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Art of Wold Civilization I

by: AllyCat

Art of Wold Civilization I ARTH 200IA-001

Marketplace > Montana State University > Art > ARTH 200IA-001 > Art of Wold Civilization I
Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara

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About this Document

Study Guide for the test THIS MONDAY. It WILL help! :) Good luck! :)
Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara
Study Guide
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This 12 page Study Guide was uploaded by AllyCat on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ARTH 200IA-001 at Montana State University taught by Emberlin, Barbara in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Art of World Civilization I in Art at Montana State University.


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Date Created: 10/10/15
ARTH 200A 01 Art History Art of World Civilization Study Guide Multiple Question Works You Should Know Prehistoric Aegean quotFigure of a Womanquot 0 0000000 Syros Greece 2500 BCE Marble Oldest large scale of that time Approx 1 6quot high Reclined in tombs Local Marble Was painted quotStairwell in residential quarter from Knossosquot O O O Tapered columns Weight bearing Wooden Cushion capitals 1700 1370 BCE quotBull Leapingquot O O O O Palace at Knossos 1450 1400 BCE Fresco 239 8 high True Fresco Apply pigment to wet plaster wall quotMarine Style Octopus Flaskquot O O O O Crete 1500 BCE Approx 11quot high Dark on Light quotSnake Goddessquot O 0000 Palace at Knossos Faience Glazed earthenware 1600 BCE Approx 1 high Religious No temples identi ed quotHarvester Vasequot OOOOOO Hagia Triada Greece 1500 BCE Steatite originally with gold leaf 5quot diameter 27 39harvester39 gures Relief quotCorbel Vaulted Gallery from Tirynsquot O O O O Tiryns Greece 1400 1200 BCE Cyclopean blocks in horizontal courses Cantilevered blocks until two walls met in a pointed arch quotTreasury of Atreusquot O O O O Mycenae 1300 1250 BCE Ashlar masonry Relieving triangle quotFunerary Maskquot 0 O O 0 Grave Circle A Mycenae Greece 1600 1500 BCE Beaten gold repousse Approx 1 high quotWa rrior Vasequot O 0000 Krater Mycenae Greece 1200 BCE 139 4quot high National Archaeological Museum Athens Ancient Greece quotGeometric Kraterquot 0 COO 0000 Dipylon Cemetery Athens 740 BCE Approx 339 4quot high Narrative Reintroduction into art To lay on top of tomb Meandering motif Potter39s wheel Potter and vase decorator not same person Vase takes two people quotMantiklos Apolloquot O O Thebes 700 680 BCE O O O Statuette of youth dedicated to Apollo Bronze Approx 8quot high quotLady of Auxerrequot 0 00000 Possibly from Crete Museum of Louvre Paris 650 BCE Kore Limestone Approx 239 high quotKourosquot 0 00000 600 BCE Marble Approx 639 high Male youth Not a god Grave marker Frontal quotPeplos Korequot Acropolis Athens 530 BCE Marble Approx 439 high Start to see life intelligence depicted A goddess quotTemple of Hera lquot O O O Paestum Italy 550 BCE Cult statue not in middle quotAchilles and Ajax Playing a Dice Gamequot 0 00000 Vulci Italy 540 BCE Amphora 2 high Exekias is the artist In Museum at the Vatican in Rome Italy quotHera kles Wrestling Antaiosquot 0 00000 510 BCE Cerveteri Italy Approx 1 7quot high Optical Athenian red gure calyx krater Three fourths view quotDying Warriorquot from WEST Pediment o 490 BCE Temple of Aphaia Aegina Greece 539 long Archaic smile Wounded Marble Frontal External Response OOOOOOOO quotDying Warriorquot from EAST Pediment o 480 BCE Temple of Aphaia Aegina Greece 639 long Marble Not frontal Showing struggle to get up Shows pain Internal response OOOOOOOO quotWarriorquot 0 Sea off Riace Italy 460 450 BCE 639 6quot high Bronze Hollow cast Life size bronze sculpture Hollow casting bronze statues pg 114 in book 00000 quotThree Goddessesquot o Hestia Dione Aphrodite East pediment of the Parthenon Birth of Athena Marble Approx 439 5quot high 0000 quotErechtheionquot 0 Has caryatids female columns 421 BCE Acropolis Athens Greece Ionic Some of the nest decorative details of any ancient Greek Building OOOOO quotNike Adjusting her Sandalquot o 410 BCE 0 Temple of Athena Nike 0 Last temple of idealized world World view changing quotAphrodite of Knidosquot 0 00000 Nude Will be only greek goddess ever nude Roman marble copy of original Discreet about nudity 350 BCE Museum at Vatican in Rome Greece Praxiteles is the artist quotBattle of ssusquot o 30 BCE 0 Roman copy from Pompeii 0 Late 2nCI C BCE o Intense emotion quotDying Gaulquot o Epigonos is the artist 0 Roman copy of bronze statue from Pergamon Turkey 0 230 BCE 0 Marble 0 Approx 339 high quotNike Alighting a Warshipquot 0 00000 Nike of Samothrace Samothrace Greek 190 BCE Marble Figure approx 839 high Louvre Museum France quotSeated Boxerquot O 0000 Rome 100 50 BCE Bronze Approx 439 high Shows age quotLaocoon and His Sonsquot O 0000 Rome Early 1St C Marble Approx 839 high Attribution disputed Classical Hellenistic Roman High Renaissance o Serpentine Etruscan quotInterior of the Tomb of the Augursquot 0 People cremated 0 Interior of tomb built like home Painted Domestic gifts and goods 0 Tarquinia o 520 BCE quotSarcophagus with Reclining Couplequot 0 Cerveteri Italy 0 520 BCE o quotAudaciousquot according to Greeks Because of how women were shown quotInterior of the Tomb of the Leopardsquot o Wives actually there for party 0 Tarquinia Italy 0 480 BCE quotCapitoline Wolfequot 0 Rome Italy 0 500 480 BCE Bronze 0 Approx 239 7quot high 0 Etruscan bronze casting o Remus and Romulus added later on Roman Empire quotHead of an Old Manquot 0 Osimo 0 Mid 1St C BCE 0 Marble 0 Life size N quotFirst Style Wall Painting from Samnite House 0 Fauces Entry of Samnite House 0 Herculaneum Italy 0 Late 2nCI C BCE 0 39Fake39 marble quotDionysiac Mystery Friezequot 0 Second Style Wall Paintings O 0 Villa of the mysteries Pompeii 60 BCE 539 4 high Illusion of 3D world quotGardenscapequot O O O 0 quotFourth Style Wall Painting from lxion Room 0 O 0 Second Style Wall Painting Villa of Livia Wife of Augustus Primaporta 30 BCE Approx 639 7quot high H House of the Vettii Pompeii 70 79 CE quotPortrait of a Husband and Wifequot O 0000 Wall painting House VII 2 6 Pompeii Italy 70 79 CE Fresco quotPont du Gardquot O O O Nimes France 16 CE Aqueduct Used gravity to move water to city quotColosseumquot 00000000000 0 Flavian Amphitheater Rome 79 80 CE Could seat 50000 76 entrances 16039 high 60039 x 40039 Built on the site of Nero39s private lake Public Arena Seated by status 1St row of columns Doric Low class 2nCI row of columns lonic Middle class 3rd row of columns Corinthian Upper class quotColumn of Trajanquot 0 Forum of Trajan Rome Dedicated 112 CE Originally painted and gilded Relief on column Higher up is high relief Bottom is low relief Narrative frieze Historical column 2500 gures 150 episodes Trying not to seem so blood thirsty 0000 00000 quotPortrait Bust of Hadrianquot 0 Rome 0 117 120 CE 0 First bearded emperor o Educated curious scholar 0 Made Pantheon Dedicated to all gods quotEquestrian Statue of Marcus Aureliusquot 0 Only to be saved because thought to be Constantine 0 Rome Italy 0 175 CE 0 1139 6quot high quotArch of Constantinequot 0 Rome 0 312 315 CE 0 Taking preexisting monuments and putting them in the Arch literally Short Essay Works You Should Know quotKritios Boyquot 0 Acropolis Athens 480 BCE Marble Approx 239 10quot high Contrapposto OOOO quotAugustus as Generalquot 0 Primaporta Villa of Livia Early 1St C quotCopyquot of bronze quotoriginalquot of 20 BCE Marble 6 8quot high Ruled OOOOO OOOOO BCE quotApulu Apolloquot CE Contrapposto Propagandistic Made himself related to gods Bare feet Purty Devine quotApulu Apolloquot 0 000000 Sculptor Vulca Dressed sculpture Animated Stylized 510 BCE Veii Italy 5 11quot high quotKroisosquot 0 000000 Anavysos 530 BCE Marble Approx 639 4quot high Grave marker Archaic smile Naturalistic quotModel of a typical Etruscan temple of the 6th C BCEquot O 0 6th C BCE As described by Vitruvius quotTemple of Portunusquot O O O 0 Rome 75 BCE Pseudo Peripteral Purely Roman form Ionic columns Greek Engaged columns Greek One main walkway Etruscan One platform Etruscan One deep front porch Etruscan Etruscan in plan Greek in elevation quotAthena Battling Alkyoneosquot OOOOOOO Detail of gigantomachy Hellenistic emotion On alter of Zeus Pergamon Turkey 175 BCE Marble 7 6quot high quotFemale Personificationquot O 0000 Rome Italy 13 9 BCE Marble 5 3quot high On alter for Augustus Comparison Essay Works quotThe Temple of Athena Parthenosquot O O O 0 Athens Greece 447 438 BCE Acropolis Iktinos and KalliKrates are the architects quotThe Pa ntheonquot O O O 0000 Optical illusions 447 438 Popular building Many use it as an example Use math to make it Slight tilt of columns Last steps holding columns tiIt up Rome Italy quotSpoils ofJerusaIemquot 0 00000000 000 Relief panel from the bay of the Arch of Titus Historical Record Rome After 81 CE Approx 739 10quot high Looting temple Realistic clothing Illusion of movement Super high and very low relief Spatial illusion Individualism Crowded Paired with allegorical narrative quotChariot procession of Septimius Severusquot o Lepcis Magna Libya 0 203 CE 0 From the Arch of Septimius Severus Some Terms to Use That Will Help with Writing Your Essays Doric Ionic Stylobate Entablature Cmumn Entasis Cap al Cornice F eze Metope Pediment Minoan Column Post and Lintel Tholos Tomb Relieving Triangle Corbeled Arch Caryatid Peripteral Facade Stoa Colonnade Tholos Temple Theater Tuscan Column Tumulus Etruscan Pseudo Peripteral Temple Atrium Peristyle Barrel Vault Groin Vault Dome Oculus Roman Concrete Aqueduct Amphitheater Triumphal Arch Forum Basilica Castrum Cardo Decumanus


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