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by: truonglm

HTCIIExam1StudyGuide.pdf INTD4022

Marketplace > University of Cincinnati > History > INTD4022 > HTCIIExam1StudyGuide pdf
GPA 3.2
Interior Design History Theory Critisism
Cindy Damschroder

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About this Document

Things you need to know from List 1 - List 6 for Exam 1 (with images and definitions)
Interior Design History Theory Critisism
Cindy Damschroder
Study Guide
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This 14 page Study Guide was uploaded by truonglm on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to INTD4022 at University of Cincinnati taught by Cindy Damschroder in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 58 views. For similar materials see Interior Design History Theory Critisism in History at University of Cincinnati.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
LIST 1 NEOCLASSICAL INTERIORS IN ENGLAND AND AMERICA The Coordination of Space Sequence and Furniture 1760 1800 1736 amp 1749 Archeological investigations begin at Herculaneum and Pompeii ENGLISH NEOCLASSICISM 17601800 ROBERT ADAM KENDLESTON HALL Dining Entry AMERICAN NEOCLASSICISM THE FEDERAL PERIOD CHARLES BULFINCH HARRISON GRAY OTIS HOUSE THOMAS JEFFERSON MONTICELLO Bedroom TERMS Exploded or laid back room elevations as a new drawing technique Robert Adam Thinking in elevations is fine but in real life the design is awkward Systematic color schemes More color intense as rooms get more private Gesamtkunstwerk Total design of interiors including furniture fittings textiles LIST 2 FRENCH NAPOLEONIC amp GERMAN BIEDERMEIER INTERIORS ARMIES amp EMPIRE Domesticity and Stimmung 1800 1840 NAPOLEONIC FRANCE 1795 1815 PERCIER amp FONTAINE39S MAIMAISON Consult Chamber 39 v siiiiaquot I I unmmmih F quot539IgIIgulleHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III III I I I1 GERMAN BIEDERMEIER INTERIORS 180018405 KARL FREDERICH SCHINKEL ALTES MUSEUM Gallery TERMS Propaganda Military Themes Campaign Tent Rooms CampaignCamp Beds Cheval GlassMirrors In Josephine s room Jacquard Looms Comes out of France More mechanized industrial loom system quotPunch card system Rapid and less expensive production Stimmung Personality Characteristic of space LIST 3 ENGLISH REGENCY INTERIORS RATIONAL CLASSIC AND ELECTIC EXOTIC THE REGENCY 179018305 HENRY HOLLAND JOHN NASH THE ROYAL PAVILION Exotic Eclecticism Music Room Dining Room I VI 39 HENRY HOLLANIDM I quot JOHN SOANE SOANE HOUSE RationalReducedStripped Classicism Drawing Room Breakfast Room TERMS Exotic Eclecticism Royal Pavilion RationaReducedStripped Classicism Soanic Classicism John Soane BOTH important to English Regency but remarkably different LIST 4 THE GENDERING OF SPACE AND THE PSYCHOLOGY OF POSSESSIONS REIGN OF QUEEN VICTORIA IN ENGLAND 18371902 PRINCE ALBERT amp WILLIAM SMITH INTERIORS QUEEN V TAPERELL amp HOLLAND BALMORAL CASTLE Drawing Room il l u llr i I l IL Queen Victoria s Bedchamber PRINCE ALBERT amp THOMAS CUBBITT OSBORN HOUSE Drawing Room feminine Billiard Room masculine I39lrl www delcampe net TineSe two are 1 large gathering space with fireplace MISCELLANEOUS ENGLISH AND AMERICAN VICTORIAN INTERIORS 1850905 SIR JOSEPH PAXTON CRYSTAL PALACE EXHIBITION Bentwood Furniture TERMS Segregation of Plans segregation of different categories of occupants Cast Iron amp Modular Prefabrication Bentwood and Laminated Wood Furniture Coil Spring Upholstery LIST 5 THE REFORM MOVEMENTS ARTS amp CRAFTS THE AESTHETIC MOVEMENT AND THE ANG LOJAPAN ESE WILLIAM MORRIS 3 Paisvv 515 K v39 52 quot A I IOW Boughsr 1 iyv w 39 88 E hair OWEN JONES Design the interior of Crystal Palace wrote The Grammar of Ornaments THE RED HOUSE Just outside of London Entry Ha ompare with Hill House 6 TERMS Arts amp Crafts Movement Morality in Design LIST 6 EUROPEAN ART NOUVEAU INTERIORS NATURE AS GENERATOR OF FORM VICTOR HORTA HOTEL SOLVAY Stairway O HOTEL TASSEL Stairwy CHARLES RENNIE MACKINTOSH HILL HOUSE Entry CASA BATLLO ANTONIO GAUDI 7 31 PALAIS STOCKLET JOSEF HOFFMANN GLASSGOW SCHOOL OF ART MACKINTOSH 4 A vi 4 room TERMS Whiplash Line Signature Look quotCurvilinearquot vs Rectilinear Art Nouveau Vienna Secession Wiener Werkstette Overall Umbrella amp Group quotSpook School The Glasgow Four Frances amp Margaret Macdonald Herbert McNair Macintosh New paganist symbolism


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