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Study Guide for 1st midterm

by: kelli16rheault

Study Guide for 1st midterm MUSI 132L - 01

Marketplace > University of Montana > Music > MUSI 132L - 01 > Study Guide for 1st midterm
GPA 3.7
History of Rock and Roll
Jeffrey Brandt

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About this Document

Review questions and key terms for Rock and Roll Midterm 1.
History of Rock and Roll
Jeffrey Brandt
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by kelli16rheault on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MUSI 132L - 01 at University of Montana taught by Jeffrey Brandt in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see History of Rock and Roll in Music at University of Montana.

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Date Created: 10/11/15
Study Guide Rock and Roll Midterm on 10152015 Chapter 1 review Summaries of Chapter questions 1 What were the first in uences of Rock and Roll 2 How did new technologies in uence of Rock and Roll 3 What musical styles prefigured Rock and Roll 4 How did crossover hits pave the way for Rock and Roll Key Terms Tin Pan Alley Area of Manhattan around 28th street where much of the sheet music for the popular vaudeville tunes of the early 20th century were written Irving Berlin one of the most successful Tin Pan Alley publishing songwriters wrote God Bless America and White Christmas as well as the music for Annie Get your gun RPM revolutions per minute or the speed at which a record rotates on a turntable the quicker the speed the less the information can be encoded per square inch of Vinyl Crooning an exaggerated style of singing that developed with the invention of the electric microphone allowing for more intimacy than was previously possible with acoustic megaphones Riff a repeated musical phrase used often in jazz and swing music and later in rock and roll Chapter 2 Review Summaries of Chapter questions 1 Where did Rock and Roll come from 2 How did Rock and Roll first emerge in the United States 3 How Rock and Roll marketed Key terms Alan Freed Cleveland Music jockey and radio personality known as Moondog and credited with bringing Rock and R011 to a mainstream teenage audience Sun Studio Memphis recording studio run by Sam Phillips that became the focus point for the crossover of music from RampB to Rock and Roll James Dean American actor created one of the first personas of the American Rebellious Teenager and was admired by Elvis Presley Chess Record Studio Chicago recording studio partly responsible for the Chicago Sound a new beat oriented RampB sound that would eventually become Rock and Roll Colonel Tom Parker Elvis Presley s manager who marketed him as an icon rather than just a musician Chapter 3 review Summaries of Chapter Questions 1 How did Rock and Roll divide the Generations 2 What effect did scandals have on Rock 3 In what other way was rock music attacked in the 1950 s 4 What nearly killed Rock and Roll Key terms Blackboard Jungle Controversial Film that showed juvenile delinquency in the 1950 s and connected it with Rock and Roll through the use of it s opening song Rock Around the Clock MOR Middle of the Road or popular music Buddy Holly a Rock and Roll musician who in uenced later generations killed in a plane crash ASCAP American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers A membership association that held nearly all publishing rights to recorded music until the 1940 s BMI Broadcast Music Incorporated A membership association formed as a response to ASCAPS music licensing monopoly Chapter 4 review Summaries of Chapter Questions 1 How did white cover artists hijack records by African American artists 2 What was the impact on teen idols 3 What were the early in uences of surf music 4 How did motown originate Key terms Dick Dale Musician who worked with guitar manufacturer Leo Fender to the develop the reverberation unit that gave surf music it s distinctive sound Fender Stratocaster popular electric guitar introduced in 1954 Doo wop Musical Genre in uenced by Gospel jazz pop and blues and performed by urban vocal harmony groups Cover versions current performances of songs that were expected to become hits later acquired negative connotations related to lack of originality and exploitation Hijacking release of a cover by a white artist on the heels of a hit by a African American performer Chapter 5 review Summaries of Chapter Questions 1 What is folk music 2 How did the spirit of the 1960 s change folk music 3 How did folk music in uence emerging Rock and Roll genres Key Terms Folk music simple sincere music with roots in a working class and African American genres Lead Belly an African American folksinger who was one of the first to bring traditional folk music to a mainstream audience SingerSongwriters musicians who write and perform their own songs which often feature personal and sincere lyrics Neil Young a singer songwriter and rock musician who was part of the Canadian Invasion and achieved popularity as part of the Canadian Invasion and Achieved popularity as part of the group Crosby Still Nash and Young Newport Folk Festival a major annual folk music that took place in the United States during the 1950 s and 1960 s Chapter 6 Review Summaries of Chapter Questions 1 How did British bands in uence rock in the 1960 s 2 What was the American Reaction to the British Invasion 3 What ended the British Invasion Key Terms Liverpool British city on the Northwest coast of the coast Home of Merseybeat Merseybeat Combination of skif e doo wop and soul originating from the Mersey area of the UK Psychedelic pop pop music inspired by hallucinogens or mindexpanding drugs such as LSD The Beatles Rock and Roll quartet from Liverpool whose popularity launched the British Invasion in the United States Chapter 7 Review Summaries of Chapter Questions 1 How did the Hippie movement in uence rock music in the late 1960 s 2 What patterns emerge when comparing the leading bands of the 1960 s 3 How did the music festivals define the Hippie Era 4 How did the rise of studio craft change rock music Key Terms Hippie a member of the counterculture of the 1960 s Timothy Leary American writer psychologist and vocal advocate of psychedelic drug use Ken Keasy American writer and political activist associated with 1960 s counterculture Owsley Stanley sound engineer for the Grateful dead and underground LSD chemist Janis Joplin singer and songwriter lead singer of Big Brother and the holding Company


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