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STC 350 Exam 1

by: Savanah DeBrosse

STC 350 Exam 1 STC 350

Savanah DeBrosse
STC 350 International and Intercultural Advertising
Katy Snell

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About this Document

Exam #1 Notes & Study Guide
STC 350 International and Intercultural Advertising
Katy Snell
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Savanah DeBrosse on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to STC 350 at University of Miami taught by Katy Snell in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 85 views. For similar materials see STC 350 International and Intercultural Advertising in Strategic Communication at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Sava nah DeBrosse Exam 1 2 1 Questions What is multicultural marketing and how do you practice multicultural marketing in America lnclude examples from the book and possibly from personal experience if they are applicable Based on the idea that there are discreet cultures in American ethnic or otherwise that have distinct ideas separate from the mainstream Mainstream white heterosexual suburban middle class Melting Pot assimilation ex Chinese person dresses American celebrates American holidays speaks English Salad Bowl tossed mixture of both cultures It assumes that they have unique needs when it comes to the types of brands or products they buy and that they need to be communicated with differently in order to be persuaded to become customers Don t respond to advertising the way mainstream does Advertising is a cultural treasure consumer driven materialistic so they can push the boundaries Advertising to different multicultural groups needs to be strategic and appealing to that speci c group Need to include Subcultures Paradigm shift marijuana gay marriage and culture minorities were simply ignored tokenized or whitewashed ex appealing to new generation Hispanics who integrated Considering the Hispanic American population what are some of the opportunities and issues marketers may face when trying to appeal to this demographic This goes beyond stereotypes and can include media preferences family size characteristics and political issues Stereotypes include characters such as the Latin lover the Harlot provocative female and the comic lazy buffoon Ramirez 1990 Chiquita banana New Chiquita 1967 Frito Bandito Mariansmo Hispanic woman role is to sacri ce everything for family Machismo Hispanic father long suffering hardworking shows sadness through song 3 4 Importance of family and persistence of traditional gender roles advertising images that center on family are most durable o Ethnonationalism breakaway and establish own culture 0 Ethnocentrism resistance to change Mom is very nurturing Machismo originally meant to encompass a hard working long suffering male gure Women take care of the children Children can stay living at home But this view is changing with more recent generations Nostalgia for the past More interest in sports particularly futbol Values include the centrality of family and respecting elders Living at home having mom make your food eating meals in the evening together What are the unique challenges of marketing to the African American population in the US Please consider historical in uences and the documentary we watched in class black vs African Americanwho considers themselves what change in TV from black face to 39mamie in GWTW to cosby show black doctor and lawyer blacks are overly sensitive about stereotypes 1 drop rule Think about Asian Americans in the US What are the unique challenges according to the text and the lectures that marketers may encounter when appealing to this demographic Who are Asian American consumers proportionate to their numbers they have higher income occupational status and education than the average America Despite multiple ethnicities US born Asians and acculturated Asian Americans of different ethnicities can often relate You may both have parents struggling to adapt may have same after school pursuits probably have an emphasis on education and achievement DO NOT HOMOGENIZE katy perry mixing all Asians in together don t make assumptions make ads English high purchashing power 5 Describe the LGBT community in terms of the current climate marketers must work within In other words how do we best appeal to this consumer group and what are the unique issues that marketers contend with when it comes to LGBT consumers Its only recently that the civil rights issues have broadened to include LGBT members jc penney hallmark target chevy honeymaid ikea need both hetero amp gay way of recognizing gay as normal gays are starting to be mainstream 6 Consider Geert Hofstede s cultural dimensions Choose one demographic in the US and compare it to either a different ethnic demographic or mainstream American cultural values as discussed in class Make sure to use the terminology from the website eg power distance masculinity vs femininity etc Power distance control government 0 societies with low power distance people strive to equalize the distribution of power and demand justi cation for inequalities of power 0 People in societies exhibiting a large degree of power distance accept a hierarchical order in which everybody has a place and which needs no furtherjusti cation Cultural manifest taking care of elderly vs putting them in a home Femininity vs masculinity o The masculinity side of this dimension represents a preference in society for achievement heroism assertiveness and material rewards for success 0 femininity stands for a preference for cooperation modesty caring for the weak and quality of life whites vs HispanicsW


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