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Midterm Study Guide

by: Emily Miller

Midterm Study Guide HIST

Emily Miller
GPA 3.4
Survey of American History to 1865
Jonathan Root

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About this Document

All the short answer points explained and all but one of the essay questions that will possibly show up on the test.
Survey of American History to 1865
Jonathan Root
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Emily Miller on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HIST at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Jonathan Root in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Survey of American History to 1865 in History at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
The West Point Code training men to only kill what was necessary and not kill just for quantity Jourdan Anderson Lincoln s General Order 100 an order on how soldiers ought to conduct themselves during wartime Black Codes white southerners in 1865 continued to make black people work for little pay to eliminate slavery and show that they were still dominant Sharecropping a landowner would allow a tenant to use the land in return for a share of the crops produced on the land Radical Republicans encouraged the passing of the civil rights bill so that everyone living in the country could be considered a citizen Reconstruction Amendments Black supremacy poor whites feared that the blacks would become powerful and take the reign and rule of the country Compromise of 1877 a purported informal unwritten deal that settled the intensely disputed 1876 US presidential election pulled federal troops out of state politics in the South and ended the Reconstruction Era Ku Klux Klan reign of terror over the blacks a group of white supremacists who threatened blacks and white republicans to keep them from changing how the country was being run Victorian Ideals thought that people were in control of their own destiny they wanted ideal relationships and jobs Charles Darwin his idea of natural selection undermined people s ideas of individualism and challenged their fate of being able to control their own destiny Karl Marx had a theory that history is driven by economic functions which also challenged people s fates of individualism Sigmund Freud explained that the id ego and superego where parts of our minds that we could not control challenged people s ideas of individualism Mass market due to the creation of the railroad markets were expanding nationally and the consumer marketplace was increasing Careful Primitivism Theodore Roosevelt insisted in bringing back man s barbaric nature by heading out west but did not want to lose sight of who they were or go too far and become savages William Buffalo Bill Cody he turned violence of the Wild West into a profit and made money by performing shows of Custer s last stand at Little Bighorn he showed what it was like to be an American male of the time George Armstrong Custer terrible leader was hated by his superiors he was sent to the west as a hypeman to convince people to move out west had his last battle at Little Bighorn where he was defeated by the indians as he tried to keep them in their own land trying to prevent them from moving from the west It was a chaotic battle and became known as one of the worst military disasters ever Indian Missionary Schools White Americans began sending Indian children to school to start changing the way they behaved Americans wanted them to ditch their heritage and culture and begin to act and think the way Americans did They physically and mentally were changed to be more like American peoples Dynamics of Immigration economic and social structures of their society external crisis sending them out of their countries decision making on who ought to go and who should stay Pre185O immigration Scottish English Welsh Presbyterian more affluent protestant and English speaking Post1850 immigration catholic nonEnglish speaking saw their migration as exile rather than opportunity From Sambo to black beast children stories with a black child character name was sambo was very silly and got into goofy situations typical harmless children s story then moves to the idea of a black beast who threatens white society and white women The switching of personas and how white society saw black society Robber barons Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller captains of the second industrial revolution with oil and steel they paved a new way for American life and advancement Conspicuous Consumption people wanted to show off their valuables to prove their class status but did not want to be too baggy Social Darwinism used to explain the disparities of wealth American Federation of Labor created by Samuel Gompers wanted nothing to do with unskilled workers for they feared it would bring down their values and undermine their main goal of reaching their workers demands wanted family wage ideology eight hours for what we will The White City the main place for the World s Columbian Exposition where most of the rich and fancier exhibitions took place Midway Plaisance strip of land outside the World39s Fair way to exit not as many good exhibitions lower class essentially showed the evolution of the fair and of society Women s Building Granted to the women of the World39s Fair after much of their begging Women wanted to show that they were just as important as men Beast of Chicago Dr Henry Holmes World s Fair Hotel murder castle Masculinity Crisis over civilization feminization and immigrants taking jobs Neurasthenia men were feeling generalization anxiety and were getting bred and depressed with their lives and their office jobs George Beard labeled it as a disease and people thought that they should rest rather than exert themselves Theodore Roosevelt 26th US president speech about the strenuous life wanted men to re embrace their barbaric past but still remain civilized headed out west with a group of men to become more manly all while in their suites and white collar job outfits The fragmented self Sigmund Freud causing people not to think that individualism is a possible idea anymore with the id ego and superego Dry Jekyll and Mr Hyde used to show the differences in split personalities The Strenuous Life Teddy Roosevelt s Jane Dandy to a pillar of strength take on how life should be for Americans people needed to work hard for future generations and not lay around in fear that they would exert too much energy Baseball was the first modernized middle class sport broke the barriers of time restrictions helped men through their masculinity crisis gave them something to do while they weren t fighting in war College football was incredibly dangerous and led to many deaths which led to the standardization of the game overall and created the Intercollegiate Athletic Association of College Athletics Teddy Roosevelt saw it as good training for combat Jack Johnson vs Jim Jeffries The negroes deliverer and the white hope fight to keep the white dominance prominent Jeffries lost and showed to the white people that blacks were not as inferior as originally thought to be Generational anxiety if men were considered men because they had not fought in a war like their fathers and grandfathers did generation crisis thought they weren39t contributing to the country White Man s Burden the poem coincided with the beginning of the PhilippineAmerican War and US Senate ratification of the treaty that placed Puerto Rico Guam Cuba and the Philippines under American control Mugwumps they opposed progressivism a person who remains aloof or independent especially from party politics feared that the whites would also become more savage like the Filipinos if we helped them out Environmentalism nature vs nurture the environment you grow up in determined how you will turn out once older progressivist saw it their job to fiX the world people lived in justice vs order Progressivists see that they need to bring more justice to the city but there needs to be more order going about this there were still race problems in the south that they were choosing to ignore they wanted things to be better but were contradicting themselves by supporting lynching Margaret Sanger and birth control encouraged the sale of birth control because it would liberate women and give them back control of their own life Eugenics people wanted a perfect gene pool on allowing fit people to reproduce so that a perfect society could come about Active intervention Buck vs Bell trial determine whether or not Carrie Buck s rights were being violated or not Dr Harry J Haiselden believed that handicaps and disabilities were a burden on society and would often let infants die right after birth The Black Stork movie encouraging the use of eugenics and showing how much better the society could be if they were to use it 18th and 19th Amendments prohibition to promote a safer environment and women s right to vote Wilson s 14 Points system to make the war a state of democracy 15 open diplomacy 613 selfdetermination and the end of an empire 14 League of Nations Treaty of Versailles was a document signed between Germany and the Allied Powers following World War I that officially ended that war A culture of abundance white colored work has become the norm and everyone is making more money and they are in turn spending that money great economic increase american consumerism spikes one of the reasons why the stock market crashes because of speculation Flappers the new woman experiencing themselves more sexually and embracing their independence Advertisements telling people why they needed to buy certain products and that it would help out their social status if they bought it Homosexuality become more prominent in urban areas Fairies weren t gay if you weren t the submissive Prewar films used to teach more lessons become more popular as consumerism increased encouraged political reform Careful liberation people wanted to be liberated and free to do what they wanted but should not go as far as being disrespectful of themselves First Red Scare widespread fear of Bolshevism and anarchism in the US Americans feared communism would creep over The Palmer Raids series of raids led by Mitchell Palmer under the Department of Justice goal was to bomb about 40 important government buildings Birth of a Nation KKK movie about how the civil war divided families and destroys friendships but nothing compared to the anarchy in the black ruled south after the war south will rise again about south during reconstruction follows abolitionist family traitors and follows a typical southern family seen as okay and good KKK seen as saviors even though the movie is completely bogus Second Ku Klux Klan more middle class people joining still antiblack and antiimmigrant wanted to improve education system Fundamentalists religious people Protestants that upheld beliefs in the strict interpretation of the scripture Harlem Renaissance the great migration of blacks to the north to escape Jim Crow laws and lynching Civilian Conservation Corps a public work relief program that operated from 1933 to 1942 in the United States for unemployed unmarried men from relief families as part of the New Deal It gave american men jobs segregated job environments were created in which white and black men were paid the same wages Social Security Act an act to provide for the general welfare by establishing a system of Federal oldage benefits and by enabling the several States to make more adequate provision for aged persons blind persons dependent and crippled children maternal and child welfare public health and the administration of their unemployment Walt Disney and the Great Depression Walt Disney gave credit to the average american and gave them hope thru the power of short films movies and popular parables He used snow white and the seven dwarfs to convey to america that they needed to work together and appreciate values and not materials if they wanted to thrive and succeed in the country Superman and Batman heroes that were completely modest and could still relate to the human world and what they were going through they gave people hope and inspiration for the america batman used his wealth for good both men fought bankers businessmen and corrupt politicians Part II Essay 50 points You will have to answer one essay question While the short answer requires you to discuss material from one lecture the essay requires you to bring in material from 23 lectures These need to be about 23 pages in your bluebook We will pick one essay from this list 2 What was the role of popular entertainment from World War to the Great Depression What social and political situations shaped it How did it help transform American culture 929108 Popular entertainment helped ease american s minds and helped them get through the rough times of the war the war recovery and even heading into the Great Depression It was a way to take their minds off of what was occurring in reality and distract them from the brutality happening in the country The war films were an encouragement for people of the society to support the troops and give more money to the country films also helped encourage political reform Entertainment was making people transform personally they were far more interested in changing themselves their social status and how they appeared rather than help change society and make it a better place for everyone to live Birth of a Nation aimed to show people how the war could affect families and friends they can be easily divided and pinned against each other it showed the uglier side of what the war can do to people 3 What factors motivated policy American foreign policy from the SpanishAmerican War to World War I How did America s role during this time change or stay the same 917924 4 How did Americans respond to the devastation of World War I What parts of prewar culture did they reject What types of cultural political and social movements did they embrace 929101 After the war there was a large shift in the ideas of consumerism and sexuaity throughout America There was a large spike in conspicuous consumption in which people were trying to show off their class status with materialistic items This large increase of consumption eventually led to the great depression This was known as the culture of abundance new goods were hitting the streets advertising was becoming more popular in order to sell the products and people continued to buy these goods Women were slowly becoming more independent as well since the war ended They were known as new women they wore make up out their hair short indulged in much more premarital sex and were not as concerned with having a man by their side to support them Men were starting to embrace homosexuality in urban areas which was unheard of and looked down upon during that era Because of the new changes appearing in society more bible critics stepped up to the scene and fundamentalism emerged fundamentalists were those who upheld strict beliefs in literal interpretation of the bible which was then shot down by the bible critics who questioned how the world as it was claimed by the people could possibly be made or make sense The theories of evolution were now being taught in schools challenging people of faith A second KKK was formed still antiimmigrant and antiblack but allowed more people to join the organization including women 5 Describe the Strenuous Life What were some of its key beliefs and cultural products What social political economic and cultural factors contributed to its rise 915917 The Strenuous life was both a speech given by Theodore Roosevelt and an overall attitude given off by the working class of the time Men would tell their children that they were only granted a certain amount of energy and that they were not to waste or exert too much of it Teddy Roosevelt disapproved of this notion and explained to men that they must put forth their best efforts to support the country they lived in They must go to work and provide for their families so that someday their children would not have to work so strenuously These men needed to go out and fight for their country so that they could liberate and free the land they love


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