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Final Review Sheet

by: Savanah DeBrosse

Final Review Sheet KIN 184

Marketplace > University of Miami > Kinesiology > KIN 184 > Final Review Sheet
Savanah DeBrosse
Sports Injuries
Hyung Pil-Jun

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About this Document

Sports Injuries
Hyung Pil-Jun
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Savanah DeBrosse on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to KIN 184 at University of Miami taught by Hyung Pil-Jun in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Sports Injuries in Kinesiology at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Savanah DeBrosse KIN 184 ACL 1 4 5 Final Review Sheet What is the quotgold standardquot of ACL injury physical examinations Lachman Test 2 A torn ACL can heal without surgical treatment FALSE 3 What is minimum time period an athlete can return to sport activities following ACL reconstruction 6 months What grade of ACL sprain is a fully torn ACL considered Grade 3 A partially torn ACL is very rare unless there is damage to other surrounding ligaments TRUE Achilles Rupture 1What is the most common test used to determine if the Achilles is ruptured Thompson test 2 How many types of treatment options are available surgical and nonsurgical 3 Is there a higher risk for reprupture if you do not receive surgery Yes 20 40 vs 05 with surgery 4 Where is the Achilles located Behind the heel 5 What does the Achilles do in the leg Helps with pushoff motion in walking running or any basic foot movements Cauli ower Ear 1 2 3 Cauli ower Ear is also known as Auricuar Hematoma TRUE Vision loss is an acute symptom for Cauli ower Ear FALSE Wearing headgear is the best preventative method against Cauli ower ear TRUE Draining the blood uid from the Cauli ower ear is not recommended FALSE Dislocated Knee 1 2 3 How many different ways can you dislocate a knee Five What is the rst thing you should do if someone gets a dislocated knee Call 911 In a knee dislocation ligaments must be damages in the process TRUE 4 A knee dislocation occurs when the patella is displaced from the patella groove FALSE 5 Explain what must occur for a knee to become dislocated The femur must lose contact with the tibia and bula thus displacing them The ligaments in the knee must rupture in order for this to happen and there is a great chance that the meniscus arteries and nerves could be damaged as well Glenohumeral Dislocation 1 Which joint can the humeral head and glenoid fossa be found Glenohumeral joint 2 Anterior glenohumeral dislocations are rare compared to posterior glenohumeral dislocations FALSE 3 Which of the following is not a common fracture that results from a glenohumeral dislocation Comminuted fracture 4 A glenohumeral dislocation is when the humeral head is forced out of the Glenoid Fossa Socket Growth Plate Fracture 1 What39s another term for the Growth Plate Epiphysis plate 2 What is Osteochondritis Dissecans 0CD Erosion of the cartilage and underlying bone in part of the joint 3 What does the term quotloose bodiesquot refer to when talking about growth plate fractures to the elbow The bone chips within the joint caused from 0CD 4 One of the causes of growth plate fractures to the elbow is the overuse of the adolescents39 arms in activities such as pitching in baseball TRUE 5 Growth plates are stronger then the muscles they are attached to FALSE Hip Flexor Strain 1What is a hip exor strain Injury characterized by tearing one or more of the hip exor muscles and typically causes pain in the front of the hip or groin kicking sprinting weak muscle not warming up properly stiff muscles trauma or falls 2 Name a couple activities that can cause a hip exor strain Stretching wrong 3 4 5 What are some of the signs and symptoms of a hip exor strain Sharp pain pulling sensation severe pain muscle spasm weakness an inability to nish an activity unable to walk without limping How many different grades are there for a hip exor strain Three Name 2 ways to treat a hip exor strain Rest ice ibuprofen stretch Lateral Hip Tear 1 2 3 What is the most common treatment for a lateral hip tear Hip arthroscopy What are two signs of a lateral hip tear popping locking catching of hip pain or joint stiffness What is the name of the test done to diagnose a lateral hip tear lmpingement Test A nonsurgical way to treat a lateral hip tear is with a SERF strap TRUE The most common cause of a lateral hip tear is the wear and tear of everyday movements FALSE FAI femoral acetabular impingement Lateral Ankle Sprain 1 What is the mechanism of injury for a Lateral Ankle Sprain Inversion internal rotation and planter exion Which grade of a Lateral Ankle Sprain results in complete ligament rupture Grade 3 Grade 3 Lateral Ankle Sprain takes how long to fully recover 34 months One of the biggest predisposing factors to getting a Lateral Ankle Sprain is which of the following A previous ankle sprain What kind of training can help to prevent a future lateral ankle sprain after the initial sprain Balance Training Lateral Meniscus Tear 1 2 3 4 5 Are medial meniscus tears more common than lateral meniscus tears Yes Which treatment leads to the quickest return to the eld after a lateral meniscus tear Menisectomy What are the two main causes of lateral meniscus tears Degeneration and Acute trauma Which type of meniscus injury medial or lateral effects the outside support of the knee Lateral What is the part of the meniscus with the best chance at a full recovery The Outer Third Lateral Epicondylitis Tennis Elbow 1 Main cause Overuse 2 Occurs in Adults age 3050 3 Tendon involved ECRB Medial Ankle Sprain 1 What does PRICE stand for Protection Rest Ice Compression Elevation 2 What is another name for a Medial Ankle Sprain Eversion Ankle Sprain 3 What bone is typically broken when a medial ankle sprain occurs Fibula Fracture 4 Explain why Medial Ankle Sprain s so rare Fib bone prevents ankle from moving far enough to sprain and bc the medial ligaments on inside of ankle are stronger than the lateral ligaments on the outside which prevents the ankle from turning 5 What ligament is effected in a medial ankle sprain Deltoid Ligament Medial Meniscus Tear Why is the medial meniscus more commonly injured than the lateral Bc of its attachment to the MCL and joint capsule The menisci connect to which bone in the leg Tibia What s the name of the physical test performed to diagnose a torn medial meniscus McMurray s Test Which surgical procedure is only used for large tears Arthroscopic Total Menisectomy Medial Epicondylitis Golfer39s Elbow 1 What is medial epicondylitis pain in the medial epicondyle of the elbow due to frequent resistance and aggravation 2 Treatment Strengthening and Stretching Rest Ice and Pain relievers Metatarsal Fracture 1 What are some ways a metatarsal acute fracture typically occurs Caused by sudden injury a drop of heavy object on foot a fall or sporting injury 2 What are some ways in which a metatarsal stress fracture typically occur Caused by repetitive stress and overuse on metatarsal 3 How many metatarsals does each foot have Each foot has 5 metatarsals starting from the rst toe or quotbig toequot rst metatarsal and ending on the 5th toe quotpinky toequot 5th metatarsal 4 Where is the fth metatarsal located Pinky Toe 5 What is the difference between a metatarsal acute fracture and a metatarsal stress fracture An acute metatarsal fracture happens when there is a sudden injury due to impact or awkward movement on metatarsal The metatarsal stress fracture happens over a long period of time and is caused by stress and strain on one or more metatarsals Orbital Fracture Facial 1 2 Adults are more likely to experience comminuted fractures TRUE What is the most common form of fracture in children Trap Door Fracture All orbital fractures heal on their own and do not require surgery FALSE How many types of orbital bone fractures are there Three Comminuted Rim and Trap Door Symptoms Black eye and restricted vertical eye movement Osgood Schlatter DU 390 r LJthl 39l I On what part of the bone is the growth plate Epiphysis Which tendon is disrupted by the pull of the quadriceps Patellar Tendon Most common in Children What does the PCL connect to the tibia at the back of the knee Femur How many parts are there to the PCL 3 main bundlesparts What is the most effective test to determine PCL Tear Posterior Drawer Test When is surgery needed for treatment With multiple ligament tears or where part of bone falls off What grades of injuries are considered nonsurgical when it comes to PCL tears Acute lst and 2nd grade injuries are often treated non surgically Proximal Bicep Tendonitis 1 2 3 4 What are the two proximal bicep tendons Longhead bicep tendon and Short head bicep tendon What is proximal bicep tendonitis In ammation of the long head of the biceps tendon that attaches the bicep muscle to the shoulder What are the two main tests to detect bicep tendonitis Speed39s amp Yegason39s Test What sport is the most likely to cause bicep tendonitis Baseball Patellar Dislocation 1 2 3 4 What type of surgery is used if the problem comes from abnormal anatomy on the patient Bone realignment How is the kneecap held in place By the ligaments and bony contours of the knee groove What usually happens after a kneecap patellar dislocation The kneecap slips back into place Surgery MPFL repair Rotary Cuff Tear 1 4 5 What is the most common cause for rotator cuff tear Repetitive overhead activities What is the function of the rotator cuff Provide stability to the shoulder What are the 2 tests for rotator cuff impingement Neers and Hawkins39 tests What are the 2 types of rotator cuff tears Acute and Chronic Which is the more common tear acute or chronic Chronic Spondylitis lower back 1 1 2 3 4 Spondylolysis is most commonly found in Adolescents Spondylolysis is a result of Repetitive exion and extension Which of the following is NOT a symptom of Spondylolysis Pain in the upper back Conservative treatment is recommended TRUE Spondylolysis is A fracture of a pars interarticularis Stress Fracture 1 What is a stress fracture Fracture due to repeated microtrauma stresses Which type of stress fracture is most commonly seen on bones that are subjected to high activity levels like sports Fatigue Stress Fracture Stress fractures are caused by a high force impact FALSE Stress fractures are hardly seen on X rays TRUE What is the most frequently used type of treatment for a stress fracture Conservative Treatment Scaphoid Fracture wrist 1 The most common wrist fracture is a scaphoid fracture TRUE 2 What is examined for tenderness when diagnosis a scaphoid fracture 3 What is the treatment for a nondisplaced scaphoid break Cast up to elbow 812 weeks 4 The most common mechanism of injury for a scaphoid fracture is repetitive blows FALSE 5 Avascular neurosis is a complication of a scaphoid fracture TRUE Shin Splints 1 Medial tibua stress syndrome is the medical term for shin splints 2Treatment of shin splints RICE compression supporting sleeve may include everything except surgery 3 Regarding shin splints stress on the tibia may lead to stress fractures This is directly related to overuse 4Prevention of shin splints begins with training 5 Individuals who suffer from a severe case of shin splints may experience pain start amp nish running walkingresting TibFib Fracture 1 Why does a tib b fracture commonly occur when only 1 of the 2 bones is initially injured Because there is not much tissue separating the two bones LWhat are some signs and symptoms of tib b fractures Deformity Pain and Swelling Unable to put weight on leg to stand or walk Bruising Inability to move knee or ankle 3 What are the two different scenarios in terms of surgery and the placement of metal rods Internal xation metal rod is inserted into the tibia to stabilize the leg External xation metal rod is placed on the outside of the body LWhat is a compound tib b fracture When a bone spears through the skin so it is visible outside the body Turf Toe 1What is the mechanism of the Turf Toe injury Hyperextension UCL 1 In what sport are injuries to the UCL most common Baseball 2 What is the most reliable source for testing to see if there is an injury to the UCL MRI 3 What is the name of the surgical procedure on the UCL Tommy John 4 What side of the elbow is the UCL located on Medial 5 You may hear a pop at the moment of injury TRUE


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