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Final Exam Equation Sheet

by: Jacob Decker

Final Exam Equation Sheet PHY 232

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Physiology > PHY 232 > Final Exam Equation Sheet
Jacob Decker
GPA 3.71
Introductory Physics II
k. mahn

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About this Document

This is the equation sheet for the final exam of PHY 232. It has all the equations from the entire course on it, neatly organized.
Introductory Physics II
k. mahn
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jacob Decker on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PHY 232 at Michigan State University taught by k. mahn in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 257 views. For similar materials see Introductory Physics II in Physiology at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Constants Ke 90109Nm2C2 0 l4139IKe 885X103912 C2Nm2 1eV160X103919CV160X103919J 1kWh360xlOSJ melectmn9 109X10393lkg mpmton l 67 2X 1 03927kg qelectmn 1 60219X103919C p04H10397TmA Field lines positive negative FKe IqlllqzlI392 E Ke IqIr2 QinsidJ 0A Eelectric field NC DE EAcosG QinsidJ80EA CIEelectric ux NmzC APE WAB quVAQ AV APEq AVGK AV electric potential NCVM Kdielectric constant VKeqrIREd PE q2V1Keq1q2r w 39qVb39Va C QAV K 0AD KCO Ccapacitance F 80in this case is permittivity of free space QCV OQA Icharge density EC 12QAVQ22C 12 CV2 For parallel capacitors QQ1Q2 V1V2 CeqC1C2C3 QCquV For series capacitors Q1Q2 AVAV1AV2QC1QC2QCeq lCeq1C11C21C3 IAQAt andA Icurrent A AQnAVdAtq nnumber of electronsvolume RVI pLA ppo1aTT0 atemp coefficient of resistivity RR01aTT0 PIVAQAVlATIZRV2R Ppower watt Resistors in series 1112 ReqR1R2 AVIReq Resistors in parallel AV2AV1 IIl12 1Req1R11R2 I IAVReq L lt I Kirchoff l 11Iz13 Kirchoff 2 Must gain as much energy as it loses in closed loop E1IR1IR2 draw pic in notes RC Circuits For charging qcapacitorQle39t RC RCTtime for q to go 09632Q VcapacitorQC 1 39639tRCV 1 39G39tRC VresistorV39Vc IVR e39t RC For discharge qcQe39t RC FqVBsin9 Bmagnetic field T FmaxqVB Thumbmotion pointerfield othersforce rmVqB FwiretotBILsin9 TBIANsin9uBsin9 Ttorque pIAN pmagnetic moment Am2 EX towards you B pol21H B2 Hob211d F2911 1101112 211d Bcenter 1101 2R Bcentersolenoid LloNIL u04H 10397TmA Thumbmotion pointerfield othersforce opp For negative charges Thumbdir Of current fingers curleddir Of magnetic field Fqusin9 Bmagnetic field T Fmaxqu rmvqB FwiretotBILsin9 TBIANsin9uBsin9 Ttorque uIAN umagnetic moment Am2 towards you 8 away B pol21H B2 Holz 2111 F2911 1101112 211d Bcenter 1101 2R Bcentersolenoid LloNIL 8Volt ABAcos9AtNACIgtBAt N loops Lenz s law Direction of voltage is always to oppose change in magnetic ux VoltNBAA9AtNBAAcos 9At NBAsinoot AVElBlv vvelocity IBlvR vvelocity Vse1f inducedLAIAt L u0n2V vvolume Induction of solenoid Flux of a coil CIgtBA uOnIA nloopslength Change of ux wtime ACIDAtBA uOnAAIAt RL circuit Energy stored in inductor E 12LI2 Energy stored in capacitor E 12 CAV2 Closed switch IVR1e39t L R Max value IVR Opened switch IVRe39t R TLR VRtV0sinootVosin2Hft IRtV0Rsinoot oo21rf VmSVmaXN2ImSR VmaxImaXR IrmsImaX AC wone resistor in phase PtVtItVolosin200t PaveVmsImSV2mSRIZmSRVmaXNZ rm 12ImaxvmaX2 AC wone capacitor current peaks ahead of time of voltage phase difference 112 VcVosinoot QCCVCCV0sinoot ICAQcAtooCVocoswtooCVosinootH2 ImxooCVo IVXc Xc100C PaveO for a purely capacitive circuit AC wone inductor Crrent peaks later in time than voltage phase difference 112 VLVosinootLAIAt ILV0ooLcoswtVOooLsinwtH2 ImaXV0oL IVXL XLLL Pave0 for purely inductive circuit LRC circuit Current is same everywhere IIosinootCI I is angle that Vtot and I are out of phase by VRIRR VR and IR are in phase VCIXCVC lags ICI by 900 VLIXL VL leads ILI by 900 Vtot VosinootVLVCVR XXLXC reactance ZR2XLXc2 R2X2 impedence VmaXIZmaX ImaXVmaXZ ImsVrmsZ ZminR When Imax tanCIgtoppo site adj acentVL VcV RXR PVmslrmscosCIgt IzmsRIrmsVR oo 1LC resonance angular frequency resonance frequency CIgt0 Transformers VpNPACIgtBAt VsNSACIgtBAt VSNsNpVp VpIpVSIs Magnetic Field waves EcB Powerm205EmaXBmaXuo Waves Avfcf cf 2x300x108ms Intensity IPsouch4HR2 Re ection angle of incidence Iangle of re ection r Refraction vcn nindeX of refraction 100 for air n1sin91n2sin92 n1gtn2 bends away from normal When passing through medium ec1iticalSin1112111 Mirror equation 1p1q1f pobjectmirror dist qimagemirror dist ffocal length Mqp MinvertedMupright Mgt1 magnified Mlt1 demagnified fR2 Mirrors Concave pgtf Real Invert Mlt1 q f M Concave pltf Virtual Upright Mgt1 q f lt Convex pgtf Virtual Upright Mlt1 q f M Convex pltf Virtual Upright Mlt1 q f M Lensmaker equation 1fnlensnmed1R11R2 R1 radius of front surface R2radback 1p1q1f Mqph h q if image is on opposite side of lens as object h image height hobject height Diverging pltf Virt Upright Lens Converging pgtf Real Inverted Mgt0 q f M Converging pltf Virt Upright Mgt1 q f M Diverging pgtf Virt Upright Mlt1 q f F focal pt on same side as object F focal pt on opposite side of object Constants c 300X108ms h663X103934Js 1eVl6x103919J 0 5 67X 1 0398Wm2K4 e16x103919C RH1097X107m391 1Ci37X101 decayss 1Bqldecays Cf2x Constructive Interference dsin9m2x m012 Destructive Interference dsin9m12x Thin film Interference An Nn Small 9 then sin99tan9 dyLmx ymm2xLd ymdistance between m and ml n1ltn2 then phase change of 122x no phase change for n1gtn2 Single slit aslit width Minima occur sin9mNa m123 Maxima occur sin9m12 Na sin90 90 Double slit Interference ddistance bt 2 slit Maxima dsin9m2x Minima disn9m12x Diffraction grating same maxmin as double 9sin391mxd nsin91sin92sin9plsin92tan9p 9pangle of incidence Polarization Iz EmaX2Iocos29 By re ection tan9n2n1 Camera fnumber fd ddiameter The eye average fl7cm Dpower1f typical 59diop FP typical poo NP typical p25cm Simple magnifier Best image when pf and mNPf 90 hNPh25cm90max subtended angle 91 himage qhobject P m 9190NPp mmaxl25cmlf Lateral mag Mqp Microscope 2 converg Lenses with f2gtf1 Lgtgt Lens 1 obj M1q1p1Lf1 Lens 2 eyep m2NPf225f2 Magn Power mM1m225Lf1f2 Telescope image of obj lens becomes obj of eyepiece Magn power m 990f0fe L Rayleigh s criterion two images are resolved if central max of image A falls into first min of image B First diff min sinez 9 Na 0min Na122AD R A 29 A1Nm Rresolving power nnumber of lines in grating Relativity AtAtpN 1v2c2 VAtp Amp Atp2dc y1 1v2c21 1 52 Bvc LLpyvAtpvAty LltLp Vab Vadde 1 VaddeCz pymv momentum Erestmc2 Eymc2 Ekinymc2mc2 E2p2c2mc22 Photoelectric Effect Ehf KEmaXhfCIgt CIW0rk function If hfgtCIgt electrons released fcCIgth cutoff frequency AccfchcCIgt cutoff wavelength IzE2E02cos29 IsmE1E22 Ei Uncertainty principal AXAth4H AEAch4H Blackbody radiation PoT4 AmaxT02898X10392mK Enhf ninteger EeVhfmaxhc2xmin Hfmin2mec2l 02MeV pEchx fEh Compton Scattering AAA Aohmec X lcos9243X10393lcos9 Atomic Physics 1ul66X103927lltg931494MeVc2 EiEfhf EigtEf mevrnh hh2139I EKee2Z2r En 13622n2 eVKee2z22n2ao 12tz2 RH1anln12fcEfEihc 2Hr2xn nl23 2Xde brogliehmV EkZ12136eV rroAU3 r0l2X103915m Atomic Z protons Neutron Nneutrons MassAZN Orbital quantum number 1 O nl Subshell can contain no more than 2211electrons Orbital magnetic quantum number me lSmeSl 211 possible Spin magnetic quantum number ms 2 possibleelectron 12 12 11 Shell symbol 1 K 2 L 3 M 4 N l Subshell 5 O symbol 6 P 0 s 1 p 4slt3d 2 d Radioactivity f Alpha decay 4He 5 f1 Beta decay e39 or e emission electron capture Gamma y photon NNoe39 tNoe39t T Adecay constant T12 A NNOetln2T12


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