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mobile and surgical radiography m. ketchum

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Flashcards > mobile and surgical radiography m. ketchum

mobile and surgical radiography m. ketchum


Mobile xray was first used where?


What is used as the power source for mobile X-ray?


What are the typical ranges for kVp and mAs?

m= 0.04 - 320 k= 40 - 130

What are the power ranges for mobile X-ray?

15 and 26 kilowatts

Why is mobile not as sophisticated as stationary units?

they vary in power sources and exposure controls

What are the 2 categories of mobile units?

battery operated and capacitor discharge

Why do the battery operated units have 2 batteries?

1 to control xray power output and the other powers the self propelled driving capability

A fully charged battery can make how many exposures?

10 - 15

What kind of break can stop the unit instantly when the push- handle is released?


What are some advatages to the battery operated mobile units?

cordless and provides constant kVp and mAs

What is a device that stores electrical energy?


What are the disadvantages to the capacitor discharge units?

kVp drops constantly during exposures which can cause under penetration and must be plugged in to an outlet

What are some advantages to the capacitor discharge units?

smaller and easier to maneuver, requires less time to charge than batteries for exposure

What are 3 important technical factors to consider in performing mobile exposures?

grid (centered, level and proper distance) anode-heel (more pronounced with short SID, large field size and small anode angle) SID (maintained at 40", longer SID requires increased mAs, Increased time, and possibility of motion. *technique charts a plus*

What are some considerations when performing mobile exams?

Collimation no larger than IR, CR and IR alignment, keep exposed and unexposed IR's separate, keep logs of procedures, check battery charge, check pt. identity and exam to be performed, communicate with staff, introduce yourself, explain procedure, observe medical equipment, ask family to step out of room.

Where should you position the unit if the patient is to be examined supine? Seated upright? Lateral or decub position?

Supine- base of machine at the middle of the bed, upright- at the end of the bed, Lateral/decub- parallel or perpindicular to the bed

How should you warn the pt. of potential discomfort of the IR?

cold, hard board

What 3 things should you remember about the IR?

can damage skin of older pts., protect it from contamination with an impermeable cover, and use of a cover makes positioning easier because it prevents from sticking to the skin

What are some pt. considerations?

Assesment of pt. condition, pt. mobility, fractures, interfering devices, positioning and asepsis

What should you asses your pt. for?

alertness, respirations, ability to cooperate, limitations to the procedure

The surgical team consists of who?

surgeon, 1 or 2 assistants, surgical tech, anesthesia provider, circulating nurse, various support staff

The surgical team is divided into 2 classifications?

sterile and nonsterile members

The field that immediatly surrounds the pt. is known as what?

the sterile field

The sterile members include:

surgeon, surgical assistant, PA, certified surgical tech

What are some duties of the nonsterile team members?

keep sterile team supplied, provide direct pt. care, and respond to requests that arise during the procedure

The facility design and surgical attire regulations help prevent what?

transportation of microorganisims into surgical settings

Infections control procatices involve personal actions including what?

personal fitness, skin disinfection, hand preparation, surgical attire, and personal technique

What is operating room attire?

surgical scrubs, protective eyewear, masks, shoe covers, caps, gloves, radiation badge, proper ID

The floor is always considered contaminated... T or F


The skin sheds how many microbial particles per minute?


How should you clean your equipment?

between each case, wear gloves, pour cleaning on rag... never spray

How to protect from radiation exposure?

wear a lead apron, stand minimum of 6 ft. away, right angle from primary beam, (distance is single most important protection)

What is the fluro source to skin distance?

12" mobile

Where is the source in fluro located and how should you shield the pt?

under the patient and the shield should be placed between the source and the pt

Describe the cholangiography procedure?

Pt. is supine, c-arm should be positioned centered over the right side of abdomen just below the rib line, true PA projection, so c-arm may have to be angled or tilted to align with pt. anatomy and you should see contrast filled biliary system

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