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Cell Signaling Study Guide

by: Rachael Marie

Cell Signaling Study Guide BIO 331

Marketplace > Eastern Kentucky University > Biology > BIO 331 > Cell Signaling Study Guide
Rachael Marie
GPA 3.65
Cell Biology
Lindsay Calderon

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About this Document

This study guide is useful in understanding cell signaling! Good luck!
Cell Biology
Lindsay Calderon
Study Guide
Cell Signaling, Cell Biology
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Rachael Marie on Saturday October 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BIO 331 at Eastern Kentucky University taught by Lindsay Calderon in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Cell Biology in Biology at Eastern Kentucky University.


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Date Created: 10/10/15
Cell Signaling Part 1 Types of Cell Signaling Extracellular signaling 0 Gprotein linked o Enzymelinked o Ionchannel linked Intracellular signaling 0 Steroid hormones o Nitric oxide Cell Fates Survive Grow and Divide proliferate Differentiate speci c type of cell 0 Die apoptoic cell Routes of Cell to Cell Communication ContactDependent Paracrine local mediator sent to target cells from signaling cell Synaptic neurotransmitter NMJ o Endocrine hormone through bloodstream distant Speed of Signaling Altered protein function fast seconds to mins 0 Altered protein synthesis slow mins to hrs Second Messengers ex long or proteins Molecules that relay signals from receptors on cell surface to target molecules inside cell cytoplasm or nucleus 0 Three types 0 Hydrophobic ex DAG o Hydrophilic ex cAMP o Gases ex NO Gap junctions share second messengers ex Cardiomyocytes Cell Surface Receptors Ionchannel coupled mediated by neurotransmitters openingclosing of ion channels Gprotein coupled indirectly regulate separate membrane bound target protein 0 Enzyme coupled function as enzymes or associate directly w enzymes ligand binding protein kinases cleave ATPphosphorylate Phosphorylation vs GTP Binding 0 Protein kinase adds ATP to signaling protein usually quotonquot 0 Protein phosphatase removes phosphate from signaling protein usually quotoff 0 GTPbinding protein exchanges bound GDP for GTP activates protein then inactivates itself by hydrolyzing GTP to GDP Receptor Mediated GTP Binding quotOnOffquot Switches GAPs GTPaseactivating proteins quotoffquot GEFs Guanine nucleotide exchange factors quotonquot promotes GDP to GTP Monomeric vs Trimeric GTPBinding Proteins o Monomeric bind GTP hydrolysis of GTP to GDP by GAPs Small One unit Activated by GEFs o Trimeric bind GTP hydrolysis of GTP to GDP by GAPs Large Three subunits alpha beta gamma Activated by GPCR Gprotein coupled receptors Ras is a Monomeric GProtein IMAGINE MONOMEHIIC GTPase my 39lll Pathway 32 r H EIESE an mm MDNOMEWIC GTPase 339 I if E39y l ii I 1 TEE E r activated subunit if G pr tein Figure 15 33 Sari 1 f Mnl cular Bi lngy f the Cell 4th Editi 1F muiacleaar para gammathch MUCLEUS activated mh sphnrylated CHEbimdi ng Pr t in ESP GEESbinding Element Figure part 2 0f MalaEula Einingy Ed the CHIN altth Ediit ianm PKC Pathway signal maleeule w I a i Germainlinked lfffg h sphm 1 TEEEPEW activated I 39 v v phospfhulipase d iacylglycerl La J f ixactwated actiate Eq lm lt l g in lip pen IP3gated 39 I Gaitrelease channel pretain 1 Subunit 14Etri5ph spihate kmase C llF Sl lumen Ell 39 I andnplasmiu M 7 r w n m l a W 39 V 7 I 39 FEE39GUIL m it39ll the a f Figure Mnleeular Bl l g y at the Cell 4th Editinn Enzyme Linked Receptors Dimerize in Presence of Ligand B Extracellular Growth domain hormone llllllllllll intracellular Dimerized receptor domain activated Ras Pathway signal ITIEEIIIEELJIB EXTRACELLULAH gt a SPACE x Inactive Has pr tam Emma Has prntem I 39 x CVTSDL a 39 7 QF M LTII PLEI PETE I J activated recpt r ty r sine kinase GrbE adaptnr p39f ntein FEES GEF Figure 15 55 Mnlenular Eimlnrg1yr f the Cell dth Edit i l l Magma membrane HEIWE Has l piratein amp aw UriWM INDIE regulat w raggulat w pr tein A prtein printefinsia jtiyity quotthsnerszg i n39 Figur 115 56 Malemlar i39 l39 g39 inf the Bellquot dath Editinn Receptor Degensitization Receptor Sequestration Receptor DownRegulation Receptor Regulation Inactivation of Signaling Protein Production of Inhibitory Protein receptor signal protein molecule intracellular signalling protein


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