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UT / Biology / BIOL 240 / bio 240 exam 2

bio 240 exam 2

bio 240 exam 2


School: University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Department: Biology
Course: General Genetics (Bio 240)
Professor: Hughes
Term: Summer 2015
Cost: 50
Name: Bio 240 Exam 2 Study Guide!
Description: Hey guys! So, like for the last study guide, I have compiled a set of detailed notes pertaining both to the lecture of Dr. Hughes as well as the textbook, with extra juicy details as usual. This study guide includes chapters 25, 6,7 and 8, incorporating also questions from clickers and others that I thought were worth remembering! Happy studying! :)
Uploaded: 10/11/2015
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John Broyles (Rating: )

This professor sucks at teaching and making things remotely interesting, but this notetaker does an excellent job summing everything up and including problems from the lecture and other sources as well.