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Chapter 1 Study guide/ notes

by: Chloe Scull

Chapter 1 Study guide/ notes GERM 1101 02

Marketplace > University of Denver > German > GERM 1101 02 > Chapter 1 Study guide notes
Chloe Scull
GPA 3.5
Elementary German I

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About this Document

Elementary German I
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Chloe Scull on Sunday October 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to GERM 1101 02 at University of Denver taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Elementary German I in German at University of Denver.


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Date Created: 10/11/15
KAPITEL 1 PRESENT TENSE Verbs that end in ans sound s ssI Z ts or X 1Ch 399 ks do not add an extra s in the w form du tanzt di du 39St heifst du reist 1 S19 95 39t verbs whose stem ends in d or t add an e W11 399 between the stem and the st or t ending Reitest du er 1hr 39t reitet Sie sie en EXPRESSING LIKES AND DISLIKES gern nicht gern verb gern expressing enjoyment of something verb nicht gern expressing dislike of something 0 auchnichtgern goes in that order between the verb and the compliment TELLING TIME There are two ways of telling time in German Wie spat ist quotWhat time is itquot Wie viel Uhr ist es Literally What hour is itquot o WORDS TO KNOW I vor to I nach after I halb half thirty halb zehn half past nine 0 The easiest way to remember is to know that you are saying half an hour BEFORE the number that comes after halb Sorry if that s confusing So here s a lovely chart halb twolf 1 130 halb sechs 530 halb fiinf 430 halb neun 830 WORD ORDER IN STATEMENTS The verb ALWAYS COMES SECOND ALWAYS Red verb Blue subject Green Complement o Wir spielen heute Tennis 0 Heute spielen wir Tennis these examples are from 74 SEPERABLE PREFIX VERBS Common verbs with separable prefixes abholen ankommen anrufen aufhoren aufraumen aufstehen ausfiillen ausgehen einkaufen einpacken kennenlernen to pick up fetch to arrive to call up to stop be over to clean up tidy up to get up to fill out to go out to shop shop for to pack up to get acquainted with Claire kommt Q Claire kommt am Donnerstag Q Claire kommt am Donnerstag in Frankfurt Q 0 these examples came from page 75 WORD ORDER IN QUESTIONS When beginning a sentence with a question word wie wo wer was warm woher THE VERB STILL COMES SECOND 0 Warm beginnt das Spiel example from page 76 These are words that have added prefixes that change the verbs meaning The combine with the infinitive form to form one single word to have a similar but different meaning When using the present tense form of the verbs the conjugated word goes in the second position just like placing regular verbs and the prefix goes to the end of the sentence


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