birth amp death Rus Russian form of Vikings Adam of Bremen German chronicler Gesta Hammaburgensis Ecclesiae Ponfificum was in the court of Svend Estridsen Bremen was a major trading town with ships traders and missionaries going from there to many locations mentions Vinland island which is somewhere on the North East coast of the US Constantine Porphyrogenitus emperor of the Macedonian dynasty of the Byzantine Empire reign from 913959 Noirmoutier island off the coast of France first recorded Viking raid at St Philibert of Jumiegees monastery in 793 Mjollnir Thor s hammer made by dwarves that which smashes Rigsthula poem established the 3 class system in Viking society Karl farmers middle class society names their children that reflect aspects of an agricultural society sef sufficient and productive Birka important trading center in Scandinavia located at Lake Malaren established in the middle of the 8th century location of the first known Christian congregation in Sweden founded in 831 by St Ansgar Gotland island in Baltics trading center Arab dirhams were found and later used for trading silver coins Loki regular participant of Asgard catalyst of chaos and trouble half god half giant comfortable in both camps nemesis of gods but also a helper sometimes trickster jester thief Thor s closest friend aid to Odin in building Asgard amp birth of Sleipnir Loki turned himself into a mare and gave birth to Sleipnir shape shifter plays both side but dark side usually wins starts at practical joker but by time of Ragnarok he becomes worst enemy Snorre makes him closest devil figure god without a function there are no Loki cults responsible for the death of Baldur considered his worst act father of the enemies of the gods Jormunand Fenrir amp Hel Baldur the perfect son of Odin and Frigg seen kinda as Christ in Christian view because of his perfection ideal for everyone the end of the world is heralded by killing of Baldur Odin s job is to make sure he doesn t get killed Sleipnir Odin s horse 8 legs can fly Tyr sword god early warrior god founder of Tuesday equivalent to MarsAres gives up arm to capture the great wolf that threatened the world Bifrost burning Rainbow Bridge that reaches between Midgard midde earth to Asgard realm of the gods MotherFather aristocracy class parents to Jarl have a mansion and can participate in political decisions Fenrir Fenris Wolf Loki s child represents the evil of the world frightening threatening cultural symbol in a lot of cultures wolf as an omnipresent danger to both animals and people at the end of days Odin will fight the Fenrir and that will be how he dies Giants banished to never enter Asgard by the Aesir Sigurd the Dragon hero central character of Volsunga Saga kills a dragon Slayer Skald poet composed at courts in Scandinavia and Iceland leaders professional poets usually making poems for leaders and the deeds they ve done Ruotsi AngloSaxon created in late 9th Century during the reign of Alfred the Chronicle Great done annually chronicling the events of the year recorded the battle between Wessex and the Vikings in 871 lbn Fadlan 10th century Arab traveler known for his account of Volga Vikings including a ship burial Charlemagne King of Franks reign from 774814 came into contact with the pagan Danes vikings in Denmark after conquest of Norbalbingia vikja village in Norway Hallgerda Havamal poem from the Elder Edda high speech basically speech from on high gtthe gods Odin in particular deals a lot with human nature not about being virtuous or being a good person or getting to Valhalla more about survival and how to make it through a world of struggle focuses on behavior attitudes how to deal with others 164 stanzas advice including look around for foes hospitality common sense is more important than any wealth beer is not so great drink in moderation go to bed early only stupid people stay up all night worrying don t stay out in storms don t leave your weapons lying around everyone dies but reputation is forever Jarl aristocracy class Rig personally trained him privileged son of Mother and Father taught special skills Kaupang market pace found in 780 s abandoned in early 10th century lslendingabok Book of Icelanders Icelandic priest named Ari Thorgilsson wrote it in early 12th century contains the settlement in iceland Odin known by many names AllFather One Eye god of the underworld war poetry etc ultimate hero for fighting against his own prophesied death loves to gain information gave up eye for more knowledge can be fickle trick a soldier so he could get him in his special army Asgard land of the gods also means farm field closed place Uppsala located in modern day Sweden mentioned by Adam of Bremen of having a magnificent temple with many Aesir gods Heimdal guardian of Rainbow Bridge Bifrost gone around the world disguised as Big creator of 3 classes Runes letters of the runic alphabet Rig taught this to Jarl and Kon Jormungand World Snake the Midgard serpent huge serpent that lives in the sea amp encircles all the world Midgard viking idea of the world round disk surrounded by the seas Kon Kon the Young Konungr king learned runecraft was able to speak to birds had the strength of 8 normal men the idea of a king came from Kon for being the best Helga the Fair most beautiful woman in Iceland GrandmotherGrandfa ther farmers can make political decisions Snorre Sturluson Icelandic poet historian politician lawmaker author of the Prose Edda Heimskringla around the 12th century Alcuin English scholar poet teacher late 8th to early 9th century wrote about the Life of Charlemagne Skidbladnir Ship gt used for transportation into the next world ship burials futhark Scandinavian variants of the runes vik village inlet or cove referring to the small bay off the main Sognefjorden Prose Edda written by Snorre Sturlason compilation comprises pagan Scandinavian mythology Thrall slaves were a trading commodity could be freed through a process of manumission a freedom feast where former master sits in the hight seat bottom of totem pole born into their class made to work could own land but couldn t participate in political affairs Rig Heimdall Rigsthula creator of the 3 classes Hedeby settlement in Danish northern German flourished from 8th to 11th centuries Yggdrasil 3 disks the world sits on with different levels and people on eachlevel Thor Mjolnir hammer giant of a god described as huge extremely sentimental naive warm hearted good intentions but easily trickeddeceived oaf more famousliked than Odin Heimskringla kings sagas written by Snorre Sturlason in 13th century Norwegian kings specifically Roskilde Denmark island divorce easy to get a divorce gt hitting each other disrespect one taking the house dowry and spending for personal use dressing in the clothing of the opposite sex has to be proclaimed in 3 different pace gt at the bed at the threshold amp at the assembly Lindisfarne island of the coast of England constitutes the civil parish of Holy Island in Northumberland first recorded viking raid in 793 Valhalla Viking heaven enormous hall located in Asgard ruled over by Odin bi names Varangian Vikings from Greeks and East Slavs giftgiving


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