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Readings Ch 1-12

by: Savanah DeBrosse

Readings Ch 1-12 STC 231

Marketplace > University of Miami > STC 231 > Readings Ch 1 12
Savanah DeBrosse
Advertising & Copy
William Hughes

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About this Document

Advertising & Copy
William Hughes
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Savanah DeBrosse on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to STC 231 at University of Miami taught by William Hughes in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
STC 231 Chapter 1 Cleverness is useless if youre saying something besides the point 2 parts of ads what youre saying and how youre saying it 0 what strategy what you want to convey 0 how execution of that strategy how is the message stated Creating strategy need to understand product consumer and marketplace Chapter 2 Become an expert in clients product and category How to learn about product 0 Use product and try competitors direct amp indirect o Read up on product history production reports social media analytics 0 Ask local dealers about clients brand and competition 0 Find out what consumers think about the brand product category 0 Focus on learning about general category of product Identify what you re looking for in research 0 Don t get hung up in corporate and earnings 0 What do people have against product 0 What is its greatest strength 0 How does the product t into consumers lives and culture 0 What are the values of your client s brand See products from the bene ts end not just feature Chapter 3 Understanding Consumer Behavior Maslow s Hierarchv of Needs 0 Physiological needs hunger thirst warmth pain avoidance sexual release 0 Safety needs housing clothing nancial and physical secur y 0 Love and belongingness needs social acceptance personal intimacy o Esteem needs feelings of adequacy and achievement approval prestige social status 0 Self actualization needs need to understand cognitively and aesthetically ultimate integration of self and realization of inner potential Shopping list of needs 0 Achievement need to perform dif cult tasks exercise ones skills 0 Independence need to be autonomous have options be different 0 Exhibition need to gain public attention show off be noUced 0 Recognition need to be highly regarded by others to be held up as a good example 0 Dominance need to exercise power over others direct and supervise have in uence 0 Affiliation need to be closely associated with others need for relationships 0 Nurturance need to provide care for others to have and protect o Succorance need to receive help from others comforted encouraged o Sexuality need to establish sexual identity be sexually attractive give and receive sexual satisfaction 0 Stimulation need to stimulate senses pursue mind and body activity be active Diversion need to relax have fun escape routines 0 Novelty need to alter routine be surprised acquire new skills Understanding need to comprehend teach and learn 0 Consistency need for order and cleanliness make accurate predictions 0 Security need to be free from fear feel safe and protected avoid accidents acquire assets 0 0 Chapter 4 Analyzing the Marketplace Total market approach creating one product and one argument for all humanity Selling via market segmentation creating separate selling arguments to separate segments or target markets of potential consumers frequently with separate versions of the product Method of Segmentation Demographics may contain same consumer pattern Psychographics attitudes opinions habits personality traits lifestyle social class Buying behavior when and what theyre buying usage rate loyalty status readiness stage attitude toward product Speak audience language Chapter 5 De ning Strategic Approaches Product Orientated 0 Generic claims sell products category not brand Product feature sell product feature appeal to reason 0 Unique selling proposition sell a bene t unique to the brand Positioning establish distinct and desirable market niche 0 Brand image create and sell a personality for the brand Study image advertising created for other brands ask what is the product or brand regard the product as a person pay attention to design and typography 0 Lifestyle associate the product with a way of life 0 Attitude associate the product with a state of mind Productoriented Strategies 0 0 Chapter 6 Creative Brief Key Insight Advertising Problem Advertising Objective Target Consumer Competition Key Consumer Bene t Suppo Example U39lbUUNH What is the business objective How can advertising help accomplish this objective Who is the target consumer What do we want them to know about us Why will they believe this is true Chapter 7 Advertiser brand story teller Elements of storytelling 0 Plot Man against nature Main against society man against man man against himself man against machine man against fate Character Setting Style Symbolism Point of View Theme OOOOOO Chapter 8 Advertising relationship between language and imagery Synergy what you say and what you show Combine overstatement amp understatement Emphasize one idea per ad Visual Approach 0 Demonstrate product in use 0 Show the product itself unwrapped or still in its package 0 Present a close up of some critical part of the product 0 Emphasize a visually interesting aspect of the product story Emphasize not the product but a person connected to it Highlight the bene t of using the product Go a step further and show the lifestyle the product helps create Use split screen images Show not the product but some modi cation of it Remove rather than add Show nothing use all type instead Walk away from the product dline Approach Consider command headlines Ask questions Add how or why Let the consumer know one way or another quotthis ads for youquot Decide whether you need to shout Consider how long the headline needs to be Use both internal and end punctuation on headlines Use subheads frequently 000 He oooomooooo 0000 Chapter 9 How to build a brand personality What image of the brand already exists Is it the right one for the brand Does it t the target market The brand s position in the marketplace The times What modi cations do you want to make to that image What voice is the best expression of this brand image How will you use this voice to communicate brand objectives How will the brands persona make speci c selling arguments How will he or she say them EngHsh voice detail style thesis organization and structure Decide whos talking be the company be the consumer be both be the voice of some other player in the scenario Chapter 10 Words ll Writing Well Voice Details Thesis Organization and Structure Style Body Copy Checklist Thelead The middle The close Structure Voice CHch s Persuasiveness English Language Checklist Spelling amp grammar Verbs Alignment Transitions Sentences Tightening and sharpening Editing Speci city Fun 0000000 00000000 Chapter 11 Interactive Advertising and Social Media 39FP P FP N Don t make ads make quotcool thingsquot Fit the message to the medium Make the cool thing a useful thing Synch the cool thing with the brand Synch the brand with peoples behavior Make social responsibility central to the brand If you do make ads make coo ones writing for the internet 0 put the most important stuff in the most important places 0 make every screen clear about what and where it is on the site write captions for everything invite people to get involved nd the right voice make site navigation consistent and intuitive 0000 Chapter 12 TV amp Video be interesting begin at the beginning think demonstration or story or both 0 literal or metaphorical or whimsical demonstration visual or soundtrack advice use more visual than audio develop tension between visual and audio stories 0 act I open story set con ict in motion 0 act escalate con ict rising action 0 act I falling action


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